Chapter 60:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I took a bite of my pizza and Chance looked at me “Where are the girls?” He asked “with my friends, they wanted me to have a night out.” I said and he smiled “I would have watched them.” Chance said “Yeah, I know.” I said “But you still don’t trust me.” Chance said “Kind of.” I said “Kels, it’s okay I understand.” He said “You took away something that was special against my will. Made me pregnant.” I said and he nodded “Why are you here then?” Chance asked with hurt in his eyes “to see if you wanted to hang out.” I said and he flashed me a smile “I would but I’m grounded.” Chance said “Oh okay, I will see you later?” I asked “Yeah.” He said and I kissed his cheek. I paid the bill and left my waitress a tip and went to the only place I could think of the skating ring.

I saw a really cute guy skating when I got my skates on. I got out on the ring and when I started going I fell. I got up and tried again, skating a little bit more this time and I fell again. The really cute guy is at my side within seconds “Need help miss?” He asked me with a southern accent, nothing like mine. “Yes.” I admitted and he took my hand and lifted me up. “First time?” He asked me “In a while.” I said “Here let me help.” He said and I smiled, he had a deep tan going, brown hair and green eyes, he was tall and muscular had a six pack. As we skated and he helped me regain my balance he smiled at me “Oh miss I never did get to know your name.” He said “I’m Kelsey.” I said “Nice to meet you Kelsey.” He said “what is your name?” I asked “Luke.” He said and I smiled at him. We skated for a few with him holding my hand “think you got the hang of it?” Luke asked me “Yeah, thanks Luke.” I said and he smiled at me.

I skated a few laps and then went to the food court area and got a bottle of water and sat down. Luke skated up, or more like walked up and smiled at me “Can I sit down?” Luke asked me and I couldn’t say no to such a cute guy like that. “Sure can.” I said “Do you live around here?” Luke asked me “Yeah, I do. Do you?” I asked Luke “Sort of. I just moved down here. My parents are divorced and my mom didn’t want me to be with her and her new family so I’m living with my dad now.” Luke said “That’s so sad.” I said and he smiled “Where are you from?” I asked “Tennessee.” Luke said and I smiled. “How old are you?” I asked “Eighteen.” He said “I will be soon.” I said and he smiled at me.

We got to talking more and before I knew it the time on my phone read 8:30 and it took a while to get back. I managed to stay clear of being a mother to two little girls this whole time. “I have to go Luke.” I said “Okay, will I see you again?” He asked me and I looked at him “I haven’t been honest with you.” I said “You have a boyfriend?” HE asked me “No, much worse.” I said and he looked at me “I have two little girls.” I said and he sighed a sigh of relief. “No worries, I’m cool with it.” He said and I smiled I wrote down my number on a napkin. I returned my skates and walked out of the skating ring and went to Molly’s.

“How were they?” I asked we were in the living room on the couch eating ice cream, the girls were already asleep when I got back. “No problems, they were great. Riley and Miles adores the girls.” Molly said and I smiled “what did you do?” Lyndsey asked finally getting to the details. “I went to Lucky’s pizzas, talked to Chance for a few. Then went to the skating ring.” I said “you haven’t skated in over a year.” Lyndsey said “I know. So I kept falling, and this really cute guy came up and helped me.” I said and they looked at me so I had to go into details and explained everything. “Somebody will have a new crush!” Aubrey said and I smiled at her. “Yeah sure.” I said and they all laughed at me.

It’s August 11th and I was starting to think I was right about Luke not wanting anything to do with me. I was working at Publix because it was a Saturday, around noon. Luke and a group came up to my register. A man, two other boys, and two girls. Luke smiled at me and I smiled “Welcome to Publix. How are you?” I asked “good and you?” He asked “Fine, thank you.” I said “Paper or plastic?” I asked “plastic is fine.” He said and Lyndsey started bagging the groceries. “See Luke you can make some decent friends, find a decent girl.” His dad said and Luke blushed and turned away. I smiled “Daytona is a nice area for friends, sir.” I said and his dad smiled at me. “Kelsey.” His dad said reading the name tag, “hey son is this the Kelsey you have been talking about nonstop? But said I washed her number.” His dad said and Luke was red. “Dad.” Luke said. “Your total will be $200.50 sir.” I said and he gave me the bill. “You have a good night.” I said and Luke smiled at me but walked back over “Here .” He said handing me his number and I smiled at him.

When we got off and changed I was on the porch with the girls and Love and Lyndsey came up. “Is that Luke?” Lyndsey asked me “Yeah.” I said “He’s smoking hot girl! You mislead us!” She said and I smiled at her. “Will you call him?” Lyndsey asked “I’m not sure.” I said “Let me rephrase that. Call him.” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes at her. “Fine I will call.” I said and she smiled at me. I dialed his number which was still a Tennessee area code and he answered “Hello?” Luke asked “Hey, is this Luke?” I asked “Yes, who is this?” He asked “Kelsey.” I said “Oh hey!” He said “I was making sure this was the right number.” I said “It is. I’m sorry. My dad washed your number by accident.” Luke said “I understand.” I said “Are you busy tonight?” He asked me “Nope.” I said “Can I take you out?” Luke asked “Sure. I have to check with my parents. But can I text you?” I asked because Caylee was starting to grab for the phone “Yeah.” He said “Alright, bye.” I said and he hung up.

“Mom can you come here?” I asked and she came out “Yeah?” She asked “Remember the cute Luke I was telling you about?” I asked “Yeah, the one who didn’t call.” She said “I ran into him today at Publix, his dad gave him away. Can I go out with him tonight?” I asked “you mean I have to baby sit?” My mom asked “Please?” I asked “Honey I was joking. I will love it. We are going out to eat, then for ice cream so I can spoil the girls more!” My mom said “Mom.” I said but she smiled “Do you want to go out with Luke or not?” She asked “Okay, spoil them.” I said and she smiled. “Help me get ready?” I said turning to Lyndsey who was playing with Caitlin “Let go of Aunt Lyndsey hair.” She said.

I texted Luke and he said he would pick me up at six if that was okay. And it was four now and I said it was. My mom and Lyndsey watched the girls while I took a shower and when I got out with my bra and thong set on Lyndsey whistled “Uh-oh sexy momma!” Lyndsey said and I smiled, “I now have those sexy curves I didn’t. Those boobs.” I said and she smiled at me. She picked out my outfit, a sky blue summer dress with my white leggings, my silver sandals. “You look beautiful.” Lyndsey said “Thanks to you.” I said “No problem.” Lyndsey said smiling at me.

I smiled at the girls “Don’t! You don’t want spit up all over you.” Lyndsey said and I rolled my eyes “I will see you when I get home.” I said and she smiled at me. “I don’t like the idea of her going out.” Daddy said “She does. It’s been a year Austin.” My mom said “And we have two beautiful granddaughters because of it.” My dad said “She knows now. She won’t let it happen again.” My mom said “I don’t want her going out. I don’t want my little girl getting hurt.” My dad said “Austin, your little girl is a mom. Your little girl will be eighteen in four days.” My mom said “Lexie, I don’t care if she’s twenty-five she will still be my little girl.” My dad said “Quit being an over-protective father.” My mom said “Lexie, it’s my job.” He said “I know that. But unlike me she didn’t miss out on her father seeing her children, seeing her grow up. Don’t ruin it by telling her you don’t want her to date.” My mom said “I’m sorry Lex.” He said.

Luke came right after that “Mom and dad?” I asked “Coming dear.” My mom said and I smiled I opened the door “Come in. My parents have to meet you first.” I said “Understandable.” Luke said and I smiled at him. “Mom and dad this is Luke.” I said “It’s nice to meet you Luke. “ My mom said “It’s nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Blevins.” Luke said and my dad nodded “Come sit down.” He said and Luke followed, he asked the same questions as he did with Chance but more this time. “Have her home at ten.” My dad said “Yes sir. I will.” Luke said “You be safe. Take care of my little girl.” He said “I will. I promise.” Luke said and my dad was content for now.

When I got in Luke’s truck I looked at him “I’m so sorry about my parents.” I said “I understand Kelsey. They do it for your safety.” He said and I nodded, on the way to dinner I told him about what happened with Chance and why they are like that. “I would never cheat on a woman, especially a pretty one like you. I’m a virgin and I don’t want to take something away from another girl just because of urges. I was taught, you don’t hit a female. You don’t control a female.” He said and I smiled at him “You should be perfect for my dad then.” I said and Luke smiled at me “What are your girls’ names?” Luke asked “Caitlin and Caylee, but let’s not talk about them.” I said and he smiled at me.

We went to dinner and a movie; we talked all throughout the dinner and on the way home. When he got to my driveway he smiled at me. I kissed his cheek before he opened my door. It was nine thirty, and my parents weren’t even home yet. We sat on the porch talking some more and then he smiled at me. “I like you Kelsey. We should do this again.” Luke said “What are you doing tomorrow?” I asked “Other than Church nothing.” He said “Do you want to come over for lunch? I work 5-11.” I said “Sure.” He said and I smiled at him, when he pulled away my parents pulled up. I helped get the girls out and I got them ready for bed and in bed.

“He is still a virgin, he was taught not to hit a female, you don’t control a female, he’s a Christian, he said he wouldn’t cheat on a pretty girl like me.” I was telling my mom and dad while enjoying a smoothie from McDonald’s. “When did you get home?” My dad asked “Nine thirty. I invited him over for lunch.” I said “good, we can get to know him better because he seems to have already won over our daughter’s heart.” My mom said “Hard part is getting the girls approval. He has to be good with Caylee and Caitlin for me to date him.” I said and my mom smiled at me. “I’m going to bed, I know it’s early.” I said “good night Kels.” My dad said “I love you daddy. One more thing.” I said and he looked at me “Even when I’m thirty I will still be your little girl.” I said and my mom laughed.

I got dragged into a Video call conference with Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey so I couldn’t go to bed. I told them every details and told them about tomorrow. “He has to be good to the girls, they have to like him.” Molly said “I know, my first thoughts. He’s so sweet.” I said and they smiled at me “He’s smoking hot.” Lyndsey said and Aubrey laughed. “Aubrey is out.” She said and I smiled “night.”

Submitted: April 26, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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