What does not kill you makes you stronger

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: April 25, 2012

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Submitted: April 25, 2012




We played video games until they all got home from school. Katie ran up to Austin and hugged him. “I’ve missed you.” Katie said “I’ve missed you too.” Austin said and Katie smiled going up to me and hugging me. “Jake, I heard about the Army.” Austin said and Jake looked worried “You will be a good soldier.” Austin said smiling and Jake smiled “Thanks Austin. Are you two dating now?” Jake asked “We’re friends.” I said joking “Yes we’re dating now.” Austin said “It’s about time.” Colleen said and I smiled at her “So this is a big summer for you Coco. “ I said “I know. High school next year.” Colleen said and I smiled at her.

Austin and I excused ourselves and went to the kitchen to start on dinner. Alicia and Katie are sitting at the table coloring. Josh, Connor, and Jake were playing video games; Colleen was in her room doing teenage girl stuff. “What’s for dinner Lex?” Austin asked me “Chili cheese hot dogs, and chili cheese fries.” I said “Sounds good Lex.” Austin said and I smiled at him. I started the hot dogs and my phone went off “I have a text message babe. Can you get it?” I asked while making the chili and he smiled at me. He handed me the phone and I clicked on the text and smiled. “Allie is at her parents place. She spent the night in the dorm alone finishing her packing.” I said and Austin smiled at me. “You really had a great year, didn’t you?” Austin met me “I guess so. They’re really good friends.” I said and Austin smiled at me.

My mom came home and smiled at us “Hey Austin. It’s been so long since you have been here.” My mom said and Austin smiled at her “Hello Mrs. Summers.” Austin said and she smiled at her “You cooked?” My mom asked me “Yes I did. Go get change.” I said and she smiled at me and went upstairs. Aaron came home and smiled but went upstairs to change as well. “Dinner is ready.” I yelled after setting the table and putting the food on the table. Everybody came in and we all sat down and ate dinner. After dinner I did the dishes and Austin helped me do the dishes. I kissed him good-bye on the porch and he went home.

I cleaned the house after dinner and sat outside on the porch on the swing. Colleen came out, she had her homework with her. “I need help.” She said and I helped her and we just sat outside, I hugged her. “I’ve missed you. I’ve missed having you around here.” Colleen said “I’ve missed you too.” I said and I hugged her.

The next day I went jogging early in the morning and passed by the park. I see Noah and I smiled I walked over and Brent sees me and runs up to me “Lexie!” He said I didn’t think he would remember me; he’s almost four years old. Caylee is two years old now; I know she doesn’t remember me. “Hey Lexie.” Noah said and I smiled at him “Hey Noah.” I said smiling at him “How are things with you?” I asked “Good.” He said motioning for me to sit down and I smiled at him “Things are good with me as well.” I said “How was Duke?” He asked me “good.” I said and he smiled “Ashley and I are done for good. “ He said “I’m sorry about that.” I said “It’s okay. Are you with Austin?” He asked me “Yes I am.” I said and he smiled at me “That’s good.” He said and I spent some time with him and hugged him good-bye. “It was good to see you again Noah.” I said and he smiled “Yes it was.” He said.

I made it home and I see Nicole sitting there “I’ve missed you!” I said running up to her and hugging her. “I have missed you too.” She said and I smiled “So tell me everything!” I said “Mark and I broke up a week ago.” Colie said “Oh Colie.” I said and she smiled “It’s okay. After the break I will find a better guy.” She said and I smiled “It feels weird being home.” I said “Tell me about it. I got home and spent time with them and then went to bed.” Nicole said and I smiled “Tonight will be amazing.” I said “I know it will. I can’t wait.” Nicole said and I smiled Austin’s birthday is June 15th, Nicole’s is July 15th, and mine of course is August 15th.

It’s now June 9th and we’re all getting ready to go to Jake’s graduation. I’m wearing a cute summery strapless dress. I had on a cute pair of sandals and made my way downstairs. My hair was down and wavy, I was going to get it cut tomorrow. After Jake’s graduation we go out to eat for dinner to celebrate it. This is his weekend to celebrate it, Monday morning he was going to sign up for the Army. I was going with him Monday to be supportive and I’m glad for that.

The next morning I woke up around six and put my hair in a sloppy ponytail, I got dressed to go jogging and went jogging. I went all around the neighborhood and then down the beach, it was beautiful. On my way back from jogging a couple miles down the beach the sun was rising so I watch the sunrise, it was beautiful. I made my way home, it was eight in the morning. I made breakfast and Katie and Alicia were the first ones up. “Morning sissy.” They said “Morning.” I said and they smiled at me “How did you sleep?” I asked “Good.” They said and I smiled at them, Josh and Connor came out next and nodded. The last one to rise at nine was Jake “Morning.” He said “Morning.” We all said and we began eating breakfast.

“What are your plans for the day?” My mom asked everybody “Work. Then Adam’s.” Connor said “Work, and a party afterwards.” Jake said “Going to my friends Caleb’s house.” Josh said “Going to my friend Lucy’s house.” Alicia said “I have a play date with Macy and Mandy.” Katie said “Oh yeah.” My mom said “Golfing with friends.” Aaron said “Mall.” I said “Can I come?” Colleen asked me “Sure. I’m getting my hair cut.” I said “Can I mom?” Colleen asked “Sure.” She said “What are you going to do?” I asked mom “After taking Katie, Alicia, and Josh places relax at home.” She said and we all smiled as soon as breakfast ended the family spilt up.

I got changed into denim shorts, and a brown tank top. I brushed my hair and grabbed my wallet and sunglasses. We got in my car and I turned the radio up, I got this car brand new on my Sweet Sixteen. It’s in great shape; it’s the best car I could ever wish for. We made it to the mall and I see a bunch of people from high school there. I see Austin and Nicole hanging out I wave to them and they smiled. We went to the hair salon and signed in. Colleen was talking about school and her year while we waited.

Austin’s Pov:

“Oh god there’s Lexie. “ I said when I saw Lexie and Colleen walked into the mall “Don’t worry she doesn’t suspect anything.” Colie said and I sighed when she waved at us and went into the hair salon. “It’s not like I’m cheating on her or anything.” I said and Colie laughed “Of course not. You and I are friends.” She said “Come on friend. We don’t have much time. After their appointments she’s going to want to hang.” I said and Colie smiled at me “You’re still the same boy.” “What?” I asked “The same sneaky little boy.” Colie said and I rolled my eyes at her “Well hurry up girlie.” I said.

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