What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 55 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Around seven with the help of Lyndsey I got the girls in the car and smiled good-bye. The plan was to see if the girls could spend the night tomorrow night since I’m off on Sunday as well. I arrive at home in no time and I get the girls car seats out and carry them up the steps. I go in to seeing my mom on Skype “It’s Bryce. He wants to see the girls.” My mom said and I walked over there with them in their car seats “Beautiful girls Kels.” Bryce said “Thanks.” I said “How did they do?” My mom asked “Amazing. They even did great at Lucky’s.” I said and she smiled at me, “here talk to Bryce. Their grandma wants to spend time with them.” She said and I smiled.

“Hey Bryce.” I said “hey Kels. I’m still in Germany.” He said and I smiled at him “I miss you.” I said “I miss you too Kels. Mom and dad and everybody else bragged on you. About how good of a mom you are, and how well you’re doing it with little to no help.” Bryce said “Thanks.” I said and he smiled at me “I know it’s tough. I have some buddies of mine who has little ones from babies to four and they are without seeing them. Some are even single parents as well.” Bryce said and I smiled. “My time is actually up but I love you.” He said “I love you too.” I said and he smiled at me. June 4th-6th was our finals and then the 8th is our last day of school for the summer.

It’s now June 4th and I’m in homeroom waiting to take my American Government final. The girls have this thing if I have a big test they keep me up the night before. The girls are two months old now, gaining weight like they should, still beautiful, and they have earrings in their ears. I go to their appointment and then dropping them off at home for my appointment with Charlie. After you finish taking the final you can go home. I finished around one and went home to the girls napping, so I made myself some lunch.

Their appointment went great; I dropped them off to my mom and went to my appointment. It’s been three months since I last saw Charlie. “How are you?” Charlie asked me “Stressed. But good. Tired.” I said and he smiled at me. “How is motherhood treating you?” Charlie asked me “good. I’m a good mom according to people but I love my girls with all of my heart.” I said “I would do anything for them if I had to.” I said “Chance’s mom wants to be a part of their life. Chance hasn’t seen them once. But he did me two child support checks of $1000.” I said “do you think he wants to see them?” Charlie asked me “I think so. He could be too ashamed of what he did.” I said “You’re catching on.” He said and I smiled. “It weird, my friends are all talking about the plans they are doing this summer and I’m out of the loop because my summer plans last year will not be done this year because I have two little girls.” I said and Charlie nodded. “It’s like a huge slap in the face from reality saying you’re a teen mom. Your summer is ruined. Or the plans of the beach with friends, road trip with friends, beach parties won’t happen.” I said and he nodded “but oddly enough, I’m okay with that. I mean I have two amazing little girls that needs me. I don’t need to go out and have that type of fun.” I said and he nodded. “Caylee and Caitlin are my life.” I said “I still have nightmares, especially if I think they are starting to look like him but they don’t.” I said “I don’t want my child to be in any harm. I want them to be safe.” I said and he nodded “You are a good mom.” Charlie said and I smiled at him. After my appointment I got in my car and started my drive home. Charlie gave me some great tips and said unless I’m feeling pressured or too stressed that I shouldn’t need to come back as often.



After our very last class of the day, we are now on summer break. I have to come back tomorrow for Alyssa’s graduation but it’s still the last day of school. Now I get to spend summer working and being a mom. My plans for my summer before senior year is ruined but I’m not complaining, I’m only irritated at Chance who can do whatever he wants this summer and I’m stuck taking care of our two girls. Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey smiled at me as we walked out of school and headed towards our cars. “Let the summer of our life begins!” Molly said and I smiled at her, we got out at 12:00 today and I’m not needed at work until 3:30 so I smiled at them and waved good-bye. Summer was already at the car waiting for me. I smiled at her, and we got in the car and headed home.

“You survived your first year of high school, how do you feel?” I asked her and she smiled “Amazing. I’m looking forward to next year. I’m going to be a cheerleader again, or so I hope.” Summer said and I smiled at her, she was going on about her summer plans and I just nodded. When we got home I went to my room and cleaned my room making it spotless. Love wasn’t in my room like she normally is when I get home. I went into the girls’ room and she was in the rocking chair sleeping. “They aren’t here baby. They are at day care.” I said and she meowed at me, I cleaned up in there and vacuumed the floor, did laundry. I did the dishes so I could have clean bottles and then it was time to get ready for work.

I got off at 8:30 and went home, the girls was already asleep so I sat down in the living room. Autumn was on the loveseat with Summer, Landon was in the chair, and my parents were on the couch. “Hey Kels.” My mom said and I smiled “Thanks for everything.” I said and she smiled “I love doing it.” My mom said and I smiled, they know I don’t depend on them to take care of my girls, they know I do it mostly by myself but it things like this that I need help with. I went to bed around ten since I had a long tiring day and woke up at one to one of the girls crying. They mostly sleep through the night now, but still have their moments.

“Mommy got you baby girl.” I said walking in and to Caylee’s crib and she was staring at me crying. “Phew. You stink.” I said and changed her diaper and sat in the rocking chair with her. I gave her back her pacifier and she began sucking on it again. I put her back in her crib and checked on Caitlin who was asleep still so I went back to bed. On cue like they have been every morning they wake me up at six crying, normally I’m up already but since its summer I wasn’t. I got up and picked up Caylee, got Caitlin next and walked into the kitchen. My dad and mom were at the table reading the newspaper and drinking their coffee. “I will take Caitlin.” My mom said so I handed Caitlin to my mom, “I will have Caylee.” My dad said so I handed Caylee to my dad. I fixed the bottles and took Caitlin from my mom and fed her, my dad was feeding Caylee for me. I burped Caitlin and gave her back her pacifier. “Be right back to get Caylee.” I said smelling Caitlin’s diaper. I laid her on the changing table and she stared up at me. I changed her carried her to the playpen in the living room; I took Caylee from my dad and did the same. “See you in time for the graduation right?” My mom asked “Yeah, I’m off today. I get my new work schedule today.” I said and she smiled at me. “The day care is hiring, maybe you could apply?” My mom asked “Maybe, then I can spend more time with them.” I said and she smiled at me.

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