What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 70 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




Tomorrow the girls and I will explore.” Lyndsey said “Thanks for doing this. You are the best.” I said “Thanks, I try.” She said “I can’t believe Molly is in North Carolina until the end of July, Aubrey is in Miami Beach until the end of July.” I said “I know, it’s like no friend time until the time school starts.” Lyndsey said “I agree. One weekend when I’m off I have to go visit my parents before Chance leaves for school. All he asks is to see them one more time. He says he will still send child support for the girls.” I said. “Maybe this time around we can find some decent guys.” Lyndsey said “I hope so.” I said and she smiled at me.

I woke up at six and got dressed for work and checked in on the girls who were asleep still. I walked to Publix since it was literally next to us. I clocked in and he assigned me to register one. He said I would be making $8 an hour now so I’m excited about that. I clocked out at 2 and smiled I was able to go home and enjoy my evening with my beautiful girls. I made $56 today and that will help us out. I walked inside to see Love laid out on the couch and she meowed at me. Lyndsey came in with the girls and smiled at me “off to change and work.” She said “Okay.” I said smiling at her.

I called my mom around five “Hey momma” I said “How was work?” She asked “It was good. I’m about to head on out with the girls to find a place to eat.” I said “there won’t be no Lucky’s.” She said “I know. I have to find a new pizza place.” I said “It’s so weird at home. Not having you around or the girls. So peaceful.” My mom said and I laughed “I bet you enjoy that.” I said “god no.” She said and I smiled at her “Summer got your old job, she’s saving up for a car.” My mom said “She is sixteen going on seventeen.” I said “Don’t remind me.” My mom said and I laughed “I’m sorry. I hope you guys have a good night. I will call daddy.” I said and she smiled “You better.” She said and I laughed. “I love you mom.” I said “I love you too.” She said. “Hey daddy.” I said “Kelsey-bug. How are you and the girls?” He asked “We are good. We miss you.” I said “I miss you girls as well. It’s not the same.” My dad said “I bet. Today went good.” I said “That’s right. Your first day.” He said “Yeah. I wanted to call and check in with you. I will let you go. I love you daddy.” I said “I love you too Kels.” He said and I hung up.

“Eat-eat.” Caylee said staring at me “I’m in the mood to going out somewhere instead of cooking.” I said and Caitlin stared at me “Let’s go.” I said getting their shoes on and holding their hand walking out into the hallway outside of the apartment. We got to the steps and I picked them up and we walked to the ground and I set them down. I saw a guy around my age with a bag of laundry over his shoulder “come on girls; let’s get out of his way.” I said and they pulled me away. He walked down and smiled at me. “Thanks.” He said “No problem.” I said and I walked to the car with the girls, he was cute. Blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

I pulled up to a friendly diner it looked like and walked in with both girls on my hips. “Just you and the girls?” the waitress asked me “Yes.” I said “I will bring two high chairs up for you miss.” She said “Okay thank you.” I said and she led me to my table and I sat down. I saw the kids menu for them “You can split some chicken nuggets and some mac-n-cheese. You girls like that.” I said and they smiled at me. “Hello I’m Anna, I will be your waitress what can I get you to drink?” Anna asked me “I will have Dr. Pepper, and Fruit punch for the girls.” I said “Coming right up.” She said and brought two cups. I poured the Fruit punch into their sippy cups and handed it to the girls. “Do you need more time?” Anna asked me “I’m ready to order thank you though.” I said and she smiled “I will have the kid’s chicken nugget with the mac-n-cheese instead of fries.” I said “Excellent choice. What will the girls have?” She said and I smiled at her. “Now I will have a BLT with fries.” I said “That’s a good choice. Coming right up.” She said and I smiled.

She came out with the food and I cut up the chicken nuggets and blew on them “Blow on them girls.” I said splitting the plate between the two. She came back with refills and smiled. “Your girls are beautiful.” Anna said “Thank you.” I said “I think I see you in my apartment complex.” Anna said “You might have. I live next to Publix.” I said “Yes I have.” She said and I smiled at her. After we finished eating Anna came back with the bill and I left a tip for her.

I got the girls in the bathtub around eight and tucked them in bed at eight thirty. Tomorrow I work two to nine. I was on my laptop checking my Facebook and Lyndsey walked in at eleven “Great day of work.” She said “I know.” I said “I’m exhausted.” Lyndsey said “I bet. I saw a really cute guy when I took the girls out for dinner.” I said “I saw a lot working tonight.” Lyndsey said “I think we will enjoy this.” I said “I agree. Now I’m off to bed. I go in at six.” Lyndsey said and I flashed a smile at her “good night.” I said “good-night. I’m keeping Love tonight.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her “Fine.” I said.

I woke up at seven and Lyndsey was already gone at work. I got the girls up, fed and dressed the girls and got them in their stroller. I carried it down the steps and when I started to walk away I saw the cute guy again and he smiled at me. “I’m Trevor.” He said “I’m Kelsey.” I said “Who are these beautiful girls?” Trevor asked “Caylee and Caitlin.” I said and he smiled at me. “I have a little boy of my own. He’s two.” Trevor said and I smiled “They are one.” I said “Adorable.” He said and I smiled. “Don’t worry I’m not with his mom. We’re on friendly terms for his sake. I’m single.” Trevor said and I smiled “good to know.” I said “Are you single?” He asked me “Yeah.” I said and Trevor smiled at me, “Are you attending UF in the fall?” Trevor asked me “Yeah.” I said. “I’m a sophomore this fall.” Trevor said and I smiled “so yes I’m nineteen right now.” Trevor said “I’m eighteen.” I said “I’m going to get my son. Maybe we could do a play date?” Trevor asked “Sure, I work two to nine tonight though.” I said “Okay, I will be back way before then.” He said and I smiled.

Around eleven I heard a knock on my door and I got up to see Trevor with a little boy that looked exactly like him blonde hair and baby blue eyes. “This is Travis.” Trevor said and I smiled “hi Travis.” I said and he smiled. Our kids played until one and I smiled at him he was going to his mom’s with Travis. Lyndsey came in not long after he left and as I was getting ready for work I explained to her everything that happened.

It’s now July 6th and I had just gotten off of work around noon and I had packed my bag and the girls bag. I was finally off and Chance was leaving the middle of the month to go to New York so this was the perfect weekend. I was coming back on the 8th and smiled at the girls “ready to go?” I asked the girls, they are now fifteen months old, more talkative, beautiful. “Yes!” Caitlin and Caylee said at the same time. I left Lyndsey a note and loaded the two suitcases in the car and then walked upstairs and got the girls. “Come on Cay & Cat.” I said and they smiled, we shut the door and walked to the steps. “Up!” Caitlin and Caylee said “Before long you can walk down these steps.” I said and they giggled. 

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