Chapter 72:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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When Lyndsey left for work I got the girls in the stroller with the papers I assumed I would need and made it to the campus and was shocked at how big it was. Orientation was August 3rd. I found the Campus Daycare and walked in. “Hello, I’m Dana how may I help you?” She asked me “We talked earlier on the phone. I’m Kelsey Blevins.” I said “Yes I remember.” She said and she gave a form to fill out “Since it’s twins you can just use one.” She said and I wrote the information and turned it in. She did a scan “$200.” She said and I gave her my debit card and she handed it to me. “Hours would be from 5am-10pm since our classes vary at different hours.” She said “Okay.” I said and she handed me a piece of paper of what I needed to know.

The following day when we were both off we went to the campus and got our textbooks that we needed for the semester and other school supplies. “Our books are heavy.” I said “I know.” Lyndsey said smiling at me. We went to the local park and I took the girls out of their stroller and let them go play. I see Trevor and Travis and I smile. We have yet to make a first date yet but we spend a lot of time together for the girls and Travis. “Hey Kels.” He said “Hey Trevor.” I said smiling at him “I’m going to go play with the girls.” Lyndsey said smiling at me “Okay.” I said and she walked away.

“Are you doing anything tonight?” Trevor asked me “Nope.” I said “do you want to go out?” Trevor asked me “I have to see with Lyndsey.” I said “After this Travis is going to his mom’s.” Trevor said “Okay I will get back with you.” I said and Trevor smiled at me “See you around.” I said and he smiled.

When we were on the way home I told Lyndsey about what he said and she smiled “I will watch the girls. With no problem. They are angels.” Lyndsey said and I smiled at her “Thanks! I owe you!” I said and she smiled at me. “Let’s go in mommy’s room.” I said to Caylee and Caitlin and they raced to my room and saw Love on my bed and tried climbing my bed. I got them up on my bed “Don’t fall off baby girls. Mommy needs you to be safe.” I said and I got to my closet and pulled out my sky blue short dress and gray leggings. I got my silver sandals on and had my necklace and bracelet on and smiled at my girls “Do I look pretty so far?” I asked “Yes!” Caylee and Caitlin said.

I sat down at my desk and put my small mirror up and did my makeup and did my hair in a fishtail braid. “Now am I pretty?” I asked “Yes!” Caitlin and Caylee said “Do you know what you two deserve?” I asked “No?” They asked “the tickle monster!” I said and they backed away and I walked up and tickled them they were doing their baby giggles and smiled at me. “Okay, let’s go get Aunt Lyndsey!” I said setting the girls down off the bed and they ran to Lyndsey and tackled her. “My girls!” She said and they giggled.

Trevor knocked on the door and I got up and smiled when I answered it. “Hey. I said “You ready?” He asked “One second.” I said “Good-night girls. Mommy loves you.” I said and they smiled at me “I wuv yew.” They said and I smiled at them and went out the door and smiled at Trevor. “We’re going to a place in walking distance.” Trevor said “Okay.” I said and he smiled at me and led me to a Mexican Restaurant and we were seated as soon as we went in.

Around eleven he walked me to my door and I leaned in and kissed him good-bye. I went to work at 6 and got off at two. “Girls, mommy is going to do something for herself soon.” I said and they giggled at me.

It’s now August 11th and I’m off today. The girls are sixteen months old and I’m at Wal*Mart without the girls. I had them in day care already so we could get use to that. “Kelsey Blevins?” The lady asked “Yes.” I said walking up and she showed me her station and touched my hair “What do you want done today?” She asked me “to my shoulders with layers.” I said “Okay, let’s get you shampooed.” She said and after my hair was washed I was back in the chair. “When was the last time you cut any length off?” She asked me “I only get my dead ends cut off.” I said “wow, why the sudden change?” She asked me “First day of college in two days. Time for a change.” I said and she smiled at me.

When I went to pick the girls up from day care they stared at me “mama?” Caylee asked me “Yeah.” I said and she smiled at me. I picked them up and carried them home and let them walk up the steps and they smiled at the top. Trevor was coming down with his laundry and smiled “Wow Kels.” Trevor said “Do you like?” I asked “I do.” He said and I smiled at him “good.” I said Lyndsey about had a heart attack “I have never seen you with short hair.” Lyndsey said “I know. It feels so weird.” I said and she smiled at me. “I’m off this weekend, are you?” I asked “Yeah.” She said “Road trip Friday night to Sunday” I asked “Yeah!” She said and I smiled.



On Monday I woke up at five and got dressed in my ripped jeans and my pink tank-top and my rainbow flip-flops. I got the girls dressed and ready and we started on our walk toward campus. We had our backpack on our backs and then the girls on my hips, they were exhausted. We got into our room of over 100 students. “Bottom section?” I asked “Yeah.” She said and we sat down beside each other. “Kels?” Aubrey asked when she sat next to Lyndsey “Yup.” I said “Looking great.” Molly said coming to my side and smiled. As soon as she wrote her name on the board we began working on school work at 8:58 “Read to Kill a Mockingbird and write a 10,000 report on it. Remember the terms you learned today. It is due Friday. What is due Wednesday is this worksheet.” She said handing it up the row and we were dismissed.

We all walked to a coffee stand and I smiled when I see Trevor “Looking good.” He said “You too.” I said balancing my backpack on my shoulder. We spent the next half hour walking around and then went to our Creative writing class. “Who are you?” Professor Hand said “I want to know who you are. I want to hear about your story. What brought you to UF? What are you majoring in? Why are you majoring in this?” She asked us “I want to hear it. First this is a huge class, a different change for you freshmen; I want you to mingle around. Find five people and ask them their name, where they are from, age and what they are planning on being. Then write a two page report on it.” Professor hand said “Fifteen minutes go.” She said I went to a guy behind me “Name? Where are you from? Age? What are you planning on being?” I asked “Jacob Wiles, Orlando, 19, Lawyer.” He said “You?” Jacob asked me “Kelsey Blevins, Daytona, 18, Journalist.” I said and was met by a girl “Questions?” She asked “Kelsey Blevins, Daytona, 18, Journalist. You?” I asked “Katelyn Wakefield, Stuart, 18, Journalist.” She said and I went to a guy “Tyler Woods, Raleigh North Carolina, 18, Photojournalist.” He said and I gave him my answers. “Kaitlin Adams, Miami Beach, 19, Journalist.” She said and I gave her my answers and went to my last one “Brooklyn Wiggins, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 18, Journalist.” She said and I gave her my answer “time is up.” Professor Hand said and I smiled.

I finished with my report and at 11:27, “I want you to work on that assignment it is due Friday. But I want you to write tonight or tomorrow about the most important thing in your life. A person, pet, or anything.” She said and we were dismissed and I smiled at the girls “Lunch?” I asked I had an hour before I went to work. We spent the half hour talking about things to catch up on what we missed out. “Have to head home to change.” I said and they nodded, I got changed and when I was heading out Trevor smiled “see you later.” He said “Yeah.” I said.

I worked 1:30-9:30 and then made it in time to the day care, they understand if you are a student and you work so I wasn’t going to be in trouble. I got home and gave the girls dinner and tucked them in bed. I got at the kitchen table and began working on my homework and finished. I wrote my piece for Wednesday about Caylee & Caitlin. The next morning I woke up at 8 and we got went to school for the day care. I met up with Trevor for the hour before class and when I went to Journalism the girls smiled at me. Journalism went about the same and it was interesting to me. American Government had the most amount of work yet and the homework was going to be easy.

I went to work at 2:30-9:30 again and smiled at the girls, I was looking forward to Friday going to spend time with my mom and my family. I was getting really excited about it.

I woke up and went to the girls’ room and got them up and dressed “wuv yew mama.” They said “I love you too.” I said and had my gift for Lyndsey out when she walked in with her gift for me. “Happy birthday.” We said at the same time and smiled we opened our gifts and smiled. Trevor came over and gave me a gift “Happy birthday girls.” He said “Thanks.” We said and we all walked to campus together. Molly and Aubrey told us happy birthday and we smiled.

At twelve when I was walking home I called my mom “Happy birthday momma.” I said “Happy birthday Kels. How is school and work and the girls?” She asked me “School is going great. I love the classes. Work is going great, good hours. The girls are amazing mom. Trevor and I guess you could say that we are dating.” I said and I knew my mom was smiling “Are you girls working this weekend?” My mom asked “Yeah, and homework probably.” I said “True.” She said “I hope you have a good day.” I said “You too baby girl. I love you.” She said “I love you too mom.” I said and we hung up. When I got changed for work my dad called “Happy birthday baby girl.” My dad said “Thank you daddy.” I said “We are doing her birthday party Saturday.” My daddy said “That’s good. I hope it’s a hit.” I said and I knew he was smiling “I’m sure it will be. Have a good birthday baby-girl. I love you.” Daddy said “I love you too.” I said.

I worked 12:30-7:30 tonight and I picked up the girls early and then they went to bed at 8:30. I did my homework that I had and Lyndsey came in at 9:30 and smiled at me. “I’m looking forward to Friday. My parents don’t know that we are coming.” Lyndsey said “I haven’t told mine. I told them we were working this weekend.” I said and Lyndsey smiled at me “We aren’t though.” She said “That’s the point.” I said and she smiled at me.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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