What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 61 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Lyndsey and I stayed on Skype doing the video call until two. “I kind of miss hanging with Jared.” Lyndsey admitted at two “I know. We did everything together, I guess it shows sometimes dating a friend isn’t a wise choice.’ I said and Lyndsey nodded “My social life is still going on. And there is this guy.” Lyndsey said “Spill.” I said not caring that it was going on past two now. “His name is Jamie; he’s a senior this year as well. He’s been at all of the parties I go to. I see him at Publix; he works at your dad shop.” Lyndsey said “Jamie Lyons.” I said “Yeah.” She said “He’s a great guy. My dad use to tell me he would fix me up with Jamie.” I said and she smiled “I really like him. We talk at the parties; we go our own way and talk. He’s deep. Smart.” Lyndsey said “My best answer for you is see how things go, set up a group of friends and hang with him. But flirt with him; make him know that you are interested in him.” I said and she smiled at me “Um Kels?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah?” I asked “It’s three thirty.” Lyndsey said “Good-night my lovely.” I said ending the call. I went to check on the girls and they were asleep. Love was curled up at the foot of my bed and curled up at my head when I laid down.

I woke up at seven to the girls crying, they for the most part will sleep through the night. I walked in got Caylee on my right side and Caitlin on my left. I made their bottles with the right amount of cereal and showed it to them and they got excited. I fed Caitlin first, burped her and set her in her swing. I got Caylee’s bottle and fed her and burped her. “Okay, let’s go watch TV.” I said yawning, I took the girls to the living room and had them in their swings and laid down. Caylee wasn’t content with that she started crying and I picked her up and stood her up on my stomach. She was doing her baby giggle at that looking down on me. “Mommy’s girl.” I said and she giggled. She plopped down on my stomach and began playing with her feet.

I got dressed in my favorite pair of denim shorts, a cute baby blue tank top and had my hair in a braid down my back. I had the girls dressed and got them in their stroller. My mom walked out “I want to join you.” She said “Come on.” I said and she gulped down a cup of coffee and joined me. “How does it feel to almost being eighteen?” My mom asked “Exciting, I can vote in the next election, I can play the lottery.” I said and she smiled “How does it feel to being almost forty?” I asked “Not exciting, makes me feel old. I mean my baby girl is graduating high school this year. My baby, baby is a middle school student now.” My mom said and I smiled.

When we headed back I looked at the girls “It seems like time is flying by. I can’t believe they are four months old already.” I said “I know Kels, it’s hard to believe.” She said and I smiled “Will daddy be easy on Luke?” I asked “Baby girl, do not count on it. I know he means well but he wants you to be safe.” My mom said and I smiled at that “I know mom. I just don’t want him to scare Luke away.” I said “If Luke really likes you then your dad toughest questions won’t scare him away.” My mom said and I smiled “true. I love you.” I said “I love you too baby girl.” She said and she went into the house and I went to Lyndsey’s. “Yeah?” Lyndsey asked stepping out “He will be here at one.” I said “it’s ten now.” Lyndsey said “I know. I’m getting nervous.” I said “uh-oh Kelsey has a crush.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her “So do you.” I said and she rolled her eyes. “You better tell me at work.” Lyndsey said “I will Lynds.” I said “Bye Caylee and Caitlin.” Lyndsey said and I smiled going into my house. My dad was making breakfast for the family already, the closer to one it got the more nervous I became of seeing Luke here at my house, I guess because Lyndsey is right I really am starting to like Luke already.

Its three o’clock now and Luke and I are on the porch. Caitlin is in his arms, Caylee is in mine. “You have the two most beautiful little girls I have ever seen.” Luke said “Thanks.” I said smiling at him “I love them.” He said “I’m glad.” I said he has been really good with them, he helped me change their diapers, feed them their lunch. Now he’s having Caitlin stand up holding her hands and she smiling and giggling at him. “I have three half-siblings at my mom’s.” Luke said, the people I saw yesterday were indeed his family. His brother John is 16, Mike is 14, Roxy and Daisy was 12. My dad loves him, he even told him to come by the office tomorrow to fill out an application. Luke looked at his phone “It’s that time.” He said “Thanks for coming.” I said “No problem, I had fun.” Luke said and I smiled. “See you around.” I said “Yeah.” Luke said smiling at me “Bye girls.” He said to Caitlin and Caylee.

I had the girls in their swings as I was getting ready for work, when I was fixing my hair my mom came in. “Well you are welcome to see Luke anytime you want.” My mom said “Do you like him?” I asked “Yes I do. Your father loves him.” My mom said and I smiled at her, “I’m glad.” I said “When is your last day at the daycare?” My mom asked me “The 13th. So Tuesday. I would stay on but I can’t do both jobs and school.” I said and she nodded “Miss Mary said I can keep the shirt and she better see me working next summer.” I said and my mom smiled at me “Are you excited about school?” She asked me “No, it’s in eight days.” I said and she smiled “We’re going school shopping Wednesday.” My mom said “Okay.” I said smiling at her.

On Wednesday I worked the 7-1 shift at Publix and when I got home Lyndsey was smiling at me, she was already home. “Jamie asked me out last night!” Lyndsey said “That’s amazing!” I said and she smiled at me. She told me all the details about what happened and I smiled “I’m so happy for you. Good luck.” I said and she smiled, when I walked over to my house and changed Luke called. “Hey Luke.” I said “Hey! I got the job! Your dad wants me over there tomorrow.” Luke said “That’s amazing!” I said “Are you busy?” He asked me “Nope.” I said “Do you want to come over and hang out?” Luke asked “Sure. I’ll be leaving in a few.” I said and he gave me his address so I could GPS it.

“Where are the girls?” Luke asked me “Daycare. I’m not picking them up until five.” I said and he smiled at me. His brothers John and Mike came in the room “Hey Luke, who is she?” John I’m guessing asked “John this is Kelsey.” Luke said “Oh, the famous Kelsey.” He said and Mike nodded. “Don’t you have a baseball game?” Luke asked “Yeah.” Mike said “The Yankee VS Tampa bay?” I asked “Yeah.” Mike said “Are you a Yankee or Tampa bay fan?” I asked “Chicago Clubs.” Mike said and I smiled “That would be banned from my family.” I said “Good thing, Luke is an odd ball and goes for the Yankees.” John said “Yeah, good thing.” I said “See you guys around.” John said “Have fun.” Luke said and they nodded.

His sisters Roxy and Daisy came in and smiled “Luke we want lunch.” One said “Okay Roxy.” He said they had his brown hair and green eyes. “Roxy and Daisy this is Kelsey.” Luke said “Your girlfriend?” Daisy asked “We’re not really dating.” Luke said “Would that be a problem?” I asked messing around “No, but I just assumed you wouldn’t want to be a couple just yet.” Luke said “what if I did?” I asked “Then we would be.” He said “I’m sorry. I’m messing with you, its okay.” I said and he smiled at me “I will make lunch.” He said and I smiled at him, he left me with the girls. “Luke is our big brother. Don’t hurt him. He talks about you non-stop then the night at the skating ring.” Daisy said “I don’t plan on hurting him.” I said “Keep it that way.” They said together and I nodded at them, I got a little worried.

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