What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 73 (v.1)

Submitted: April 26, 2012

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Submitted: April 26, 2012




I worked 12:30-6:30 on Friday and so did Lyndsey, we got home got our bags packed and loaded up the car. Then drove to an area, parked and got the girls and then got on the road at seven so we would be there around nine. When we pulled up nobody was home at either house so we said our good-byes and went into our house. I carried my stuff into my room and put the girls on a pile of blankets and two pillows on the floor and tucked them in. We had the car hidden out of view, and around nine thirty I heard noise. I was in the kitchen at the table in the dark, nobody comes in this way. “Best family dinner in a while.” Summer said “Only missing Bryce and Kelsey.” Landon said we all knew not to bring up Autumn. “Yeah, but it was still fun.” My mom said “We’re going upstairs to play some video games.” Landon said “Okay, have fun.” My mom said “Want a beer?” My dad asked my mom “Yeah, go get one.” She said and he walked into the kitchen and turned the light on and stared at me.

“Um Lex?” My dad asked my mom “Yeah?” She asked “You might want to come in here.” He said “too lazy to get your wife her own beer.” My mom said walking in and stared at me but smiled. “Don’t just sit there.” My mom said and I got up and hugged her “Happy belated birthday.” I said and she smiled, I hugged my dad. “How long are you here for?” My dad asked “Sunday night.” I said “It’s so nice to see you here. Are the girls asleep?” She asked me “Yes ma’am.” I said “I can’t wait to see them in the morning.” My mom said “So Kels, how is it living on your own?” My dad asked me “Not having to fight with your siblings for something in the kitchen is not, but it’s not home. It’s different. No help with the girls pretty much. Lyndsey is helping way too much with them.” I said “She’s your best friend and she loves the girls.” My mom said “I know but I don’t feel right having her baby sit the girls.” I said.

The next morning I woke up at seven and the girls were at my face on the floor staring up at me “Up.” They said “Come on.” I said and they smiled at me as I picked them up and sat them next to me. “Grandma and Grandpa should be up soon, and then we go tackle them okay?” I asked “Okay.” Caylee said “Okay.” Caitlin said after she knew that Caylee would do it. We laid in bed until eight, and then I heard footsteps and my dad knocked on the door “You up?” He asked “Papa!” Caylee and Caitlin said at the same time “I guess so.” He said coming in and smiling “Oh my, where are Caylee and Caitlin? These can’t be the same little girls.” He said and they smiled, he tickled them and lifted them up in the air for the rocket ship game.

My mom came in and Caitlin smiled “Meme!” Caitlin said smiling “Can’t wait to be called Grandma.” My mom said and I smiled at her “I know mom.” I said “You cut your hair, didn’t you?” She asked me “Yeah.” I said “It looks good.” She said and I smiled at her. I got on my laptop when they took the girls into the kitchen and got a Skype call from Bryce “About time you woke up.” He said “You cut your hair?” Bryce asked me “Yeah.” I said “looks good. How are the girls?” Bryce asked me “Good. With mom and dad.” I said “That’s good. I have good news.” Bryce said “Are you coming home?” I asked “Soon.” He said “For how long?” I asked “A month. My unit is being transferred again.” Bryce said “It’s been two years, two different transfer.” I said “I know, this time it will to a station in the U.S we just might have to deploy sometime.” Bryce said “Where are you going to be at?” I asked “Fort Braggs. Yeah it is still far away but it’s closer and I’m in our country.” Bryce said “Thank god.” I said and he smiled at me. “I love you and the girls. And everybody else.” He said “I love you too. Bye.” I said I knew the drill by now.

“Mama?” Caylee asked when I walked downstairs already dressed for the day “Yes baby girl?” I asked “Park?” she asked “Maybe, we have to see what the plans for the day are.” I said “I’m thinking you, your mom, and Summer should do something. Landon and I will watch the girls.” My dad said “That’s so sweet of you.” I said “Baseball game.” He said “One of the last baseball games as well.” I said “Yeah, so?” He asked “Fine. I will get them dressed.” I said and as I finished getting them dressed I saw Summer “Summer!” I said “Kels?!” she asked “Get your butt in here.” I said and she opened my door “Kels!” She said smiling at me “the one and only.” I said “I missed you so freaking much!” Summer said and I smiled at her “Well good, because just us women are going out and doing something.” I said “good.” She said smiling at the girls.

We got in the car and went to the mall, a perfect place to catch up on the miss time. “When do you begin school?” I asked Summer “Monday.” She said “So the 20th?” I asked “Yeah.” She said “You will be a junior, it’s a tough year.” I said “I remember yours.” She said and I smiled “Landon will be in high school.” I said “I know. I feel old.” My mom said “You are a meme.” I said “Grandma, they just can’t say Grandma.” My mom said and I smiled “What now?” I asked “We are females, in a mall. We shop!” She said and I smiled at her “So true momma.” I said and she smiled at me, we shopped until noon and then she looked at us “I say we need to go to Lucky’s.” My mom said “Fine by me.” I said and she smiled at me.

At lunch I looked at Summer, she looks exactly like I do but of course her hair is longer than mine. She’s an inch shorter than I am; we all looked so much like our mom. Autumn was a mini-version of us girls. I took a sip of my soda “How do you like working at Publix?” I asked “good, he cut my hours in half. Saying I have to work the 40 hour week thing.” She said and I smiled. “I’m off today. I work tomorrow 3-9.” Summer said “what about Monday?” I asked “5-9.” She said “Is that an all week thing?” I asked “Until Friday, then it’s 5-10.” Summer said “Saturday and Sunday?” I asked “Saturday will be 8-2 and Sunday will be 1-8.” Summer said “good hours. I need to stop by there I guess.” I said and she smiled at me. “How is college?” Summer asked me “It’s actually good. The classes are amazing. Big classes. Different than High school but good. Lyndsey is going to try out for the squad this coming up week.” I said “What about you?” My mom asked me “I would prefer working. My cheerleading days are kind of over.” I said “You were an excellent cheerleader.” My mom said “Yeah, I know but I can’t.” I said “You were cheering since you were four, dancing since you could walk.” My mom said and I flashed her a smile. “My dream was to become one of those cheerleaders that cheers all over the country, but that has changed.” I said and my mom smiled at me “I can imagine.” She said “You have to put your children first, so your dreams you once had become a distant memory.” I said “I know what you mean Kels. And I waited a little bit in life before having kids. It’s tough no matter the age. But you are a wonderful mom. Do you see the girls face when you walk in the room? It’s like you are holding a cookie in your hand. They admire you. They love you.” My mom said and I smiled “Thanks mom.” I said.

  After lunch we went to the spa and got a pedicure and manicure done and we were relaxing. “This feels so nice. I haven’t relaxed like this since my junior year.” I said and my mom smiled “It’s tough.” She said “But it’s worth it. I wouldn’t give up my girls for anything in the world.” I said and my mom smiled at me. “When do we need to go back home?” I asked “Honey enjoy your time.” My mom said.

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