What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




My schedule for this semester is Advance Calculus 110 Monday: 7-9, Wednesday 7-9, Friday 7-9, English 210 Monday: 9-11, Wednesday 9-11, Friday 9-11. Chemistry Monday 11-1, Wednesday 11-1, Friday 11-1. American Government 210 Monday 2-4, Wednesday 2-4, Friday 2-4. Journalism 220 Tuesday 7-9, Thursday 7-9. Communication 210 Tuesday 9-11, Thursday 9-11. Creative writing 220 Tuesday 11-1, Thursday 11-1. And my last class is Computer & technology 220 Tuesday and Thursdays 2-4. For all of my classes last semester I made a 93 in all of them as a final grade and I was excited for that.

It’s now March 13th and I’m on my way to Florida until the 20th when I have to head back to Duke for classes. We’re out for the summer May 25th and don’t go back until August something. I’m going to transfer to University of Florida in the fall. I arrived late at night and made it home and snuck into my room and crawled under my covers. I was awoken at six to my mom shaking me “Mom I got in at four. “ I said and she smiled at me “Come drink coffee with me and then you can go back to bed.” My mom said and I smiled. I got up slowly and drank a cup of coffee with my mom and telling her all about my classes and told her about my Christmas. We really don’t talk on the phone but once a week and we barely touch base on many things. “I’ve missed this mom.” I said and she smiled at me “I know you did Lexie. I have missed this too.” She said smiling at me and I smiled at her.

My week back home was amazing, I spent two days with Nicole and Austin. They couldn’t get away from their families enough to hang out. I couldn’t get away, I spent a night at Amy’s spending time with them. Amy is currently dating a guy name Jonah she has been dating him for the past year now. Amber and Jason approve of him but they miss our dad. Katie is four, Alicia is six, Josh is eight, Amber is nine, Jason is eleven, Colleen is fourteen years old, Connor is sixteen years old, Jake is eighteen years old, and I’m nineteen years old. Connor is working at KFC and he has his license, Jake still works at McDonald and has his license.

“Hey Jake.” I said it was my second to last night home and he was outside in the screen in porch at the table with college applications. “Hey Lex.” He said “What colleges are you applying to?” I asked him and he looked up “UNC, UF, University of California, University of Central Florida.” Jake said and I smiled at him “Those are good choices. Which one do you really want to go to?” I asked Jake “None.” He said and I looked at him “I’m considering joining the Army after I graduate.” Jake said and I felt the room spinning around me. “You would make a good Soldier Jake.” I said being a good big sister “You really think so?” He asked me sounding hopeful “Yes I do. I’m your big sister. I’m going to support you. I’m going to be worried sick about you but I will support you.” I said “Thanks sissy. You know it’s not the same around here without you.” He said “I know. I have been told by everybody.” I said and he smiled at me. “I love you Lexie. I know I’m a guy and I don’t say it much to you. But you’re my big sister and I love you.” He said “I love you too Jake.” I said and he smiled at me. Even though I’m in college I still have a close relationship with my siblings.

My last night we went out to eat and celebrated the joy of life. I went to the meadow before I left and I drove back up to North Carolina. On the way back to my dorm room still on the high way my mind was racing. Thinking about everything that has happened in my life, everything that is going on, thinking about Jake and the Army. I didn’t want my little brother to go get killed, I need him.

It’s May 4th, the next two weeks will be our final exams for our classes. My final exam date for Advance Calculus 110 is May 7th, My final for English 210 is May 8th, my final for Chemistry is May 9th, my final for American Government 210 is May 10th, final for Journalism 220 is May 14th, final for Communication 210 is May 15th, final for Creative writing 220 is May 16th, and my final for Computer & technology 220 is May 17th. My last day of classes is May 25th, where I will be in my Journalism class. My last day of work is May 26th. I’m putting my two week notice in on the 11th, and I’m leaving campus on the 27th. With the help of the counselor here I have officially transferred to University of Florida for next year. 

I’m in the living room of the dorm room and Callie and Allie are sitting in the two other chairs. We’re all studying for our finals, we have been studying since we woke up at eight and it’s now four in the afternoon. I shut my book and looked at them “It’s four o’clock. We have been studying all day. We deserve a break.” I said and Allie was the first to shut her book. “It’s a Friday night. Let’s go out and enjoy it.” Callie said and so we all took turns showering and then we got ready for our night out. “Let’s go to Raleigh. There’s more to do.” Allie said “Or Chapel Hill.” I said “Raleigh.” We all agreed.

That was our schedule for the weekend, study all day and enjoy our nights. We went to two parties on campus and enjoyed it. Now it’s Sunday night, after work I’m in my pajama bottoms and my Duke tank top. I’m on my laptop reviewing some last minutes note for my Advance Calculus final and I get a Skype call from Nicole “Hey Colie.” I said smiling at her she was wearing shorts and a T-shirt her hair in a messy ponytail. “I hate finals. I hate studying.” Colie said and I smiled at her “Who doesn’t?” I asked “But at least on the 27th we will on our way home.” Colie said “I know. A good summer.” I said “Kind of.” Colie said “I know. I’m glad this is our first summer without a job.” I said “Oh yeah. I know. I’m looking forward to the beach. I miss my tan.” Colie said and I smiled at her “I know. I do too. It’s warmer down here than it is up there but I still miss Florida.” I said and Colie smiled at me. “Mark is coming to visit for the fourth of July he claims.” She said and I smiled at her “I like him kind of.” I said and she smiled.

We got done talking around ten and then Austin got on. He was wearing his gym shorts and no shirt. “Hey baby.” He said “Hey babe.” I said smiling at him “You ready for finals?” Austin asked me “As ready as I will ever be.” I said and Austin smiled at me “I hear you girlfriend.” He said and I laughed “You’re a dork. “ I said “Yes, but your dork.” Austin said “You know it.” I said smiling at him “We will see each other again before we know it.” Austin said “I know. I’m already ready to transfer to UF. Alyssa helped me last week with it.” I said smiling and he smiled “I love you baby.” Austin said “I love you too.” I said and after a few more minutes of goofing off he ordered me to go to bed.

It’s May 17th and I had just finished my last final and once you’re done you can leave so I turned my paper in and walked out. I met Allie and Callie back in the dorm room. “No more finals.” I said and we all smiled “We need to celebrate tonight.” Allie said “Yes we do. But I go to work in an hour until ten.” I said “We’ll celebrate at eleven.”  Allie said “Yeah, because no classes tomorrow since they’re grading our finals.” Callie said “This is going to be amazing.” I said going into my room to change.

I passed all my classes with a 95, I have all of my boxes packed and loaded up in my car. It’s May 27th now. Allie is going to her home in Raleigh with her parents, Callie is going back to California today. “I’m going to miss you.” Callie said hugging me “We have to visit each other. We have to Skype.” I said hugging her “I’m going to miss you Allie.” I said “We have to visit each other, we have to Skype.” Allie said using my line and we all laughed. “I hope you two are roommates next year.” I said “Us too.” They said “You two were both wonderful roommates. I’m glad I met you.” I said “Aw.” They said and I knew we were going to start crying. “I’m glad I met both of you. I was worried about being so far away from home, on the other side of the country and you two made me feel like I was at home.” Callie said “Because it was your home for nine months.” I said “Oh Lex.” Callie said hugging me. After we hugged some more and shed a few tears I got in my car.

After I left the gas station I called my mom “Hey mom.” I said “Hey Lexie. What are you up to?” My mom asked me “Driving home. “ I said “Oh have fun.” My mom said “I will mom. I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and I love you.” I said “I love and miss you too.” She said and we hung up, I guess she didn’t realize which home I meant. They weren’t sure when I was coming home. It’s 3 in the afternoon so I should be home around four –five in the morning depending on the breaks I took. I called Nicole and we talked until six on the phone because we needed somebody to talk to on the way. I then talked to Austin from eight- eleven. He was already home around eleven that night and I was glad. Nicole would be home in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow.

With the breaks I took because I was getting tired, I arrived around five in the morning. I didn’t bother going to bed or unloading my car. I started a pot of coffee and started on breakfast. I made pancake, bacon, eggs, and sausage. My mom came down at six and her mouth dropped open wide “Lexie!” She said “I said I was on my way home.” I said and she slapped me “Don’t you ever do that again young lady.” She said “but mom. “I said smiling and she hugged me “I’ve missed you. I hate that it’s a Monday. “she said “I know mom.” I said hugging her back. Jake came down with his backpack their finals were next week, and he was graduating June 9th. “Lexie!” He said and I hugged him, he told mom and Aaron about wanting to join the Army. Mom isn’t okay with it but she is being supportive. “I’ve missed you Jake.” I said “How long are you here for?” Jake asked me “Until August 10th when I go over to Tallahassee.” I said and Jake hugged me “I can’t believe it!” Jake said and I smiled at him.

During breakfast with everybody here we were all talking “Sissy are you working this summer?” Alicia asked me “Nope. It’s family and friend time. All summer.” I said and my mom even smiled. “I’m excited about this summer.” My mom said “We’re spending a week in California.” My mom said “Okay. Callie lives near his parents mom.” I said “Your old roommate?” she asked me “yeah.” I said and they smiled at me “off to school.” Mom said and they all groaned “Can’t wait to be out.” They said and I smiled at them.

When they left for school and work I went to my bed and fell asleep. I woke up at ten and went to my car to start unloading. Austin came up and I walked up to him and kissed his lips softly “I’ve missed you.” I said “I love you.” Austin said kissing my lips “I love you too.” I said smiling at him, he helped me unload my boxes and unpack. “This is our summer.” Austin said “I know baby.” I said and he smiled at me. “We’re hanging with Colie tomorrow?” He asked “Yup. Tonight I’m cooking dinner. You want to stay?” I asked “Sure.” He said “Video game contest.” I said “Okay.” Austin said smiling at me. 

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