What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 62 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I left at four thirty after watching movies with him and his sisters. It was a great way to spend my afternoon the day before my birthday. I went to the day care and picked up the girls, they were excited to see me. I got home and had enough time to get changed and change the girls diapers. “I’m going now. I’ll eat there.” I said “Have fun.” My mom said and I smiled at her “It’s work mom.” I said and she smiled at me. After work I got a sub from their deli and ate it on my way home. I didn’t go to bed right away, I spent half an hour staring at the girls and another half hour brushing my hair and braiding my hair getting ready for bed. Right around midnight my phone went off “Hello?” I asked “Happy birthday Kels!” Bryce said “Thanks. How did you know I would be up?” I asked “Just a guess Kels.” He said “I miss you. When are you coming home?” I asked “About that, I’m not sure.” He said “Ugh, better be soon. I love you.” I said “I love you too sissy. I will call mom later. Have a good birthday.” Bryce said.

Right before I fell asleep I checked my notifications and already had a ton of happy birthday. Lyndsey was the very first one who told me happy birthday. I woke up at six since I had to work the 7-1 shift again today. I had Caylee and Caitlin on my hip and went to the kitchen. “Happy birthday mom.” I said “Happy birthday Kels.” She said taking Caitlin from me and my dad took Caylee. I fixed their bottles and took Caitlin and fed her while my dad fed my mom. “Plans for tonight?” I asked “I’m taking your mother out to dinner tonight.” My dad said “I hope you guys have fun.” I said and he smiled. When my mom went to get dressed my dad looked at me “Can you go get her something for her birthday from me?” He asked “Yeah dad.” I said and he smiled at me and I kissed his cheek getting the girls ready.

After work Lyndsey smiled at me “Happy birthday!” I said “Happy birthday!” She said and we smiled at each other. I went to pick up the girls and then went to the mall. I got my mom a diamond necklace set from my dad, and a diamond bracelet from me. Two birthday cards and something from Hollister for Lyndsey. “I think we should go see your dad.” I said and walked to the car and got them in their car seats and went to Chance’s.

I spent an hour with him and went to the bathroom real quick before I left and Gavin barged right in. “I don’t think two babies are enough. You need a third one.” Gavin said “NO!” I said “Yes.” He said and he grabbed me “Chance! Chance!” I yelled and he came running up and punched Gavin. “I’m taking my girls home. Thanks.” I said I was a nervous wreck; I didn’t want to show it. I rushed home and went to Lyndsey’s “Watch them for me?” I asked “Yes.” Lyndsey said not needing to ask me. I went to Charlie’s and looked at Sally “is Charlie in?” I asked “It’s his lunch break.” Sally said but Charlie came out “Come on in.” Charlie said and I explained to him what happened and it’s my birthday as well.

I went home and explained everything to Lyndsey and she hugged me. Luke came over “Happy birthday!” He said and I nodded half-smiling. He ended up getting it out of me and was upset “He saved me though.” I said and Luke nodded “I know Kels.” He said and he wiped away my tears and kissed my lips softly. I pulled away “Do you want to go somewhere?” Luke asked me “Yes. I have to take the girls.” I said “No problem, we can take your car.” Luke said and I smiled. He drove my car to the next town and took me and the girls out on a boat, it was his Uncle’s. We had a picnic on the boat. I got a call from my mom around five and told her where I was and she was fine with it. I told her what happened and she wasn’t fine with it. “I really needed this.” I was telling Luke when we got home at nine. “I know. I’m glad I could help.” He said “Me too.” I said smiling at him and he kissed me good-bye on the lips.

Our birthday party on that Saturday was amazing. My mom had a Hawaiian theme party while Lyndsey and I had a beach party theme. Jamie and Luke was here for our birthday, I was really excited to have Luke. “Monday needs to stay away.” I said and Luke laughed “But it’s the first day of our senior year.” Lyndsey said “So? I don’t want my summer to end.” I said “Me either but we need this year.” Molly said and I smiled, Jared came by and gave us a gift. “Happy birthday girls.” He said and I smiled “Thanks. Jared you met Luke at work right?” I asked “Yeah.” Luke and Jared said and I smiled. Luke had Caitlin and I had Caylee in my arms.

After the party, I helped cleaned up and got the girls in their cribs and got my bathing suit on and jumped in the pool. Lyndsey did the same, “We had a great birthday, didn’t we?” I asked Lyndsey “Yeah. Jamie, Luke, and Jared all work together so they are semi-friends school will go by easier.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her, my parents came out and even jumped in the pool as well. We were having fun in the pool. I had the baby monitor out so I could hear if the girls wake up or not.

On the 18th, I got up at five and took a shower, got changed into my favorite pair of ripped jeans, my brown cami, and my hot pink baby tee from Hollister. I carried my backpack downstairs, and fixed two bottles. I went upstairs and changed the girls and got their diaper bags ready and carried it downstairs. I went upstairs picked up the girls and carried them downstairs, I had Caylee in the high chair while I fed Caitlin and then changed it out after I burped Caitlin.

Everybody came out at six and I had Caylee on my lap holding her up and she was smiling. “Have a good day at work.” I told my parents “Have a good day at school. It’s another year, a big year.” My mom said and we all smiled. At 7:00 I looked at Summer “Come on. I have to drop the girls off.” I said and Summer smiled at me. I got my backpack on my shoulder, and carried the diaper bags out and then came back for the girls and then went to the Daytona Daycare. “Have a good first day.” Miss Mary said “Thanks.” I said kissing the girls good-bye and going back to my car.

We pulled up to the school parking lot and I get out and get my backpack on my back. Summer does the same. “Want to walk in together?” I asked “Sure.” Summer said and I smiled at her. We walked into school together and then she went to her homeroom and I walked to my homeroom and smiled. My class schedule for this semester is Economics and Civics 8-10, Pre- Calculus 10-12, lunch 12-12:30, Study hall 12:30-1:00, English 4 1:00-3:00. I saw Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey and smiled “hey!” I said and they smiled. Jamie, Jared, and Luke were in the class as well. We have the entire same schedule including lunch.

When the bell rang for lunch I went to my locker and put my books in my locker and walked inside the cafeteria. “Kels?” Chance asked when I was in line waiting for it to move up “Yeah?” I asked “How are they?” He asked me “good. I’m okay too.” I said and he smiled at me. I sat down at the table, Lyndsey, Molly, and Aubrey sat down. Jamie, Jared, and Luke came up and sat with us. “This will be a good year.” I said “Yeah it will be.” Molly said and I smiled at them. “Friday, I’m thinking of throwing a party to celebrate the first week of school.” I said and they smiled at me. “June 8th is when we graduate.” Aubrey said “That day will be here before we know it.” Molly said “Then what?” I asked “College.” We all said smiling at each other “Should be the same college.” Lyndsey said.

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