What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 59 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Chance left around three and not even five minutes after he left Lyndsey was over. I picked up Caitlin and she got Caylee and we walked up to my room and shut my door. Love was on my bed and meowed at us. Lyndsey had Caylee sitting on her lap “Spill.” She said and I told her everything about yesterday and today. “Do you still have a crush?” She asked me “No. I don’t want to turn him away Lynds. I want him to be a part of their life. But I will never date him again. I don’t trust him enough for him to keep the girls. I have to be around him for him to have them.” I said and Lyndsey smiled at me. “Be careful Kels.” She said “more careful than ever.” I said and she smiled at me.

It’s Friday at four thirty, I have just officially completed my first week of work at the day care. And I’m at Publix to get my paycheck. My check was $731.50 after work I went home and went to bed. Work this summer was going to be very time consuming but for one pay day with both jobs I make $1106.50. I had a lot of money in my account; I have been saving since the middle of June last year our trip to Busch Garden last year was canceled.

Its July 4th now, being a Friday and a pay day at both of my jobs. I’m off today in both places and all weekend for Publix. I wake up and I roll my eyes, today my girls are three months old and I have to take them to their third checkup where they get more shots, and pick up my paychecks. For the past two weeks I have been busy working or spending time with the girls, and my friends. They did great on their appointment; with the shots they didn’t mind it. Now Caylee and Caitlin are both a momma’s girl, they prefer me out of everybody.

My mom and dad are getting things ready for the cookout with Lyndsey’s family at the beach for the fireworks. We were leaving at two to be there and it was eleven now. “I’m going to run to get my checks.” I said “Okay.” My mom said “Can I take Caylee?” I asked “Yeah, leave Caitlin.” My mom said and I nodded. I got Caylee out and placed her on my hip and walked into the daycare Miss Mary was open today for a couple hours. I got my check and then went to Publix. I got a text saying we needed ice so after I got my check I got Caylee’s blanket and put that in the buggy and got the ice and other stuff we needed.

When we got home, I made sure the diaper bag had enough formula and diapers and a change of clothes. I made sure I had the sunblock, the stroller, the canopy thing they will keep the sun out of their eyes. I got them in their bathing suits and got them in their car seats; we loaded up the van and arrived first. We claimed a table under the shelter and unloaded our stuff. I left the stroller up and placed Caylee in the stroller and made sure she had a ton of sun screen on. I did the same for Caitlin. Lyndsey came up and smiled at me, she had her two piece bathing suit on, “I will take Caitlin.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her. We went to the water and sat down at the edge. When the waves came up and splashed on Caylee she had an excited expression on her face. “Today is the one year mark.” I said “I know. How are you feeling?” Lyndsey asked me “I have been okay; the girls are really helping me.” I said and she smiled at me. “Today will be amazing. I need the sun.” I said and Lyndsey smiled. “Kels, bring the girls up here.” My mom said and we did so “Now go have fun. You need the break, and we’re dying to spoil them more.” My mom said and I smiled at her. “Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled. We grabbed our towels and set up the spot by the water and went in for a little bit then went out.

“Dinner is ready!” My dad yelled and we all went up to the table. Caylee and Caitlin were in the stroller taking a nap. After we ate dinner I laid the blanket on the sand and picked up Caylee while Lyndsey got Caitlin. I laid them on their stomach and took a picture of them. Summer was taking pictures of all of us today. Caylee was resting on her arms, lifting her head up to look at me. She knows that I’m her mommy. Caitlin was throwing a fit, she hates being on her stomach. I was videotaping this and Caitlin turned over on her back and was content now. She touched her head and then her leg. Caylee was enjoying lifting her head up and looking around.

The next few weeks consisted of working at Daytona Daycare with the girls, and then working at Publix. When I had a day off during the week the girls and I would spend it with Chance so he could get to know his girls. I don’t really trust him with them alone but I’m starting to trust him more with the girls. I wouldn’t let them stay over night with him unless I was there with him and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

It’s August fourth now and I just left the girls fourth month checkup, they are developing like they should be. Instead of going home with the girls like I planned on I went to the mall to meet up with the girls. Molly, Aubrey, and Lyndsey smiled at me when I walked up to the food court pushing the girls. “Have you gotten a break since they were born?” Molly asked me “Yeah, when I’m at work.” I said “Kelsey Hope.” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes “You need a break from them, you need to get out.” Aubrey said “I don’t want my parents to have to suffer.” I said “Your friends could.” Molly said “what?” I asked “We help you take care of them all the time. My mom’s a doctor. I have little foster sisters and brothers running around.” Molly said “I take care of Tori, I help with the girls.” Lyndsey said “I have a few nieces and nephews and I raised them over the summers when they were babies.” Aubrey said. “You are to report to my house tonight at five. You are ordered to go out and have some fun.” Molly said “Without my best friends?” I asked “You will manage.” Lyndsey said and I smiled. “Thank you.” I said “And afterwards we will all spend the night at my place.” Molly sad and I smiled at her.

I went home around two and let my mom know what was going and she was laughing “If you needed one night out, all you had to do was ask and we would watch the girls.” My mom said “I didn’t think I needed a night out.” I said “For four straight months, it’s work or taking care of the girls.” My mom said and I smiled “well anyways I will see you in the morning. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” She said and I packed the diaper bags and the overnight bag and loaded up the car while Summer watched the girls.

I got the girls in their car seats and drove to Molly’s house the girls were all waiting, we took my stuff in and went up to her room. Her mom is a doctor, her dad is a Lawyer so they make a lot of money. Molly has two biological siblings Kyle is twenty, Sandra is twenty-two. Three adopted brothers Nick is 15, Kevin is 13, and Brandon is 11. And four foster brothers and sisters that is pending for adoption. Bella is 8, Liam is 6, Riley is 4, and Miles is 2. “We will call you if something happens Kelsey, but go away and don’t come back until nine.” Lyndsey said “Okay. Let me kiss them good-bye.” I said and she nodded, after I said my good-byes I got in my car and went to Lucky’s. “Hey Kelsey.” Mr. Lynnwood said “Is Chance working, sir?” I asked “I just got off.” Chance said “Care to sit?” I asked and he nodded.

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