What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 68 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




It’s June 4th the day before exams and Caylee has a cold. They are now fourteen months old. They took their first steps on April 27th, which was the night of my senior prom. I went with a group of friends to it, since I wouldn’t have another prom. I’m at home with Caylee, my mom took Caitlin to daycare so that way she wouldn’t get the cold. Tomorrow is the first period exam, Wednesday is second period, and Thursday is third period. Friday we have rehearsals and then on Saturday is graduation. “Let’s lay down.” I said, I had just given Caylee some cough syrup. She just has a little head cold the doctor said.

I got in my bed with my notes for school at my lap and Caylee curled up next to me and fell asleep. Around three thirty I got Caylee up and we went into the living room, Summer came in and smiled “Thursday needs to hurry up.” Summer said because for her that will be her last day of school as a sophomore. “I know. Saturday needs to hurry up.” I said “How long will you be gone for?” Summer asked “June 12th- June 16th.” I said and she smiled, Lyndsey, Caylee and Caitlin, and I are going to Gainesville, Florida to look at apartments and to find a job. Its two hours away from home. We are attending University of Florida with a full scholarship so all of that is paid. We are going to be a student for two years.

That night between Caylee’s cold and her naps she took today she was cranky and wouldn’t go to sleep. She kept me up until three in the morning and finally fell asleep. I woke up at five to my alarm clock going off and I rolled my eyes. Two hours of sleep for a very important final today. I got dressed in my old cheerleading shorts and the Army T-shirt. I pulled my hair up into a sloppy ponytail and found my pumas and carried my backpack downstairs. I woke the girls up at six when I got their food ready and I fed them, changed them and then we went to school.

You could leave when you finished the final, and I finished it at eleven and I went home and took a nap until noon. I go in to work today at one. I got off at seven and went home to my girls playing with their grandpa. “How do you think you did?” My dad asked “good. I was done by eleven. It was actually pretty easy.” I said and he smiled “Chemistry right?” My dad asked “Yeah.” I said and he rolled his eyes at me. I love to write, so I’m following my mom’s footsteps and studying to be a journalist.

It’s now Friday and after six hours of rehearsals we were finally ready for tomorrow night. “Strange to believe we will be back only on Monday to return the gowns.” Molly said “I know. Our last day was yesterday with our third final. No more high school student.” Lyndsey said “On our way to College. Starting a career, a family.” Aubrey said “We are no longer kids, we are adults once we step on that stage.” I said and they nodded.

It’s noon and I work 12:30-6:30 today. I got changed into my work clothes and headed off to Publix and clocked in. “How does it feel?” Brad asked me “Good. I’m nervous about tomorrow.” I said “I would be too. It’s going to be strange not having you and Lyndsey working here.” Brad said “You’re stuck with us until we get a job.” I said “You should transfer to the Publix there.” Brad said “Thanks for the tip.” I said and he smiled at me, it pays off that Brad was/is friends with my dad.


I wake up at five and go into work until noon and then spent until three playing with the girls and then I got them dressed and got myself in my dress. I was going to put my gown on when I got there. “I have to leave.” I was telling Caitlin and Caylee. “You better listen to Grandma and Grandpa.” I said “Ok.” They said, they can understand us better, and can use simple worlds. They are potty trained, worked on it last month and this month and they are not able to use the toilet. I love you.” I said “I wuv yew” Caylee and Caitlin said and I smiled at them. “See you guys there, or no I won’t but you will see me.” I said to my mom “I’m proud of you Kels.” My mom said “Thanks.” I said.

I got my gown and cap on when I walked into the school and Lyndsey smiled at me, we were in our group of friends: Aubrey, Molly, Lyndsey, Jared, and myself. Jared was going to University of Central Florida in Tampa, Chance was going to University of New York, so he was going to be away from the girls. “Marissa Barnes.” Was called up, Marissa is Chance’s new girl. The skank/whore, so I don’t let him have much to do with the girls. “Kelsey Blevins.” Was called and I walked up on stages with my head held high and shook his hand and took my diploma and looked at the crowd and spotted my family. My mom was holding Caylee and my dad had Caitlin and the camera.

“Aubrey Jackson.” Was called and Aubrey walked up and smiled at the crowd when she took her diploma. “Lyndsey Johnson.” Was called and Lyndsey walked up and smiled at us when she got her diploma. “Jared Jones.” Was called and he walked up and proudly got his diploma, “Chance Lynnwood.” Was called and he walked up, shook his hand and got the diploma. And finally “Molly Wiles.” Was called and she walked up, smiled and shook his hand and took her diploma. “I give you the class of 2038!” He said and we threw our caps in the air and grabbed it. I made my way to my family and Caylee was all excited. We walked to the car and got a ton of pictures, a family picture of all of us, Lyndsey & I. Lyndsey, Jared & me, Summer & I, Landon & I, my parents & me, Caylee & Caitlin and me.

I took my graduation gown and cap off and put it in my trunk and walked back to my mom. “I will take the girls with me.” I said “Okay, we’re going to Lucky’s. All seniors get a discount today.” My mom said and I smiled “See you there.” I said setting the girls down and holding their hands so they wouldn’t run off. Lyndsey smiled at me “See you at Lucky’s.” Lyndsey said “See ya.” I said smiling and getting the girls in their car seats.

“Well girl, your mommy is a high school graduate now. We will be going off to college soon. Living on our own, a little scary isn’t it?” I asked and they just stared at me. I had them broke from the pacifier habit and so now they suck on their thumb. I pull up to Lucky’s and a lot of people were already here. I place both girls on my hips since the crowd was too many people and walked in to find my parents sitting down with Lyndsey’s parents. Lyndsey and Jared were at their own table next to them. I got two high chairs and got the girls in them and sat beside Lyndsey.

“Back to just us three, huh?” I asked and Lyndsey smiled “good old times.” Lyndsey said “When days were simple.” Jared said, this semester they forgiven each other and agreed to be friends so we can stay friends. We aren’t all close friends like our parents but we are still friends. I cut up the pizza and set it on two plates for the girls, I had their sippy cups in the diaper bag and got it out for them.

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