What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 69 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




“If somebody would have told me in ninth grade that when I graduate I would be a mom I would have looked at them like they were crazy.” I said “Now you’re a great mom. To two beautiful little girls.” Lyndsey said “I know but still. I can’t live in a dorm, can’t party, my summer won’t be as fun.” I said “But at least they are old enough to where you can do more.” Lyndsey said “yeah, you’re right.” I said and she smiled at me.

The next morning we woke up at five and loaded up the car, we were staying the night in Stuart and leaving after we have lunch in the meadows. I’m in the back between my two girls again, Landon and Summer is in the front leaving a space in the middle where Summer usually sits. When we get to the house Aunt Colleen and them are already there. “Alyssa!” I said seeing her and smiling, she hugs me and smile at the girls who are hiding. Alyssa came down for Thanksgiving and Christmas break and spent her Spring break in New Mexico with friends so the girls aren’t really sure about her.

During our times at the meadows my mom looked out into the pond and drifted off into space. “Autumn loved coming here, in the beginning of June she would count down to this.” My mom said this was the first time we heard anybody bring up her name. “She’s here in our hearts momma.” I said walking over to her and hugging her. We went home afterwards and then leaving me just enough time to pack that night for my trip, we would be gone for four days. Coming back on the 16th.

I got up at six and loaded up my car with mine & the girls suitcase, and then Lyndsey came out and did the same. I got the girls up, fed, and dressed and ready to go. I hugged my mom and dad good-bye promising them I would call when we got to the hotel. We got on the road at 6:30 and we arrived at the Comfort Inn at 8:30, I called my mom to let her know while I was walking to the office. “Yes I have reservations.” I said “Name?” She asked me “Kelsey Blevins.” I said “Yes, room 104. Here are your keys.” She said and I gave her my debit card so she could run it through.

When we got our stuff in the hotel room, we got our laptops out and started looking up apartments near the college and found eight. We looked at all of them and our favorite one was the very last one. It was a ten minute walk to the campus, we weren’t allowed to drive. It was around everything else, Publix, movie store, Wal*Mart. I looked at Lyndsey; I had both of the girls on my hips. It was a three bedroom, two bath apartment for $600 a month including the utilities minus the cable. “I like it.” Lyndsey said “I do too. It’s something we can both afford.” I said and we excused ourselves from the lady.

“You do the deposit for this? And I do the deposit for everything else? And buying furniture.” I said “Okay.” She said we were going to Publix after this to see about transferring Brad said he would put in a good word for us. We walked back out “We will take this.” I said and the lady smiled “First and last month check. Any pets?” She said “A cat.” I said “That will be a $50 fee.” She said “Okay.” I said and Lyndsey wrote her out a check.

We went to Publix and met with the manager Scott and he smiled “I see it working out. Brad is an excellent man and doesn’t give out many compliments about his workers.” Scott said and we smiled at him “I will be in touch.” He said and I nodded “we at least have a ton of money saved up if we don’t get a job right away.” Lyndsey said “I know.” I said and afterwards we went and put the light, and water in my name and paid the deposit. I then got the cable company schedule to come out on the 15th.

We got two beds for us, four dressers, a couch, a small kitchen table, TV stand, TV, coffee table, microwave, coffee pot, and other small things like plates, cups, spoons & forks. I was bringing the cribs from home over here. “When are we moving in?” I asked “It looks like we already did.” Lyndsey said and I smiled “We have to see about the job first.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her. We went back to the hotel and the next day got a call from Scott “Can you begin work on Monday?” Scott asked us “Yes.” We said, it was Tuesday now. The following day on the Wednesday we got the water and electricity turned on at the apartment, and on Thursday right before we left we got the cable set up and turned on.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was spent packing and loading up a small U-Haul. “I can’t believe we will have three empty rooms now.” My mom said and I looked at her “We packed up Autumn’s stuff. I decided it was time.” My mom said “Well I’m still having my bed, desk, dresser, and chair in my room and the girls will have their dressers in that room with the rocking chair.” I said “Their stuff will be moved in the attic.” My mom said and I smiled “Wow thanks mom.” I said and she smiled at me. “You know we are going to miss you. Did you look into daycares?” My mom asked “Yes, the one next to the apartment.” I said and she smiled at me “Might be a good choice. You never know.” She said and I smiled at her.

We unloaded the U-Haul by eleven on Sunday and our parents decided it was time to say good-bye. “You call us if you need anything. It’s only a two hour drive. You better visit.” My mom said “I will mom. I love you.” I said hugging her, my dad was saying his good-byes to the girls and they switched off. “My little girl is going off to college. Living on her own now.” My dad said “I will always be your little girl daddy. I love you.” I said “I love you too.” He said and I smiled at him.

When they left we got in my car and went to Publix. I had the girls in the double buggy seat and had them strapped in. We got a grocery cart full of groceries and checked out. Tomorrow we began work here. “Would you girls like your schedule for the week?” Scott asked when we were walking out “Yes sir.” I said and he handed me mine:

Kelsey’s Schedule for week June 21st- June 27th. June 21st: 7am- 2pm, June 22nd: 2pm- 9pm, June 23rd: 8am-3pm. June 25th: 3pm-10pm. June 26th: 7am-4pm. June 27th: 11-8pm.

Lyndsey’s Schedule for week June 21st-June 27th. June 21st: 3pm- 11pm, June 22nd: 6am-1pm, June 23rd: 4pm-closing, June 25th: 7am-2pm. June 26th: 5pm-closing, June 27th: Off.

Lyndsey agreed to watching the girls while I’m off for me, it’s a team effort because I don’t want them into daycare until I can enroll them in the one at the school. We went home and I made us sandwiches tonight and some chips. The girls gladly ate their meal and then we watched some TV. Around eight thirty I saw the girls yawning so I tucked them into their cribs and turned on their night light. I smiled when I walked into the living room “Our own place, can you believe it?” I asked “Nope. 

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