What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 56 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I got both of the girls out of the playpen and had them beside me and we all ended up taking a nap. I woke up to somebody knocking the door; I picked up the girls and laid them in the playpen. I walked to the door and saw Lyndsey. “Morning, I was wondering if you wanted to help me get Alyssa a graduation gift?” Lyndsey asked me “Do you mind two tag along?” I asked “Nope.” She said “Let me get dressed and get the girls dressed. Do you mind watching them for a second?” I asked “Not at all.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. I left a note for my siblings letting them know and I went to get dressed. I wore my favorite pair of denim shorts and my Army T-shirt, the one that actually fits and it’s pink.

I had my hair in two braids since it was the quickest to do. I walked into the living room and Lyndsey was holding Caitlin “Want to help me get them dressed?” I asked “Sure. Can we do them in matching outfits?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah.” I said smiling at her; we get them dressed in matching dresses with matching boomers. I got their little sandals on their feet, “I need to get their diaper bags ready.” I said and she nodded, I already had their stroller in my car. She helped me with getting them in their car seats and carried Caylee out for me while I had the diaper bag and Caitlin.

“Where to?” I asked “The mall?” Lyndsey asked “Sure.” I said “We need to make a stop though.” I said “I know. I need my check.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. We went to Publix and I got Caitlin’s car seat and Lyndsey got Caylee’s car seat. “Schedule and checks, I’m assuming?” Brad said when he saw us “Yes sir.” I said and he smiled at the girls “They are adorable Kelsey.” He said “Thank you sir.” I said and he gave us our schedule. Today is Friday and we are off. Saturday: 3-10, Sunday: 4-11, Monday: 5-11, Tuesday: 4-11, Wednesday: 5-11, Thursday: 4-11, Friday: 2-11, Saturday & Sunday off. We went back to the car and then to the mall, we took turns running in so we didn’t have to take the girls out again. My check this week was $500 and none of that will be touched unless need to.

It was still early morning so not many people were in the parking lot at the mall yet. Lyndsey and I got out, she opened the door on her side and I opened the door on my side. I went to the trunk and got the stroller out and put their diaper bag and carrying pouch in the bottom of the stroller where the bags can go. I got Caylee out of her car seat and carried her to the stroller and buckled her in, and Lyndsey did the same for Caitlin. “Thanks for the help. I don’t know what I would without the help of my friends and family.” I said because it’s true, everybody is so supportive over me and the girls. “It’s the least I can do for my best friend.” Lyndsey said and I smiled, we have always dreamed of having kids at the same time like our mothers, going to the same college being roommates.

We went into the mall and went shopping; we sat at the food court around noon content with what we got Alyssa. Graduation is later on tonight so we had plenty of time. After I finished my lunch I got Caitlin out and propped her on one knee and got Caylee on the other knee. I see Molly and Aubrey walking towards us and smiled. “Hey beautiful girls.” Molly said to the girls and they stared at her “They are beautiful girls.” Aubrey said “Thanks.” I said smiling at them, “Can I hold Caylee?” Molly asked “Sure.” I said and Molly took Caylee and smiled “I want to hold Caitlin!” Aubrey said and I gladly let her hold Caitlin. “When are you leaving?” I asked Molly “Next Sunday.” She said, she was going to spend two weeks with her Grandparents in North Carolina. “I’m working at the pet store again this summer.” Aubrey said and I smiled “I won’t be coming back there. Two kids and a cat is enough.” I said and she smiled at me. “Love was the one I begged for my dad to let me keep.” She said and I smiled.

Lyndsey and I left around one leaving the girls to shop, I dropped Lyndsey off at the house and she volunteered to baby sit while I ran to the day care real quick. “Hello Kelsey.” The lady that owns the day care Mary said “Hello Miss Mary.” I said “How may I help you? I noticed you didn’t bring the girls in.” She said “Yeah, I’m sorry. It’s my first day of summer and I wanted to spend it with them.” I said and she smiled at me “I understand. I was like that once.” She said “How may I help you?” Miss Mary asked me “My mom told me that you are hiring.” I said “Yes we are. Would you like an application to fill out?” Miss Mary asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said “It’s a summer job or should be but sometimes it carries out into the school year. We like for teenagers to be involved. Especially if they have children that attend the daycare so they can be close with their baby.” Miss Mary said “Thank you. Can I bring it in on Monday when I drop the girls off?” I asked “Yes you may.” She said and I smiled at her. “Have a good weekend Miss Mary.” I said “You too sweetie.” She said.

When I went home Lyndsey smiled at me, “they are napping. They didn’t give me any trouble at all.” She said and I smiled “Good, I’m glad. I will see you tonight at the graduation party?” I asked “Yeah. I have to spend time with my siblings.” She said “I do too.” I said and she smiled at me. Today was the ninth, and tomorrow we leave to go to Stuart like we do every year. Brad is okay with Lyndsey and I swapping out shifts so I can go. She’s working my shift tomorrow 3-10, and Sunday 4-11. I’m working her Monday 7-3 shift and my 5-11 shift, and hers 7-3 shift on Tuesday.

I got dressed in my summer dress and got the girls into a different dress since they have spit up on it. My mom and dad came down all dressed up and ready, so did the girls and Landon. In the van it was Landon, Autumn, and Summer in the front seat, then me and the girls in the back of the van. After the graduation and during the party since it was late the girls were asleep in their playpen I had outside. I had it covered with a screen so the bugs wouldn’t get to them. “We are all so very proud of you Alyssa!” Aunt Colleen said and she smiled at them “Thanks. You all have helped me out throughout the years.” Alyssa said. Out of our aunts and uncles and she’s closest to my mom since my mom took care of Aunt Colleen and her when my grandma died.

We woke up at four the next morning and loaded up the van with our weekend stuff and headed down to Stuart. We arrived at six thirty and unloaded our stuff, we had the same sleeping arrangements like we do every year so I loaded the stuff upstairs and set up the playpen that was left here. We went to our parents’ favorite place for breakfast and many of their old high school friends talked to them while we ate dinner.

It’s now Sunday and we are all at the Meadows as a huge family. Aunt Zoey was gushing over the girls; she had twins herself Holly and Braden who are twenty. Bryce is now twenty, Alyssa will be nineteen, I will be eighteen, and my mom will be forty this year. We are already secretly planning a huge birthday party for her since it’s a big year. My dad will be forty next month; Aunt Colie will be forty on the 15th.

We left later on in the afternoon and arrived at home around eight, I went ahead and tucked the girls in and laid on my bed. This was a busy weekend like it is every year, the girls just made it a little harder on me but I didn’t complain. Everything is so different now with the girls but I’m fine with things.

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