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The story of eighteen year old Penelope. Living in the 1800s, her family is depending on her to marry well to better their situation. But she desires to marry for love. Two men come her way; one who is rich and one who she loves. What will happen?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Entwined

Submitted: August 18, 2007

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Submitted: August 18, 2007



Chapter One

You requested me to tell a story, and weave a tale I shall. It is a tale of love and duty, wishes and reality; the two total opposites of the world that never mix yet cause all the conflict of the world. They are eternally linked by some unknown force of fate; what we want and what we are told to want. They are forever woven together, and can be seen throughout the chronicles of history. At the center of all conflicts of the heart they lie, torturing those who must make a decision. These opposing forces were also a tyrant in my life; taking the form of Mr. Edward Riley and Mr. Nathaniel Groves. My life is also theirs, my decision changed all three of us, and in that we will always be drawn together by the forces of attraction and practicality.

This story sets its beginning when I was seventeen years of age. I was an uneven sort of person, as I, like many people, found it hard to follow my own principles in life. But, contrary to the rest of the world, I was quite aware of this fault of mine, so I was a great deal unhappier at times because of this enlightened knowledge of my own flaws.

As to the state of affairs at the time; I was the only daughter in a family containing two estranged brothers and one bachelor without a hope for marriage. My two elder brothers had made the foolish mistake of marrying for affection, and thus we lost all communication with them. My youngest brother was terribly awkward and not particularly fond of any lady in our small neighborhood. And so the lot fell onto my shoulders to marry well and care for the family. Yet I wanted to marry for love; I wanted to care for my husband. That was simply unacceptable, and I found myself in quite a predicament as I took an invigorating walk through our garden.

And now, my children, I begin to tell my tale.

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