Chapter 7:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Austin’s Pov:

It’s August 9th in a couple of hours for the last time I will be hanging with Nicole and Lexie until we see each other again on a break. I chickened out on telling Lexie how I really feel about her so I blew my chance with her. I hope she will find a good guy in Duke, I know I will never get over her. I thought about begging her to go to University of Florida because I know I can’t imagine how I’m going to be without Lexie with me. I had just finished packing the last book and my phone started ringing it was Colie. “Hey Colie.” I said “Hey.” She said “Are you ready for tonight?” I asked her “No. Lexie and I are going to be having emotional breakdowns.” Colie said and I laughed “I think we all will.” I said “You know if you would have told her your true feeling s for Lexie she would be going to University of Florida with you.” Colie said “How do you know?” I asked “She is in love with you. She wants you. Not some guy she is going to meet in North Carolina.” Colie said “So I screwed up?” I asked “Big time! I would have went to a wedding this summer!” Colie said and I rolled my eyes at her “Well we have to get our act on.” I said “No we don’t. You do.” Colie said and she hung up on me and I rolled my eyes at her.

Lexie’s Pov:

I’m wearing my denim shorts and a tank top. I left my hair down and found my flip flips. I was going to load up my car tomorrow and head out early. I drive to our old favorite restaurant and saw Nicole and Austin sitting down. I was going to miss them so much; I was going to miss this so much. Austin smiles at me and Nicole smiles at me “This is so sad.” I said and I hugged Nicole and we started crying and Austin hugs us “it’s okay. We need to have fun you guys.” Austin said and we both smile at him “You’re right.” I said and Nicole smiled at us “You guys we need to have fun tonight.” Nicole said and I smiled “You’re right about that as well.” I said and she smiled at me.

We finished eating dinner, and then went to a movie, out skating, and went to the meadow. Austin smiles at me “Lexie I need to be honest with you.” He said “okay?” I asked him “I love you. I have always love you. And I always will.” Austin said and I was speechless again “Oh Austin.” I said hugging him and wrapping my arms around him. “I don’t know what to say.” I said “I know Lexie.” He said “Say it back.” Nicole said “Oh Austin, I love you too.” I said and I kiss his lips. “I don’t know what to do.” I said “I don’t know either.” Austin said “See how things go? During the school year?” I said and he nodded.

It was really late around midnight and Nicole yawned “I need to head home. My mom and dad are going to be freaking out.” Nicole said “Okay Colie. I will miss you. I love you.” I said and I hugged her “I love you too Lexie.” She said hugging me and she hugged Austin good-bye “I love you Austin. I will miss you.” Nicole said and Austin smiled at her “Bye Coke-a-cola.” Austin said and we watched her walk away. “I love you.” I said kissing his lips softly “I love you too.” Austin said “if you would have told me the beginning of the summer I would have picked University of Florida.” I said “I know Lex. I’m sorry.” Austin said and I smiled at him. “We will call each other like crazy, Skype, and see each other on our breaks. In the fall I will transfer if things are going alright.” I said and Austin smiled at me “I know we will Lexie.” Austin said and I yawned but I didn’t want to leave him.

I went home after hugging him good-bye and fell asleep crying because tomorrow would be a hard day for me. A hard day for all of my family for that matter, I don’t want to picture it.

It’s now August 15th and I am nineteen year old. I have two awesome roommates Callie and Allie. Callie is from California, and Allie is from Raleigh. “Happy Birthday Lexie!” Allie and Callie said and I smiled at them “Thanks.” I said we have had five days to get to know each other and we’re close friends already. I have a job at Harris Teeter; it’s a local grocery store.  “Do you work today?” Allie asked me “Sadly I do. Soon.” I said “I’m sorry. We’re going to hang out afterwards.” Callie said “Okay. I have a Skype date tonight.” I said and they smiled at me. “Austin is a cutie.” Allie said and I flashed her a smile “I know. Well I have to get ready.” I said and they smiled, when I’m changed into my new bra and pantie set I get a call request from Nicole “Hey Colie.” I said putting on my white undershirt “Happy birthday Lexie! I love you!” Colie said “I love you too. Thanks.” I said “Working today?” Colie asked me “Yes I am.” I said rolling my eyes and she smiles at me “I miss you.” Colie said “I miss you too.”  I said.

My schedule for the first semester is English 110 Monday: 7:00-9:00am, Wednesday: 7-9, Friday: 7-9. Algebra 110: Monday: 9-11, Wednesday 9-11, Friday 9-11, U.S History 110 Monday: 11-1, Wednesday 11-1, Friday 11-1. Psychology 110 Monday 2-4, Wednesday 2-4, Friday 2-4. Biology 110 Tuesday: 7-9, Thursday 7-9, Gym 110 Tuesday 9-11, Thursday 9-11. Creative writing 110 Tuesday 11-1, Thursday 11-1. Creative Photography Tuesday: 2-4, Thursday 2-4. You need 32 credits to graduate college.

It’s now November 20th and I’m in my Creative Photography class “During this break I want you to take pictures of everything you see.” My professor told us and we all nodded. I work 5-11 every night and on weekends its 7-closing but I get a Saturday or Sunday off from time to time. I have a ton of new friends up here, Allie, Callie, and I are really close friends now and we’re glad for that. I made it back to my dorm and packed my gym bag. Thanksgiving is on the 24th, and I’m leaving tonight after work. And coming home on the 27th, classes begin up on the 28th again.

“Have a good Thanksgiving break.” I said hugging Callie and Allie good-bye. I went to work and when I got off at eleven I plugged my GPS in and drove down to home. I arrive at my house around 11:30 and I take my gym bag and book bag to my room. Everybody is at school or work, so I lay on my bed. A room I haven’t been in since August and it feels weird being in this room again. I wake up at three and walked into the living room. “Lexie!” Colleen said hugging me, she’s an 8th grader now, Alicia is in Kindergarten, Josh is in the second grade, Connor is a sophomore and Jake is a Senior in high school. “I’ve missed you sissy.” I said and she smiled at me, Connor and Jake came home with the little kids. “I’ve missed you.” They all said “I’ve missed you too.” I said and we spent time together until my mom and Aaron arrived.

That night after studying for some tests I have when I get back I walked downstairs to see my mom on the couch. “Come sit down Lex.” My mom said and I smiled “How is everything?” Mom asked me “Good. I love Duke so much mom. I love school. I love work. I have some amazing friends, I have eight classes but they’re really good. Easy actually.” I said and she smiled at me “I’ve missed you Lexie-boo. It’s not the same without you here.” She said and I smiled “I bet mom.” I said and she smiled at me.

The next day I woke up at five like my system is used to and I went jogging around the block and made it home. I made breakfast and after we all ate and they went to school and work I got dressed in my favorite pair of denim shorts and my Duke T-shirt and rainbow flip-flops. I go to the old restaurant Nicole, Austin, and I would hang out at and I see Nicole sitting down. She was wearing shorts and her NYU t-shirt. She got up when she saw me hugged me. “I’ve missed you Lexie!” She said and I hugged her back.

We spent the next couple hours talking about everything from the last time we saw each other to now. She has made some new friends, met a cute boy and is enjoying NYU but misses the warm weather. It’s getting chilly up in North Carolina but nothing like it is in New York. We see Austin walk in and I run up to him and wrap my arms around his neck and I kiss his lips, I didn’t even give him time to speak. “I love you.” I said when I pulled away “I love you too.” Austin said and we walked back to the table, he was wearing his UF shirt and we all caught up on everything.

Between catching up on time with Nicole, Austin and my family my week at home was so busy. Thanksgiving was filled with so many family members and everything. “Christmas is being spent with Aaron’s parents again.” My mom said on my last night in town “Well I don’t want to come down for Christmas then.” I said and she nodded “I understand baby, you’re nineteen I can’t push you.” My mom said and I nodded. I spent a couple hours with Nicole and Austin before we all went our ways to our schools again. We’re going to visit Nicole in New York for Christmas and I’m excited about that.

It’s December 7th and I’m out of school until January 7th when I begin my second semester in college. I took my last final and I will get my final grades and schedules for next semester over the break. I was taking off December 23rd-January 2nd off of work and I would be working more after I got back. I’m in my dorm room cleaning my room and I get a knock on the door “Lex, somebody is here for you.” Allie said and I got up and open my door to see Austin standing there in blue jeans, and the hoodie I got him last year for Christmas. “I’ve missed you!” I said hugging him and smiling “Allie and Callie this is Austin.” I said and they smiled at him “I love you.” I said kissing his lips softly “I love you too.” Austin said and I smiled.

I was working 7-9 but when I got off of work I would spend it taking Austin around town and showing him everything I knew of. It’s December 23rd and we drove up to New York and parked in a parking deck. Nicole was waiting for us in Times Square “You two look amazing!” Nicole said and I smiled at her hugging her. We were all wearing the hoodies I got when I went to California last Christmas. Nicole took us to her favorite Asian restaurant where we met her boyfriend Bryan who was really nice and amazing.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve was amazing. Austin was going back on the 3rd. We had sex for the first time on January 1st 2014 and I loved it more than I did when I lost my virginity to Noah. “You’re amazing baby.” I said and he smiled at me “You are too baby. I love you.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said smiling at him kissing his lips. I fell asleep in his arms and woke up to him smiling at me. “I hate that you have to go to work.” He said “me too.” I said but I went to work 7-6 and spent Austin’s last night here for the best time of his life visiting North Carolina. I kiss his lips softly good-bye “Have fun this semester. I will be down there for Spring Break.” I said “I love you.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said.

Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2021 StephandBrutusandIzzy. All rights reserved.


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