What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 71 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I got them in their car seats and looked in my rearview mirror and backed out and smiled. I put the car in drive and started out on the highway, it was 12:30 so we would be there at 4:30 and I smiled at the girls. “Potty!” Caylee said when I was heading close to a rest stop “Okay, mommy is pulling over now.” I said and Caylee nodded. I got out and got the girls out and we went to the bathroom and after they both went we got back in the car.

We pulled up at 4:30 and I got out and Landon and Summer ran out and gave me a group hug. Landon got my bags and Summer picked up Caitlin who smiled. “Come on let’s go in.” I said “When are you going to see Chance?” Summer asked me “tomorrow, an all-day event.” I said and Summer smiled at me. The girls looked away “Play!” They said and I smiled at them “Go on. Be careful baby.” I said and they nodded at me.

My mom came home at five and hugged me “I’ve missed you.” She said “I missed you too. Sad thing is it wasn’t even a month.” I said “I don’t care. You are still on your own. With you two girls.” My mom said and I smiled at her “I have a crush.” I said “Spill girl.” My mom said and I told her all about Trevor and then told her about Travis as the conversation went on. My dad came home at 5:30 and hugged me and then the girls ran to him. “More stable at walking. You must have your hand full.” My dad said “I do daddy.” I said and he smiled at me. “What are we doing for dinner?” I asked “Lucky’s.” My mom said “Yes!” I said “I miss that.” I said and she smiled at me. 

Summer and Landon both wanted to ride with me so Landon sat between the girls and played with them the whole way to Lucky’s. We got there and I got the girls out and held their hands until they got to my parents and then they wanted their grandparents instead of me. “Welcome in!” Mrs. Lynnwood said and I smiled at her. “My have they grown.” She said “Yes ma’am.” I said and we sat down in the back booth and ordered the pizza and drinks. “You girls hungry?” My mom asked Caylee and Caitlin “Yes!” They said at the same time and I smiled at them.

That night our sleeping arrangements were they would sleep in the same bed as me. So I had Caylee on my right side and Caitlin on my left side. I couldn’t move at all during the night and I had my arms around both of them. I woke up at seven to Caylee staring at me “Good morning sunshine.” I said and she smiled at me. Caitlin sat up and yawned at me “Morning sunshine!” I said and she smiled. “Ready to see if grandma and grandpa are up?” I asked “Yes!” They said and I smiled “Go see.” I said letting them on the floor and they went to my bathroom. Afterwards they want into the kitchen direction “Morning girls!” I heard my mom said and I smiled and my dad said “morning my little princesses.” My dad said and I went to the bathroom and smiled.

I walked into the kitchen and my mom already had breakfast set for the girls. “When are you guys leaving?” My mom asked “We are leaving at nine.” I said and my mom smiled “I will get them ready at eight.” I said “I’m going to shower with Caylee and Caitlin.” I said “Okay baby girl.” My mom said and I smiled at her. At seven thirty my dad was sitting on the couch with the girls and I got up and got their clothes and my clothes ready for the day. I came back down and sat outside with my mom drinking coffee “You are doing a good job raising them.” She said “Because of you two. Raising me so well.” I said and she smiled at me.

I got the girls in the shower with me and took turn showing myself and getting them cleaned. When we got out I got the girls dressed first and then got myself dressed. “Go to grandma and grandpa.” I said and they did so “My, don’t you look beautiful.” My mom said and I smiled at that. I walked out and she smiled at me. “We will be back later.” I said “Okay, I love you.” She said “I love you too.” I said and the girls followed me.

When we got to his house he was outside waiting “Hey beautiful girls.” Chance said and I smiled at him. They spent time with the girls while I sat outside on the porch for a little bit. Chance came out “I want custody of one of the girls.” Chance said “I don’t want the girls to be separated.” I said “I will fight you for it.” Chance said “Then do it. I don’t want my girls to be separated.” I said “You will be hearing from my lawyer shortly then.” Chance said “Okay.” I said “I’m getting the girls and going now.” I said walking in and picking up the girls and walking out.

It’s July 16th now and I’m back in Daytona on a weekday, it wasn’t my day off I had to switch around. “We the jury finds it to be in the girls best interest to stay together.” One of the jury said. The judge looked at the paper “It is in Caylee and Caitlin Blevins best interest not to be separated and for their mother Kelsey Blevins to have full custody.” Judge Sam said and we all nodded. “Forget about the child support. I’m gone.” Chance said “I can survive without it. The girls don’t need you.” I said and went to my mom’s to pick up the girls to head on back to Gainesville.

When I arrived at home three hours later Lyndsey looked at me “You have time to work.” She said “I know and I need to. I have full custody.” I said “That’s good.” She said “He wants nothing to do with the girls no and no more child support.” I said “You could fight it.” Lyndsey said “I don’t want to drag the girls into that. It will be an on-going battle and I don’t want the girls to deal with it. But I called Scott and let him know I can work tonight. Can you watch the girls?” I asked “No problem. We’re going to find me a man.” Lyndsey said and I smiled.

After work, I got home at midnight and checked on the girls and then went to bed. I had work at six in the morning until two and it was payday. I woke up at five to my alarm clock and got changed into my work clothes. I looked at the mail from yesterday and sighed my schedule for the fall semester came in. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: English 101 7am-9am, Creative writing 110 9:30-11:30. Tuesdays and Thursdays: Journalism 110: 9:30-11:30, American Government 110: 12:00-2:00. And a note for if you need child care services while school hours to call this number between the hours of 8-8. First classes will begin on August 13th.

I got off at two and smiled at Lyndsey “Schedule?” I asked and she told me the same thing. “I went ahead and gave it to Scott and he nodded.” I said and she smiled. “I need to make a phone call.” I said getting my schedule and calling the number. “Hello, this is Dana at the University of Florida Child Care, how may I help you?” A woman asked “Yes, I’m Kelsey Blevins. A student here and I was wondering about what it takes to enroll my daughters here.” I asked “You need to have proof that you are a student here. You will need to pay a fee of $100. It’s $150 a month per child.” She said “Okay, when do I need the proof?” I asked “As soon as possible, the spots fill up quickly.” She said “Yes ma’am. I will be in right away.” I said and she hung up.

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