What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 54 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




My alarm clock went off at five and I went into my room. All of my pregnancy clothes was in the attic already, and I was weighing 115, so I went from an X-small to a Small in shirts because I gained boobs. Went from an A cup to a B cup. I wear my favorite pair of jeans, the ripped jeans with my cute Beatles shirt because I could wear it again and it was a small. I braided my hair to the side in a fishtail and carried my backpack to the kitchen. I checked up on Caylee and Caitlin. I made myself a bowl of cereal and with my baby monitor clipped to my hip right when I finished I heard a baby cry. I picked up Caylee and fed her, changed her diaper. Did the same thing to Caitlin and they fell back asleep.

Autumn was the first to go this morning then my dad after kissing my cheek, and my mom’s lips. My mom went to work, Landon went to school, and then after Aunt Colleen came over Summer and I left to go to school. “Walk me in?” I asked Summer who smiled “Sure.” She said and we walked into school together. I smile at her when she went to her homeroom and I went to American History and I gave my teacher my two week of makeup work and she smiled at me. “Welcome back Kelsey.” She said and I smiled. I sat back down and smiled at my binder, I had pictures of Caylee and Caitlin in my binder cover.

American History was just a review of the class so far so we could work on our study guide tonight for our homework so we could do our final review tomorrow. When I went to Physical Science I gave my teacher my makeup work and he smiled at me “Welcome back.” He said and I smiled at him “Thanks.” I said and he smiled at me. We did the review for the class as well and took more notes on the material in class. I was careful to make sure I had everything I would need to do the study guide.

When the bell rang for us to go to lunch, I went to my locker and put my binder and textbooks in the locker and then went to get some lunch. I sat down at our normal table and pulled out my phone. I texted my Aunt Colleen to see how they were doing and she sent me a picture as a response of them sleeping. I took a bite of my hamburger and Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey sat down. “Hey girly.” They said “Hey.” I said “It was so weird for two weeks without you.” Molly said “Thanks. It felt kind of weird but then again it felt natural being home with my girls.” I said and they smiled at me, Jared was sitting with his jock friends instead of us which included Chance as well.

During study hall I had my binder out with the pictures of Caitlin and Caylee on it and started working on my study guide for American History. I finished that within fifteen minutes and spent the other fifteen minutes on my Physical Science study guide; I finished it and enjoyed the minute I had left. During Creative Writing class we had our study guide, and part of our mid-term was to write a 1,000 word essay which was part of our homework for tonight.

I worked until 7:30 and got home as quick as I could. I left my backpack at the table and walked into the living rom. My mom was holding Caylee “Hey baby girl. I miss you.” I said and took her from my mom. I spent the half hour before they went to bed with them and then tucked in and did the rest of my homework. It took me until ten to do the essay and then I spent time with my parents and then went to bed at eleven because I knew I would be up in no time with the girls so I wanted to be prepared for things. I curled up under my blankets with Love against my stomach and fell asleep within seconds. It will be a lot of stress going to school and being a mom and working a part-time job to support them.

Every night of the final, which was three nights the girls were waking me up every two hours for different reasons but I still think I did good on my mid-terms. Today is Saturday and I’m up at six, I feed Caylee and Caitlin and my mom comes out to get the baby monitor. Today I work until one so I’m not complaining. I clocked in and got to my register, I had a ton of people during my hours at work today. After I clocked off I got some more formula and diapers since we were getting low. I went to the Lyndsey’s line and she smiled at me. I ran my debit card through and then went home.

I changed into my cheerleading shorts and a black tank top. I pulled my hair into a sloppy ponytail and picked up Caylee from my dad’s arm and sat down, my mom handed me Caitlin. “We’re going out on a date afternoon/night.” My mom said “I hope you two have fun.” I said and they smiled at me “The kids are spending the afternoon/night with their friends so it’s just you.” My dad said “That sounds good.” I said and they smiled at me. They left leaving me and the girls and I heard somebody at the door. I placed the girls in their playpen and opened the door. Chance was at my door “What are you doing here?” I asked “I have a check.” Chance said “what for?” I asked “Your dad told my dad about what happened. So he’s making me pay you child support for the twins.” He said “Caitlin and Caylee.” I said. “Here you go, and yes I signed it.” Chance said and he left just like that. “Mommy just got $1000 for you two.” I said and they just blankly stared at me.

May 4th is on a Friday and their appointment is at 3:30. I went straight home from work and then got the girls ready. Today and tomorrow is my day off of work so I had no time issue to worry about. I got them in their car seats and carried them to the car and got them situated, their first month appointment went great. They now weigh 7 pounds, so they gained two pounds in a month so that isn’t something to worry about. They got their first round of shots and they didn’t cry so I was glad about that.

It was now safe for me to take them out in public; I wanted to wait until their first month checkup before I took them anywhere. I was meeting Lyndsey, Aubrey, and Molly at Lucky’s for dinner with the girls so I could have my night out. I’m the first to arrive and Mrs. Lynnwood walks over to me, “I’m so sorry about what my son did.” She said “It was an awful event. But I now have two wonderful beautiful baby girls.” I said and she smiled “What are their names?” She asked me “Caitlin and Caylee, ma’am.” I said “Beautiful names. I know Chance doesn’t want them in his life, but I would like to be kept updated.” She said “Mrs. Lynnwood, I’m a regular customer you will be updated. “ I said and she smiled at me. “I always loved you; I just wish he wasn’t so awful.” She said and I smiled. “Here” I said handing her a picture of Caitlin and Caylee in their playpen with Love at their feet.

Lyndsey, Aubrey, and Molly arrived at the same time and they smiled at that. “Oh my god, they have grown so much!” Molly said “I know, haven’t they?” I asked “On May 18th they can go to daycare.” I said and Lyndsey smiled. “You have to have the cutest babies in the world.” Lyndsey said and I smiled, I told them about Chance’s mom and they looked at me. “She is a nice woman Lynds. She was friends with our mom in their school days. “I said and Lyndsey nodded at me. “Chance gave you that much?” Molly asked “Yeah for child support. My dad told his dad about what he did and said we weren’t going to press charges but he just wants him to know so his son doesn’t do it to another girl again.”

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