Plague Warning

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In the near future contact with life beyond our solar system is made. With humanities infinit wisdom we rush to assist in controling a plague disregaurding a probable warning sent to us in the form of a space probe.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Plague Warning (A light rain fell); chapter 1

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011




A light rain fell upon a cool late fall day. Rain drops splashed as they crashed into the pavement of the street and the mud around the exposed tree roots of a large old maple tree. The tree now bare of it's leaves, from the cooling weather that comes from this changing of the seasons,while a lone squirel sits on a low branch eats a walnut. The rain didn't seem to bother the squirel, as I remember it . Under the gray clowds the last of the season's fallen leaves had for the most part all blown away now. While listening to the sound of the falling rain I could hear the faint sound of a jet faded into the distance. Suddenly, the warning sirens started, I remember not thinking about it at first, but after a while I noticed that they just didn't stop. I looked inside on the spyglass or looking glass as they tried to call it or screen as most people call it (a fairly new combination of a three dimensional and projector hologram TV, telephone, on line touch screen or motion sensors, voice recognition computor, also a mirror, and window all imprinted into a piece or sheet of glass, much better than the older versions.) was the same emergancy broadcast system that said stay tuned for more information. Turns out, after some politicians rambling about standing on the presipis of the new economy,the main story was about the object that astronamers and the government had been watching for at least a year. Still, I didn't pay much attention to it, I don't think that hardly anybody did, maybe at first, but, after awhile we all became used to hearing about it. Looking back, it seems kind of strange that we all weren't scared. What the hell? It was at least a year or two before this, when the oject was first sighted moving in from deep space, moving towards our solar system. Now when it strobes light soon after a few small objects would fall out of the sky. I went back outside.

Suddenly, something struck the ground next to the street, upon examination it was a metalic looking disk, kind of looked liked a small pizza cutter's round blade. Steam rolled off of the tiny disk, this is what some reporter coined the frazed as ademant disks. Adamant because these disks could not be cut, burned or even bent, a few of them would be found, but most were not, because they hit nothing that would be noticed with little or no damage that could ever be found. Most of these disks probably landed in water like oceans and lakes.That was it, what the emergancy sirens were all about. Some threat, minimal damage. I'm not even sure if hardly anyone was ever hit, killed or even hurt by one of these disks. Maybe I did hear of a few people. Well, I guess I should explain how this all started.

I found myself standing on my porch thinking about our situation. What if someone some day doesn't know how everything became so messed up this way. So, I'm not a writer but I decided to try to remember how everything happened and write it down. Just incase someday someone might want to know. Where should I start?

How did this all start? That goes back a year or two when some astronomers then astrophysist notice an object in space, moving towards the earth. From somewhere out in deep space, when it apeared. At first they thought it was an astroid until it corrected it's trajectory to intercept the earth, by then it was just outside of our solar system. A few of the earths governments worked together and built a spacecraft...well intercept the object or to study what it is and why it would come to us and from where. Top scientists of the world worked on the project..The best people were picked to go on the mission, while on the earth bound side, top people worked on contingency senerios of what it could be done under different conditions. Not everbody agreed, some wanted it distroyed, some thought of it as some kind of religious sign, others found it of great possible value and scientific interest, possibly profitablity or technological advancement to gain, power. It was a concern, but most people went on like nothing happened and most didn't even care. With all the world already in a panic about things like genetically altered humans comming of aged and religious and political wars and yes the spyglass screens and privacy, it didn't seem like an urgenet matter, but everyone started caring after contact was made and soon the next mission was on the way, thats when the disks started falling out of the sky. Nobody knows where the damn things are even coming from. Well, it all started with that orbe, and when the space crafts sent to analize it or stop it made contact.

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