What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 65 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




The next day I woke up at six and got in the shower and relaxed in the shower. I got dressed in my Publix work clothes and sighed. I had bags under my eyes and you could tell I was exhausted, mentally and physically. I fed the girls and put them back in their cribs, I left leaving a note saying I was going to work. That’s my life at eighteen, work as many hours as I can, school, raise my girls, hang with friends, and date. Not much time for anything, I never have any free time for myself, barely any time to think.

I got off of work at two and went straight home and saw the girls in their swings watching a kid’s TV show. Bryce was on the couch, Autumn and Summer next to him, Landon was on the chair. “I’m taking Landon, Autumn, and the girls to a baseball game tonight.” Bryce said “Their first game.” I said “I know. I will video tape it. Dad is going with me, mom is staying home tonight.” Bryce said and I smiled at him “Okay, I hope you have fun.” I said and he smiled at me “I will. I know you girls will have fun.” Bryce said and I nodded. Even Bryce loves Luke, telling me that he is a keeper.

I get dressed in my baby blue floor length dress, I get my hair all super curly, I apply just enough makeup and put my Kelsey necklace on. Summer was in a light blue dress similar to mine and she looked beautiful. She was going with a group of girls and I was going with Luke since all of my friends had dates as well. My first night in over a month, so I’m excited about that but feel bad for people watching the girls.

We drive to the high school gym and I see Luke and smiled “See you at the end of the dance Sum.” I said and she smiled at me “Have fun.” Summer said and I smiled at her, I went to Luke and he smiled at me “You look beautiful Kels. Really beautiful. Stunning.” Luke said and I smiled at him “Thank you.” I said “Shall we go in?” He asked me “Yes we shall.” I said and we went in. The dance ends at ten so we danced until then and then I met up with Summer after kissing Luke good-bye, we were going to Lucky’s for dinner to hang with some friends.

When we arrived at Lucky’s I saw Bryce and them at a table in the corner they waved. Caylee and Caitlin were in their car seat sleeping. “You look beautiful out there.” Lyndsey said “Thanks, I tried. It’s not easy.” I said “Is that Bryce and your family?” Molly asked me “Yeah, I’m off of baby duties tonight.” I said and they all smiled at me “How does it feel?” Lyndsey asked “Strange.” I said “Okay, enough baby talk.” Aubrey said “I know. So which colleges are you applying to?” I asked “University of Central Florida, University of Florida, University of Southern Florida, Duke University.” Molly said “UCF, UF, USF.” Aubrey said “UCF, UF, USF, NYU.” Lyndsey said and for once I was able to answer, “UCF, UF, USF.” I said “Wouldn’t it be something if we all got into the same school?” Molly asked “Yeah, and you three being roommates.” I said and Aubrey looked at me “What about you?” She asked “I won’t be in a dorm room with the girls.” I said and they nodded.

I finally had to call the night quits after Bryce and them left. Summer and I went home; I changed into my moose pajama pants, a gray Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt. I had my hair braided into two and right when I got into bed I heard a baby cry. I got up and picked up Caylee, “Come on kiddo.” I said going into the kitchen and getting a teething ring. I sat on the couch as she sucked on it. Bryce came in “Thank you for everything tonight.” I said “No problem. They did amazing at the game. No crying, no issues.” Bryce said “good, I’m glad.” I said and he smiled at me. “I’m going to bed. Good night Kels.” He said “good night Bryce.” I said.

It’s October 15th and we are saying good-bye to Bryce. The girls are out of their teething stage, so I can sleep a little bit more at night. They sleep during the night, and are now six months old so more new things that they will be doing. It was a Saturday and I go to work in a little bit after Bryce leaves, “Be safe. Come home. I love you.” I said “I love you too Kels. I will see you in a year.” He said “Yeah.” I said and when he left I got changed for work and smiled at my girls who were in their swings “Mommy is only working four hours today.” I said and she did her baby babbling to me and I smiled. “Yeah Caylee.” I said and she smiled.

When I got home I had a blanket outside with their lunch next to me. Lyndsey was on the other side of the blanket talking to me and the mailman pulls up to the mailbox. “Watch this.” I said giving Caylee her bottle and she holds it up herself “Man, are they getting old.” Lyndsey said “I know. I hate that. Before long they will be talking. But look, Caitlin knows that she doesn’t know Jeff so she is a little worried but she knows you and I.” I said and Lyndsey smiled at me giving Caitlin her bottle. “When are you applying to colleges?” Lyndsey asked “After I get my SATs scores. Are we still trying for the same school?” I asked “Yeah, I don’t know about being in a room without my best friend.” Lyndsey said “I can get a big enough apartment and we can spilt the rent and bills.” I said “Like we would talk about in the old days.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her.

I got up to get the mail and saw a letter “To the parent/guardian of Kelsey Blevins.” “It’s here!” I said rushing to the blanket and tearing into it, forgetting about the bills and other stuff. “Score is 1500! Almost a perfect score!” I said “Better start applying today.” Lyndsey said “Yeah, I know.” I said and she smiled at me. I pick up Caylee and burps her. I sit her on her stomach, and she lifts her head up and looks around and smiled when she saw me. Lyndsey did the same to Caitlin and after a few minutes she rolled over to her back. And tried sitting up and did so for a few minutes and then fell into the grass. Lyndsey picked her up and gave her a toy which she moved from hand to hand.

That night when I put the girls to sleep I filled out all of my applications and hit enter so I could say that I applied to college. The next morning I gave the girls their bottles in their high chair and moved around the kitchen getting ready for school. “Mommy loves that you can hold the bottle.” I said and they just stared at me while finishing up their bottle. Caylee starts babbling and smiles at me “I wish I could understand you.” I said and she giggled at me, Caitlin then started babbling as well so they were both going when my mom and dad walked in. “Somebody is in a good mood this morning.” My mom said “I know, they just started babbling.” I said and she smiled at me. They had four teeth already and I smiled at them when they gave me a goofy smile.

It’s November 15th and I’m at home with a head cold and I turn the news after I finished studying for my mid-term that was next week. “A school shooting at Daytona Middle School just took place. The school is in lock down as of right now, eight students were killed, and twenty in critical conditions. We cannot give out the names at this time.” The reporter said and I stared at the girls who were lying on their stomachs on a blanket. “I hope Aunt Autumn and Uncle Landon is okay.” I said and they stared at me. Caylee and Caitlin are at the stage where they prefer me, they get really anxious when I’m gone and they get super excited when I come home. Caylee lifts her head up and babbles something at me.

She sitting up on the floor now playing with one of her toy that she bangs on the ground. Caitlin then does the same thing but only to put her foot in her mouth “No baby girl, don’t do that. Your feet is nasty.” I said and Caylee giggles at me. Caylee looks at Caitlin and babbles something and Caitlin does her baby smile and they lay down and roll over on their stomach and starts to scoot away, their form of crawling for the first time. “Get back here.” I said, luckily my parents were more prepared and we had baby gates up in the doorways. Love was coming down the stairs and meowed. I picked up Caylee since I could get her first and my phone rang “Hello?” I asked “Are you sitting down?” My mom asked “No, why?” I asked “Do so.” She said and I sat down and Caylee crawled away. “Did you hear about the school shooting?” My mom asked “Yeah.” I said “Autumn was one of the eight.” My mom said “Oh my god.” I said “Yes. We’re making arrangements for Bryce to come home for the funeral.” My mom said and I was speechless.

I placed Caylee and Caitlin in their swings and turned them on and they were content. I sat on the couch and stared at them. My little sister, my baby sister, the baby of the family, the one who would volunteer to do anything for the girls died today at the age of twelve. Shortly after my dad, Landon and Summer came in. They both sat on the couch and I hugged them “It will be okay.” I said and they cried. My dad looked at the girls and even he had tears running down his face. “Oh daddy. We will get through this.” I said and he nodded, Caitlin could sense the tension and she started crying and so did Caylee. I got up and picked up both girls bouncing them.

I called out of work today and he understood, he didn’t ask any questions he knew that I had a sister and brother that attended Daytona Middle. I was outside on the porch with the girls beside me on each side and I was holding onto them. Lyndsey walks up and looks at me with a ghostly facial expression “Is Logan and Courtney okay?” I asked “Yes, Caleb and Ally are too. Is Landon and Autumn okay?” Lyndsey asked taking Caitlin from me. “Landon is.” I said “Autumn?” Lyndsey asked and I shook my head “One of the eight.” I said and she stared at me “Oh my god.” She finally said “I know.” I said. Courtney and Ally were Autumn best friends.

My mom came home at seven and you could tell she has been crying but she refused to admit it. “We need to work on the wake, funeral service. Bryce is flying in on the next flight bringing him here at 6 tomorrow.” My mom said “Mom?” Landon asked “Yeah buddy?” My mom asked “who did it?” He asked “A man who was sick in the head honey. He’s in jail now.” My mom said “Oh okay.” Landon said going back to his comic book. “Are you okay?” I asked, Caylee and Caitlin were crawling around the room. Caylee was sitting on her butt and grabbed my mom’s keys and began playing with it from hand to hand babbling and my mom smiled. “These will be the key of what gets us through this tragic event.” My mom said and I flashed a smile at her.

The next day we were all home, we wanted to do it quick so the wake was that night. Caylee and Caitlin were scooting around the living room. Bryce came down and looked at me “How are you doing?” 

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