What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 63 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




After school, a great first day back I must say I waited around for an hour so I could support my friends in cheerleading. Summer was trying out as well, afterwards I went to Daytona Daycare and picked up the girls. “Do you mind babysitting until mom gets home?” I asked Summer who looked at me. “Sure, like I have nothing better to do.” She said “What?” I asked “My life got ruined when you got pregnant Kelsey. I’m expected to babysit for you, to do this and that for you. You should have gotten an abortion that would be a lot easier on everybody.” Summer said “Forget it.” I said calling Brad “I’m going to be an hour late.” I said “Thanks for letting me know.” He said and I sat on the porch with the girls until my mom got home. “Why aren’t you at work?” My mom asked getting worried “Ask your daughter.” I said “I can’t explain. I have to go. Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled at me.

Lyndsey looked at me when I got to my register “What happened?” She asked, she was my bagger today. “Summer. She got all rude and nasty. Saying I should have had an abortion. All because I asked her to babysit the girls until my mom got home so I could come to work.” I said “Ouch.” She said “I don’t know what happened. She was fine this morning, fine until we got home.” I said “Somebody at school probably.” Lyndsey said “Maybe. I just don’t have time. I mean study hall we all talked about things instead of doing work; I have all three classes to do tonight. I have to study as much as I can for the SATS on September 4th, it’s a Saturday.” I said “It’s a lot of pressure isn’t it?” Lyndsey asked and I nodded. I missed the SATs test last spring due to being in the hospital.

I clocked off at eleven telling Brad it won’t happen again and he nodded. I went home and put my binder and textbooks on the table. I went into my room and changed into my night clothes and checked on the girls. I then began doing my homework. I finished my Civics homework around 11:30 and my English 4 at midnight and decided to save my Pre-Calculus until tomorrow morning. I looked on the girls one more time and fell asleep with Love at my head keeping me warm.

My alarm clock went off at five and I got dressed in my faded blue jeans, my white cami, my pink baby tee from Hollister. I pulled my hair into a neat ponytail and started the coffee. I had two cups by the time I finished my Pre-Calculus at six. I fixed their bottles adding enough cereal, and walked into the bedroom. I picked Caitlin up and carried her into the kitchen; everybody was up and getting ready for school and work now. While I was feeding her my mom came in with Caylee and got the bottle. I burped Caitlin and gave her back her pacifier. “People at school Kels.” My mom said “Still no reason for her to treat me like that.” I said “I understand that and I told her that. It isn’t easy.” My mom said “it isn’t easy for her? It isn’t easy for me! School! Work, taking care of my two little girls. I barely ask for help and this is why.” I said “Kels.” My mom said, I took Caylee and got them dressed and looked at my mom “She can take the bus.” I said walking out and getting the girls in the car, it wasn’t even seven yet.

I dropped the girls off at seven and Miss Mary smiled “You’re early.” She said “Yeah, I wanted to get a head start on some work in school.” I said “See you later.” Miss Mary said and I smiled at her. I drove to school and got out, I walked into my Economics and Civics class and sat down, I was the first student there. I got my binder out and took out my homework and started writing down what was on the board. Lyndsey came in “I had to give Summer a ride.” She said “Sorry. My first fight with my mom.” I said “Your mom was telling my mom that. She was in tears.” Lyndsey said “I want to but the tears wont come Lynds.” I said “I understand Kels.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her. “I will make things right with my mom tonight.” I said “I know you will Kels.” She said and I smiled focusing on our friends coming in. I wasn’t going to let the issues get in the way of school.

I was able to do my Civics homework and Pre-Calculus homework during study hall because I tuned everybody out like last year. After school I went to my mom’s work, I had two hours to kill because I wasn’t waiting around for anybody. “How may I help you?” A woman asked when I entered “I’m looking for Alexis Blevins.” I said “Lexie?” She asked “Yes ma’am.” I said “Right this way.” She said and I walked to my mom’s office. “A visitor Lexie.” The woman said and my mom turned and smiled. “Come in.” She said “I’m so sorry mom. I got out of hand. I was exhausted.” I said “Summer was out of hand yesterday, you weren’t. But honey is that really why you don’t ask for help? You’re afraid people will make comments like that?” My mom asked “Yes, and I want to be able to do it on my own. I don’t want you guys to get upset because I ask for help.” I said “Oh Kels. You’re grounded though.” My mom said “Two weeks. You go to work and school.” She said “Got it.” I said.

I went home and I got changed for work and when I was going out, Summer was going in. “I’m sorry.” She said “Me too. I thought you were my friend. You’re just my little sister.” I said and with that I walked out the door for work. I got home at 11 and did my English 4 homework right away and then went to check up on my girls to make sure they were doing okay.

It’s September 3rd and I’m rushing to get ready for school, I’m a nervous wreck about tomorrow. Luke and I are a couple, or a school couple. Where you hang out during school and after school it’s a hit and miss. I got the girls ready and in their car seats “If you want a ride come now! Or you’re taking the bus!” I yelled and Summer came rushing down. I put my backpack and diaper bag in the car and she put her backpack in the car. We don’t talk on the way to school, it’s a silent ride, I have nothing to say to my little sister anymore. I got out and got the girls out and carried them into the day care “Running late?” She asked “Yes ma’am.” I said and she smiled at me.

When we got to school we went our separate ways and I went to homeroom and pulled out my Economics and Civics homework out. Lyndsey smiled at me “Running late?” Lyndsey asked “Yeah, majorly stressed. I’m glad I’m off today and tomorrow.” I said “You better hit the books girl.” Lyndsey said “Oh I will.” I said and after taking the notes for Economics and Civics we had half an hour left in class. I began my homework right away and finished it when the bell rang. I slowly made my way to Pre-Calculus class and got my homework out and began taking the notes.

During lunch I was working on my homework and finished it, I ate like half of my lunch and Jared ate the other half. “Relax Kels, you will do fine.” Lyndsey said “Yeah, I will find out what in November?” I asked “Yeah.” She said and I started chewing my nails “Relax. You are too stressed right now Kels.” Lyndsey said and I nodded “You are right Lynds.” I said and she smiled at me “When aren’t I?” She asked and I smiled at her.

I studied for the SATs during study hall having my Ipod on to block everybody out because I was determined to do good. The perfect score is 1600; I have to get at least a 1000 on it. My future college is riding on this. At least we took a test in English 4 so we didn’t have any homework in that class.

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