What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 64 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




The next morning I woke up at five and poured myself some more coffee and got back to doing some very last minute studying. My mom came out in her bathrobe “Good luck Kels. Just relax honey. It’s just a test.” My mom said “Thanks mom.” I said and she smiled at me and I got in the car and went to the school library where the SATS would be taken at. It began at six and I left at noon feeling like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. On my way home I called Luke “Hey do you want to come over?” I asked “Sure.” He said “I’m on my way home now.” I said “Okay, I will leave in a few minutes then.” Luke said and we hung up.

I got home and my mom was holding Caylee up on her knees playing with her. “Hey mom.” I said “How do you think it went?” She asked me “I feel like I did good.” I said and she smiled at me “Luke is coming over.” I said “Okay, he’s welcomed any time baby girl.” My mom said and I smiled at her I picked up Caitlin and lifted her up in the air “You’re momma’s girl aren’t you?” I asked and she giggled at me. “Mommy’s boyfriend is coming over.” I said and she smiled at me. “This will be a hard month.” I said I have been reading the book Molly got me for Christmas “Yeah, they could begin teething.” My mom said and I rolled my eyes. “Hopefully Bryce comes home soon.” I said and my mom smiled “I’m sure he will.” She said and I smiled at her.

On September 15th, around two in the morning I’m up and trying to sooth a teething baby. Caylee and Caitlin were both teething but Caitlin was asleep still. “Mommy has you. Come on.” I said carrying her to the kitchen and getting a teething ring for her. “It’s okay, suck on this.” I said handing it to Caylee. I sat at the kitchen table with my notes for my Economics and Civics paper out at the table and began studying while bouncing Caylee on my knee to sooth her. Caylee moved the teething ring from her left hand to her right hand and she put it in her mouth.

I put Caylee in her crib because she was asleep and Caitlin started crying for the same reason. “Mommy has a test in the morning.” I said and she just stared at me. I gave her a new teething ring and bounced her up on my knee. I hear a sound out the door and I hold onto Caitlin, the door opens and my dad walks in “You are supposed to be in bed.” He said “So are you.” I said “Fine.” He said “Daddy, what are you doing out so late?” I asked and before he could answer Bryce walks in “You’re supposed to be asleep.” He said “Bryce!” I said a little too loud for Caitlin. “Sorry baby, don’t cry.” I said and I handed her to my dad and hugged Bryce. “Who is that?” Bryce asked “This is Caitlin.” I said and he smiled.

I barely go back to sleep for what feels like two minute and my alarm clock is going off. I get up, I get dressed in my ripped jeans and pink Army T-shirt. I got the bottles made and went upstairs for the girls. Bryce was walking out “Can I take one?” Bryce asked “Yeah, Caylee.” I said handing him Caylee. The girls have curly strawberry blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. I can tell them apart because Caylee has dimples and Caitlin does not.

I gave Bryce the bottle and showed him to how to do it “When it’s halfway gone she needs to be burped.” I said and Bryce nodded, after he burped Caylee for the last time my mom was coming down so he handed Caylee to me. “Morning momma.” I said “Morning.” She said smiling at me “Why are you are so happy?” I asked “I get off early today.” She said going to get Caylee from me but I shook my head. “Why?” She asked me “Go get two teething ring please?” I asked and she nodded. “Oh my god.” She said when Bryce handed it to her. She hugged him “I’m so glad to have you home safe and sound.” My mom said “I love you mom.” Bryce said “I love you too.” My mom said “I have a doctor appointment at noon, so I’m getting out at eleven.” I said “Okay honey, don’t worry about going back to school just spend the afternoon with Bryce.” My mom said and I smiled.

Autumn, Landon, and Summer was equally excited to see Bryce. “Summer, come on? I have a test to take.” I said “I do too.” Summer said smiling at me. We get in the car “I can’t believe Bryce is home.” I said “Me either. It feels so good. He probably has gifts.” Summer said and I laughed “probably.” I said “Now when people talk about you I just tell them to shut up.” Summer said “Thanks, but don’t get in a fight. Just worry about you.” I said “I will.” She said “One second.” I said getting out and getting the girls out and taking them to Miss Mary. “I will be picking them up early.” I said “Okay.” She said and I went back to the car.

“Bryce is home.” I tell the group when I walked into homeroom “I can’t wait for Luke to meet Bryce.” I said and Lyndsey smiled “Ready for this test?” She asked “No, the girls are teething now.” I said and she smiled “Poor Cay and Cat.” She said and I smiled at her after the test and an hour in Pre-calculus I left early and got my assignment for English 4 and then went to the doctor’s. “Birth control? Are you sure?” My doctor asked me “Yes ma’am. I’m not planning on being sexually active but to be on the safe side.” I said “Okay.” She said “Your physical went great Kelsey.” She said and I smiled “You will need to come back in three months.” She said and I nodded “Yes ma’am.” I said.

I dropped off my prescription at wal*mart and picked up Caylee and Caitlin from daycare. I got the double-seated grocery cart and put the girls blankets down and buckled them in. We were at wal*mart waiting for the prescription to be ready. “I need to get you girls stuff.” I said and going to the baby section and getting some more teething rings, diapers, two new pacifiers, a stuffed monkey and teddy bear for the girls. “I need to get some stuff.” I said going to get shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and some makeup.

I got some baby food and a Dr. Pepper and bag of chips for me. After I paid I got my prescription and loaded up the car with the girls in it. When I got home Bryce was watching TV “I want to hold one!” He said “Caitlin or Caylee?” I asked “Caitlin.” He said so I got Caitlin out of her car seat and handed her to him. Bryce stood her up on his lap and she giggled “She loves it when she stands up.” I said and he smiled at me. Caylee was playing with her feet “You are such a silly girl.” I said and she giggled at me.

The following Saturday was homecoming. The week was filled with exciting things at school. I’m outside with the girls in their stroller and covered up in blankets. I’m sitting with a girl named Marissa from my English 4 class. “They are beautiful girls.” She said “Thanks.” I said “I’m dating their father.” She said “Good luck.” I said and she nodded. Rumors are around her now being a skank, saying she gets around. Tomorrow I was going to the Homecoming dance with Luke and I’m excited about that.

We won the game! Luke came up and smiled at me, he picked up Caitlin and lifted her up and she giggled. “You need to get them home so they don’t get a cold.” Luke said “I know and I am.” I said “Summer come on!” I said and she smiled at me “Let’s go home!” I said loading up the girls and she smiled “I’m ready to see Bryce again. I love spending time with him.” Summer said and I smiled at her. 

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