Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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It’s December 5th now and I’m out at dinner with Noah, Ashley, Kyle, Brent, and Caylee to celebrate her first birthday. Our last day of school is December 18th and we don’t go back until the 3rd. We have finals next week, so when I’m home I’m constantly studying so I can do good on my exams. After dinner Noah took me home and kissed my lips softly “I had fun tonight.” I said “I did too Thanks for coming. The kids adore you.” Noah said “I adore them. They’re amazing. Goodnight.” I said “Goodnight.” Noah said and I smiled at him kissing his lips softly and going in.

“Christmas break will be spent in California with Aaron’s parents.” My mom told me as soon as I walked into the living room. “When do we leave and come back?” I asked her “We leave on the 20th and come back the 31st.” My mom said “I go in to work tomorrow so I will let Scott know.” I said and she nodded. “How did the dinner go?” My mom asked me “Good. Caylee was so beautiful. Hard to believe I met her six months ago.” I said and my mom smile “time flies by Lexie.” She said and I smiled “I know. I mean did you image the day I would be eighteen, a senior in high school?” I asked her “I never thought that day would come so soon.” She said “Me either momma. Would daddy be proud?” I asked her “So proud of you four baby girl. And of Amber and Jason.” She said and I smiled. I watched a movie with her and then went to bed.

It’s December 18th and we’re slowly getting the move on for our last day school in the semester because we get our final grades, our schedule for next semester. “Happy birthday Jake!!!!!” I said hugging him “Gross Lex.” Jake said but he was smiling “You’re seventeen! Can you believe that? I remember when you were seven. “ I said “And you were eight.” He said and I just rolled my eyes at him “But still you’re seventeen! My baby brother is seventeen.” I said and he just rolled his eyes at me. We head off to school and go our own ways. “It sucks that you miss most of the practices this break.” Nicole said “I know. But California with my family.” I said and she rolled her eyes “You’re so lucky.” She said “Hey Austin, when’s the big day?” I asked “On the 20th is when we find out.” Austin said and I smiled.

We’re in Calculus and we get handed our final grades for each class on our report cards. Chemistry was a 98, American Government was a 100, Yoga was a 100, Calculus was a 94. First period for next semester will be English Four, second period is Spanish two, third period is Psychology 2, and the final period is Civics and Economics. I compared it with Nicole’s and smiled, and with Austin’s and we all smiled. “All the same classes!” I said and we high fived. After cheerleading practice I head home and we celebrate Jake’s birthday and our first semester grades.

The next day after I was all packed and went to work I went over to Noah’s. “Merry early Christmas.” I said kissing his lips. “Merry early Christmas to you too.” He said kissing my lips softly. “Where are the kids?” I asked “With Ashley for a little while. It’s just me here for a couple hours.” Noah said and I smiled “That’s awesome.” I said and he smiled at me, I kissed his lips soft and tenderly, I didn’t pull away. Our tongues found their ways in each other mouths and we end up having a make out session. I pull away “Your room?” I asked and he took my hand and led me up to his room. I sit on his bed and he sits next to me. I kiss his lips with more passion this time; I moved closer to him and sat on his lap. He started rubbing my back; I could feel his bulge in his pants. “I want to make love to you.” Noah whispered in my ear and I let out a sigh. “Do you have protection baby?” I asked him and I got off of him. “No.” He said and I could tell he was disappointed, so was I. “My parents do though.” He said.

He got up and left and then came back in a few minutes later. He sits down and I sit on his lap again. I start kissing him touching his chest, kissing his lips, his neck, nibbling on his ear. His bulge got harder and harder. Before we were aware we were both naked, he put the condom on and he took my virginity away from me. We’re in his bed and he has his arms wrapped around me “You were amazing Lexie.” He said “So were you.” I said and kiss his lips softly and we heard the door bell, “It must be that time.” He said and I smiled. He got dressed quickly and made his way to answer the door. I got dressed and waited until he shut the door again to walk down. My hair was back to knee length again and I didn’t feel like cutting it again.

We opened the gifts we got each other, Brent made me a picture, he got me a multi-color monkey. Noah got me a necklace, a gold metal heart with a diamond. “I love it.” I said “I’m glad. I love your gift.” He said and I smiled and kissed his lips softly. I stayed with him until late that night and had a make out session on the porch before I left. “I love you.” He said and I about fainted, that was the first time he told me that. “Okay.” I said and rushed to my car. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t feel like I was ready to say I love you to him.

I called Nicole when I got home and told her to meet me out at the meadow. It was eleven and it took her until midnight to meet me. “What is it?” She asked me worried “I lost my virginity to Noah tonight.” I said “Oh my god. How was it?” She asked me “good for the first time. He was gentle with me. We had a condom on.” I said “What’s the problem?” she asked me “He told me he loved me and I told him okay. I didn’t know what to tell him. I didn’t want to say it if I didn’t mean it.” I said “I have strong feelings for him. But I don’t love him.” I said “Because you love Austin.” Nicole said “What do I do?” I asked “See how things go when you get back. Tell Noah you didn’t want to say it until you mean it.” Nicole said and I nodded “He gave that to you didn’t he?” Nicole asked and I nodded. We stayed over there talking until two. “You need to go.” Nicole told me and I smiled “Have a good Christmas Colie. I love you.” I said hugging her “You too. I love you too.” She said and I smiled.

I made it home and got on my laptop, Austin was on and I IM’d him and told him about what happened but not the reason why I couldn’t say it back. He calmed me down the rest of the way and we talked until three. I logged off and placed my laptop in my backpack, and got it ready. I was using my backpack, my cheerleading gym bag, and my small suitcase. I got on my bed and pretend to be sleeping when my mom came in at three thirty to wake me up. I got in the shower and got dressed, I brought my bags to the living room.

We loaded up the car not long after and headed out at four. We made it to the airport at four forty-five and checked in. I had Katie on my hip with my backpack on my back. We went to our gate and sat down. “I’m going to get some coffee.” I said and my mom nodded “Okay Lex.” She said I went to the Starbucks in the airport, got a cup and went back. I woke up six the morning before so when it’s six I would have been up for twenty-four hours. We boarded the plane at five fifty and took off at six. We arrived in Texas at nine. We then switched planes and went for our other plane. We arrived eleven our time, but eight their time.

We pulled up to their house at nine in the morning which would be noon. I wasn’t feeling up to talking to them or getting to know them. We went to all the tourist spots in Hollywood area and made it to a fancy restaurant it was six here and nine in Florida.

It’s nine here and eleven in Florida and I went to bed because I couldn’t keep my eyes close. On the 21st we went Christmas stopping with his mom and we spent all day shopping. I woke up at eleven o’clock my time but eight o’clock this time and they were anxiously waiting for me to get up to be ready. We spent all day shopping and at eleven I went to bed again because it was so late in Florida. I have been here two days and haven’t talked to anybody yet. I woke up at eight to my phone ringing, I was already waking up but the phone was the final straw of trying to sleep some more. “Hello?” I asked “Are you awake?” Austin asked me “Kind of.” I said “I know the sex of my baby.” Austin said “What is it?” I asked him “A girl. Summer Lynn Wakefield.” Austin said “Congratulations Austin! I know you will be a good daddy.” I said “thanks Lex. Enjoying California?” He asked me “Kind of. I’m going to bed at eleven.” I said “Well it’s two our time, it’s what you’re used to.” He said “true. Well I have to go to the bathroom. I will talk to you later. Congratulations Austin.” I said and we hung up.

It’s the day after Christmas now, Christmas was as I expected Josh, Alicia, and Katie got a ton of Christmas gifts from their grandparents and we got a gift card to a couple places. The next day we went to San Francisco for the day, and we had a blast we spent a lot of money. We ended up spending the 27th there as well. On the end of that day we went back to his parent’s house. The next two days we spent getting to know his other family and again we were pushed to the side while everybody else got attention but it didn’t bother me.

When I got home I got a call from Austin “Meet me at the meadow now.” Austin said “Coming.” I said hanging up and looking at my mom “It’s urgent.” I said it was three o’clock here and I had a party at Nicole’s to attend tonight. I rushed to the meadow and he was waiting for me “Rosie lost the baby. But come to find out it wasn’t mine. It was a guy she was cheating on me with.” Austin said “Oh Austin.” I said “It’s okay. I was starting to love Rosie. But now I don’t. Now I’m going to focus on school, getting into the college of my dreams.” Austin said “That’s perfect Austin said and I smiled at him. I handed him a bag he smiled at it, it was “My Best friend went to San Francisco and brought me back this lousy hoodie” With Austin’s name on it in his favorite color. “It’s amazing Lex. I love it.” He said “Good, I have one for Colie and myself as well. But mine has my name on it, and on the back R.I.P Daddy. I love you.” I said and he smiled at me. “Going to Noah’s?” He asked me “Yes I am.” I said and he smiled “Good luck.” He said and I smiled “Thanks. See ya tonight?” I asked and he nodded.

I got home and got in my car and made my way to Noah’s my mind was racing, I haven’t talked to him since that day. I pulled up and Noah was actually outside playing with Brent and Caylee. “Hey Lexie!” Brent said running to me “Hey buddy. I got you something.” I said and he smiled at me I gave him “I heart San Francisco” T-shirt, a red toy truck and he ran up to his daddy proud. I showed Caylee’s her and then her I heart San Francisco monkey. Noah smiled at me “Take it in to Grandma, show her.” Noah said and Brent took off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t say it back because I want to honestly mean it before I say it because I don’t want you to get hurt and I don’t want to get hurt.” I said and Noah nodded “I know Lexie. I know you don’t love me. I’m lying to myself, because honestly you never will love me fully. You love Austin.” Noah said, “What do we do then?” I asked “Break up I guess Lexie. You will never look at me the way you look at Austin.” He said “I’m sorry Noah.” I said and handed him his gift “You want the necklace?” I asked “Keep it Lexie.” He said and I smiled I kissed his lips softly and smiled at Caylee and walked to my car fighting back the tears.

I didn’t even bother going home my mom knew I would be spending the night with Nicole. I made my way to Nicole’s and her mom opened the door “She’s in her room. You okay?” She asked me and I shook my head no and she hugged me. I walked up to Nicole’s room and she knew right away. I had her gift in my hand and set it on the bed. “He broke up with me.” I said “Oh Lexie.” Nicole said hugging me tight “Because he knows I will never love him like I love Austin.” I sobbed and she hugged me, she spent until nine comforting me. Then we spent the next hour getting ready for the party. People started arriving at ten thirty, Austin arrived at eleven and hugged me “I’m sorry Lexie.” He said “Don’t be.” I said and he only smiled at me and went to hang out with some friends.

It was 11:58 and Austin, Nicole, and I are in the middle of the room. Mark was next to Nicole and the two minutes went by quick. “Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Happy New Years!” We all yelled I hugged Austin and he kissed my lips softly I pulled away and smile at him. I squeezed Nicole’s hand and Austin “This is our year you guys!” I said and they smiled “Alright everybody! We’re the class of 2013, it’s now 2013 we can do this!” I said and everybody cheered. The party ended around one and everybody left. We set up our camping bags outside on the grass and sat on top of our sleeping bags. We sleep outside when Austin crashes as well with us. I talked about the trip until two in the morning and then we all fell asleep.

It’s January 3rd and we’re celebrating Connor’s birthday at his favorite place to eat. “Daddy would be so proud of all of us.” I said I was still wearing Noah’s necklace, nobody asked about what happened to me and Noah I think they still think I’m with him. “How was your first day back to school?” My mom asked us “Good. I love my classes. English four mainly. Don’t care for Spanish Two too much.” I said and my mom looked shock I normally just do a good response “What are your other two classes?” Colleen asked me “Psychology two and Civics and Economics.” I said “Are they good classes?” Aaron asked me “So far yeah. I love all of my classes mostly, Spanish isn’t one of my favorites.” I said “How was work Lex?” Jake asked me “Pretty good. Busy but good.” I said and they smiled at me.

When we made it home I found Connor’s favorite movie and sat down on my favorite chair. Katie took that opening and crawled up in my lap. “I love this movie!” Connor said and I smiled at him, Jake came in and sat next to Connor. Alicia came up and sat with me, Josh turned the guys and Colleen sat in another chair. Mom and Aaron came in and sat down with us “Who started this?” Aaron asked “Lexie did.” Connor said and I could see my mom smiling. When the movie ended I lifted up Katie for my mom to take and Aaron took Alicia to bed. Jake carried Josh to bed and then it was Jake, Connor, and Colleen. We spent time playing video games until midnight “School in the morning kids.” Mom reminded us. “Sorry.” We said and slowly broke away from the game.

I woke up around four and went for a quick jog, I came home at five which is my normal time of waking up. I got in the shower and got dressed in my favorite rip jeans, a cute baby blue t-shirt and my hoodie from San Francisco and my Sperry’s shoes and walked downstairs at six. I made pancakes for breakfast. Everybody came down and my mom smiled at the sight of breakfast “Thanks Lex.” My mom said and I smiled at her.

School went by great and its lunch time. I’m sitting with my normal group and they are all talking and I’m just barely paying attention. I see Noah who is sitting with Ashley and I notice I don’t see Kyle around. “They’re back together; decided this break they had was long enough. “ Taylor said and I smiled “I’m glad. They’re good together. It’s good for the kids.” I said and I smiled at them. Nicole and Austin were studying me “You okay Lex?” Nicole asked me “I’m fine.” I said and they knew not to push it.

During cheerleading practice as we did the cheers we were actually having fun. Nicole and I went straight to work after practice. We changed in the bathroom and went to our registers. It was five and we work until ten. After ten I looked at Nicole “You off Friday night?” I asked “Yeah.” She said “Girls night out, you, me, Colleen, and Abby. “ I said “Deal.” She said and we smiled. I got home and did my homework until eleven. My mom walked in and smiled at me “Cookies?” She asked me “Sure.” I said and she handed me a cookie “I talked to Brooke today. She told me something was bothering you on New Years Eve. Want to talk?” My mom asked me “Noah and I broke up.” I said “Oh Lexie.” She said “Because I’m in love with somebody else.” I said “Austin.” She said and I nodded “Things will be okay. If not you will always have Austin as a friend.” She said and I smiled at her.

Wednesday school went good; we had a pop quiz in some classes. Cheerleading practice went good, and then work was good. At home I did my homework and it took me until one to finish and then went to bed. Thursday was the same thing but homework was done by midnight, and Friday after school we picked up the girls. We got our nails done, hair done, and then a mini-shopping spree. We went to watch a movie and then ate dinner at a good restaurant and after that we went home. We made it back to home and watched girly movies until Colleen and Abby fell asleep.

“You have been a different Lexie. Not your old single self, but a new self. You’re like a robot, you do school, cheerleading, work, and then make time for your family, and your friends.” Nicole said “I’m applying to colleges tomorrow. To go ahead and send them out.” I said and she smiled “I know Lexie. Me too.” She said and so we fell asleep and woke up at seven, called and called Austin for him to come over. We all applied to our colleges, University of Florida, University of Southern Florida, Florida State, Duke, UNC, New York State, and University of California.

It’s now April 15th, Spring break was spent working most of the time or spending time with my siblings or friends. We took the SATs last year and we all got good grades on there. Close to a perfect score on it. “Happy birthday Katie!” I said and she smiled at me, today was also the last day to file taxes which I did mine a few days ago with the help of Aaron. After the birthday dinner, Katie wanted a birthday tea party with all of the females and so that is what she got.

It’s May 6th two days before prom. “Ready to go dress shopping?” Nicole asked me and I smiled at her we found the perfect dress. On the 7th we did our nails, and on the 8th we got our hair done. We did our makeup and we got in our dresses with our shoes. Nicole was going with Mark since they were still dating, and since Austin was single and I’m single we’re going to the prom together. Austin and Mark arrived on time and Austin smiled at me. He looked really good in his tux “You look beautiful Lexie.” He said after a few minutes of silent “I was speechless when I saw you. You’re incredible Lex.” He said and I smiled, we were all made to get pictures taken. Jake was going to the Junior prom and he was going with a girl name Marissa.

Prom was amazing, I was Prom Queen and Austin was Prom King. I saw Noah and Ashley together and smiled at them. The next day was a Saturday and I got big envelopes in the mail from all of the colleges we applied to. “Nicole!” I said in the phone “One sec.” she said dialing somebody “Austin speaking.” Austin said “Are you busy?” I asked “No.” They said together “I got the letters for the colleges so you guys did too. Hurry up and get them and come.” I said “Okay.” They said hanging up. I was in my I heart New York PJ bottoms, my blue tank top and my hair was up in a sloppy ponytail.

They quickly arrived with all of the same big brown envelopes “So we either got rejected or accepted. We all have the same type of envelopes.” Nicole said and we all smiled “Let’s open the University of Florida one first.” Austin said “Okay.” We said “Dear Miss Blevins, on behalf of University of Florida I am pleased to inform you that you are accepted.” I read and we all said the same thing for each of them. “Mom! Mom!” I yelled and she came running down “What?!” She asked “I got in!!!!” I said and she squealed.

It’s now June 10th and I’m getting ready for graduation which is in a couple of hours. For the past month we have been busy deciding on what college to attend. Last week was our finals and I aced all of them. I have managed since 3rd grade to have straight A all year for each grade. I was leaving my hair wavy for today and applied my makeup. My dress was a cute summer dress under my gown. Last night I had another one of those dreams where my dad was in it. “Lexie-boo, I’m so proud of you. You have had a weird year this past year. But you have overcome all of your obstacles and you’re graduating tomorrow. I will be there in your heart. In spirit. I’m watching over you guys. I love you so much.” He said and I smiled “What college?” I asked “the college of your dreams. Duke or University of Florida sweetie.” He said and I smiled hugging him. I’m looking at myself in the mirror now, back to reality and realized that Austin and I will never happen so I’m done worrying about that.

Austin’s Pov:

“Son, you are finally graduating high school. I’m so proud of you.” My father was telling me “Thank you dad.” I said “Which college are you going to?” He asked me “University of Florida sir.” I said “Good Job son.” My dad was telling me and I nodded “Now when are you going to tell Lexie how you really feel?” My dad asked me “What?” I asked “You know. The feeling you have felt for so long. You’re in love with that girl Austin.” My dad said and I nodded “Tonight, Nicole is having a graduation party for all of us.” I said and he nodded “Now go.” Dad said and I just rolled my eyes at him and got in my car. I called Nicole “Coke-a-cola I need to talk to you.” I said using one of her old nicknames “What is it Austin?” Nicole asked me “I’m going to tell Lexie tonight.” I said “You better. It’s hard keeping a huge secret from your best friend.” Nicole said and I smiled “Timing just hasn’t been right. I just hope she still cares for me. “I said “Oh Austin, she always will.” Nicole said “You sure? “I asked “I mean she hasn’t talked about you in a month but I know she still loves you and she always will.” Nicole said “I sure hope so. Well I’m going to see you there so bye Colie. Thanks for all of this Coke-a-cola. “I said “No problem Austin. See you there.”

Nicole’s Pov:

I’m doing my makeup and Austin calls and of course it’s about Lexie. I just want him to admit his feelings towards her, for them to be together and to finally be happy. I love them both dearly but this not wanting to admit their feelings toward each other. Lexie calls me “Hey Lex. Just applying my last of makeup. What’s up?” I asked “Making sure my hair is perfect.” Lexie said and I laugh “You’re going to be wearing a cap.” I said and she laughs “I know but still.” She said “Can you believe though? We’re graduating high school today.” I said “I can’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday we were graduating eighth grade.” Lexie said “I know. I’m excited though. We get to go to college now.” I said “I can’t wait for that.” Lexie said and then for a moment of silent “Hard to believe my daddy won’t be there.” Lexie said and once again I didn’t know what to say. “I know Lexie. But he will be there in heart.” I said and I know she was smiling “Thanks Colie. See you there.”

Lexie’s Pov:

“I have to go early! See you there!” I yelled and made my way to the school, this will be my last time walking down these hallways because our last day of school was yesterday. We will be returning the cap and gowns tomorrow but that doesn’t count. I pulled up in my normal parking spot and walked into the high school main lobby, and made my way to my fellow high school students. I see Noah and Ashley and smile at them “hey you guys. Can you believe it?” I asked “No not at all. It seems like just yesterday we were graduating middle school.” Noah said “I know right. Good luck after high school.” I said “You too Lexie.” Ashley said “Hey Lex, the kids miss you.” Noah said “I miss them too. It’s been too long.” I said and he nodded “I will see you around.”

I see my two best friends Nicole and Austin waiting for me. “Hey Lex!” They said bringing me into a group hug. “We did it!” I said and they smiled at me Nicole’s baby blue eyes are sparkling, Austin’s green eyes are sparkling, and I knew my icy blue eyes were sparkling with tears. “You are the class of 2013! This is your year! You were all a great class. I have enjoyed being your principal for the past four years. I wish you the best in your future after today.” Our principal said and we all smiled. I squeezed Nicole’s and Austin’s hand and we all smiled. “No matter what friends forever right?” I asked “Best friends forever. Swear.” Nicole said “Swear.” Austin and I said together smiling at each other.

“Austin Blevins.” Principal Woods said and Austin went up to get his high school diploma. More people went and now it’s me “Alexis Summerland.” He said and I made my way to the stadium and got my diploma, I shook his hand and smile at the crowd. After Nicole went up and the last few other people and now it was time to do a speech. “Lexie, Amy isn’t here. You’re the next in line.” Principal Woods said “I don’t have a speech.” I said “Go with the wind.” He said and I nodded. “Hello everybody, fellow classmates, family members, friends. We are all here today for one reason because we’re graduating high school. We are the class of 2013 and this is the year! This is our year, we have made a difference in our life and will keep making a difference from here on out. Our teachers, and parents have made us who we are today. Taught us how to live, what we needed to know.” I said and my last line “May the odds be ever in your favor!” I said and we all threw our caps up in the air, I squeezed Austin’s and Nicole’s hand and we made our way to our family.

We each went home for our family dinner; I was having fun with all of them. Amy, Jason, and Amber were even involved in the dinner. “We are all so proud of you Lexie. You have turned out to be an amazing woman.” My mom said “Thank you mom.” I said “College choice?” Amy asked me “Either University of Florida or Duke.” I said “Duke.” My mom said “UF.” Amy said “NYU” Aaron said and I smiled at them. I spent time with all of them and wore my favorite summery outfit. I pulled my hair up into a cute ponytail and went to Nicole’s. I was the first one there and then Austin showed up at me and I smiled at them.

“College choice that you’re going to?” Mrs. Wakefield asked all of us, we were enjoying a root beer float. “New York University.” Colie said and I nodded that has been her dream since she was six years old. “University of Florida.” Austin said “Duke or University of Florida.” I said “You will make the right choice Lex.” Mrs. Wakefield said and I smiled “Thanks.” I said “This will be your last summer together as friends, if you go to Duke.” Mr. Wakefield said and the reality hit me that he was right. “Okay daddy enough talk about that. Tonight is about celebrating graduating high school.” Nicole said and he nodded “Fine.” Mr. Wakefield said and we all smiled at him “We love you.” We said giving him a group hug.

“Lexie you need to decide which college you want to go to as soon as you can.” Mr. Wakefield said “Alright. Duke.” I said and Nicole smiled at me “That’s a good choice. I will be in New York, you will be in North Carolina and Austin will be in Florida.” Nicole said and I smiled and that hit me hard in the heart, I would have to find new friends I would no longer have Nicole or Austin to talk to. But before I could think about that all of the guests arrived. Around eleven Austin looked at me “Can we talk Lex?” He asked me “Yeah, outside or inside?” I asked him “outside.” Austin asked and I followed him outside. “What is it Austin?” I asked and he looked at me. Before I could say anything he lifted up my chin and kissed my lips softly. It felt better than kissing Noah ever did or ever could. When he pulled away I looked at him “What do you have to tell me?” I asked “Have fun at Duke. I hope you find a good guy.” Austin said “Okay fine.” I said and walked inside and smiled at Nicole but she shot Austin a look and he shook his head.

During the summer I spent it hanging out with Nicole, Austin, and my family. I was working over the summer to save up more money. Nicole is going to New York University, Austin is going to University of Florida, and I’m going to Duke. So just like Mr. Wakefield said we are all going our own direction, we won’t be as close as we used to be. It’s now August 3rd and I’m finishing up the last of my boxes that I was packing. I was bringing most of my clothes, some pictures, my laptop, my stuffed Turtle that I sleep with. I only packed four boxes that I was taking, I was leaving most of my stuff behind so I would still have something to come home to. My summer was pretty good I guess, spending so much time with Nicole and Austin as I could. We were all leaving on August 10th for our dorm rooms. School for us begins August 16th, while my siblings begin school on August 25th again this year. They’re excited.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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