The Secrets of Shackleton Grange

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - A Shared Experience

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Submitted: August 24, 2016



Dolores took two steps forward, her shadow looming large over the two figures hunched in the dark corner of the room; one entirely cocooned in duct tape, the other swathed only in fear. She bent over and grabbed the spandex neck of Bethany’s cat-suit, forcing her to stand up to her full height. From a distance of no more than six inches, she glared at her house guest, fury flashing in her dark eyes, although when she spoke, her words were those of someone calmly in control of the situation.

 “So, you thought you’d have a sneaky look around when you assumed we’d all be asleep did you? Well unfortunately for you, I always leave one of my team on guard as a sort of night watchwoman when I have visitors in the house, and she alerted me to your nocturnal wanderings.”

She sighed and let go of Bethany’s collar. Bending down, she picked up the soggy tights ball and offered it up to the lips of the cowering, helpless Cathy.

“Sorry you were disturbed darling. I’ll have the nasty lady removed and punished for interfering with your bondage. Now open wide...”

Although not wanting to leave the bound and helpless Cathy alone in the clutches of this evil woman, Bethany seized the opportunity given her by Dolores’ preoccupation with the replacing of her captive’s gag. Darting towards the open door, she envisaged dashing back up the stairs and putting as much distance between herself and Dolores as she could. She didn’t get far however. In fact, she didn’t even make it out of the tiny cell in which she’d made her discovery. Blocking the exit was a solid wall of latex, which Bethany, in her unthinking hurry to leave, crashed blindly into. The female figures, three in number, immediately grabbed various parts of Bethany’s anatomy and within no more than two seconds had her lying face down on the floor; her hands wrenched high up behind her back to stop her arms flailing wildly around, her feet held together to dissuade her from kicking out at her assailants. From her prone position, she turned her gaze upwards, to where Dolores was administering replacement tape around Cathy’s head, before placing the hood back and lacing it ultra-tightly, to avoid slippage. After satisfying herself that Cathy was now back to her former state of sensory deprivation, Dolores turned her full attention to Bethany.

“So, what are we going to do with you Bethany? It’s become apparent that I can’t trust you...”

Bethany tried with all her strength to wrestle herself free from the women who held her in check, but the odds of three against one were just too great for her to ever have even the remotest hope of success. If Dolores noticed this struggle for freedom, however, she paid it no heed.

“...and it seems to me that you’ve seen too much for me to just let you go.”

She came across to where Bethany lay and knelt down beside her head.

“So it’s fortunate that you enjoy being tied up so much, as I’m going to have to give you an extended course involving my full repertoire of binding techniques and procedures...You will let me know which you like best, won’t you?”

She smiled, but there was no humour evident in the snarl of sparkling white teeth that flashed across Bethany’s line of vision. She stood up again, and her next utterance was directed at her three faithful ladies-in-waiting.

“I think you know what’s required here girls. I believe it’s time this ‘beginner’ stepped up a grade or two.”

She paused momentarily, thinking.

“In fact, I’m sure that she’s ready to experience the full array of treatments offered at Shackleton Grange. And as she seemed to be so intrigued by Cathy’s method of bondage, then maybe she’d like to join her. So let’s show her what real bondage feels like, shall we?”


No sooner had the final word passed Dolores’ lips, than the process of relieving Bethany of her right to freedom of movement began in earnest. The three women had all clearly come prepared for this eventuality, for as soon as they were given the go-ahead, they began wrapping their latest victim’s limbs in the tight ropes each carried tucked into the broad leather belts which they habitually wore around their waists. Lying squashed on the floor, Bethany’s powers of resistance were extremely limited, and she was no match for the superior numbers and strength of her opponents. With her wrists bound tighter than they had ever been before, and her elbows trussed together so that they almost touched, Bethany fought to wriggle free from the ever increasing and brutally unyielding cords that were reducing her mobility by the second.

Her arms, of course, were not the only area of her body to receive the cruelly applied ropes. Whilst her elbows were being dealt with, she also felt something tighten drastically around her ankles, and within seconds the hands of her captors were no longer needed to hold her lower legs together. And as soon as the ability to use her feet to thwart this unforgiving onslaught had been completed, the next rope took its place just below her knees to further add to her woes, followed by another just above the joint, then a fourth high up on her thighs.

Even after her limbs had been secured from thigh to ankle, the three women kept up their relentless work schedule, by quickly thrusting a large wad of material into Bethany’s mouth. This was swiftly sealed in place, so that her lower face was soon an unbroken barrier of grey duct tape identical to Cathy’s. It was at the commencement of the next procedure that it dawned on Bethany that the objective here seemed to be to create a mirror image of her ball-tied fellow prisoner, as she found her head being forced down to her knees and her feet being drawn up behind her. Even as the tape was being readied for application, however, Dolores suddenly had a brainwave.

“No, wait a minute girls, I’ve got a better idea. Cut Cathy out of the tape will you? I think I know a way to teach both of them a valuable lesson.”

The three pairs of hands that had been preparing to tape Bethany up into a tight ball, suddenly released their grip and allowed her the freedom – if you could call it that – to wriggle around on the stone floor.  It did her no good of course, as she soon discovered that no amount of struggling and writhing would ever be sufficient to get her useless limbs free from their bonds.  Dolores watched this display of defiance for a few seconds, a slight smirk of amusement etched on her face, then gave her full attention to the rapidly emerging figure of Cathy – like a butterfly from its chrysalis -  as the tape was cut away to allow her relief from the tightly huddled pose she had been forced to endure. It soon became obvious to Bethany, however, that the tape was merely the outer layer of Cathy’s restraints, and that beneath this her limbs were encumbered by rope bondage similar in nature to that which she herself had recently been burdened with. But why were they letting her go?

Dolores glanced back at Bethany, and noticed her new detainee watching the unfolding scene with a look of confusion etched on her face.

“I expect you’re wondering what I’ve got planned for you, aren’t you? Well it’s quite simple really. You’ve obviously realised that I wasn’t exactly telling the truth when I said Cathy was here of her own volition. In fact, I can reveal now that this was a downright lie. You see Cathy decided, last Friday evening, to break into my home with the intention of stealing from me. Luckily we caught her in the act. As it happened, there was a weekend ‘Bondage Convention’ going on at the time, and it was democratically decided by all in attendance that Cathy should remain a prisoner here for a while as a punishment for her crimes. After all, if we’d called the police, they’d have just given her a slap on the wrist and let her go – free to rob innocent, law-abiding people like you and me again, as and when she pleased. If you ask me, my method of retribution is a far more effective way to discourage reoffending."

Cathy tried to remonstrate with her captor-in-chief at this point, but her muffled retort was unintelligible.  Dolores waited for the stymied objection to run its course, before picking up where she’d left off.

“So what I thought we’d do, now that my quota of prisoners has suddenly doubled, is to use you to help Cathy come to terms with her period of incarceration.  You see, Cathy has been here all weekend, and despite my threats and continual increasing of her sentence, she still doesn’t seem to be calming down and adapting to a life of unremitting bondage. If anything, she’s getting more rebellious by the day.”

As Dolores spoke, the tape shell that had once obscured Cathy’s entire body and limbs from view was finally relinquished in its entirety, leaving her simply rope-bound, and with the hood still firmly secured around her head. As Bethany had done only minutes earlier, she squirmed around on the floor in helpless frustration for a minute or more, then seemed to recognise the futility of such exploits and lapsed into inactivity; her breasts heaving as she caught her breath through the tiny slits in the leather mask, after her strenuous but ultimately unsuccessful escapological workout.

“Now being a bondage lover Bethany, you’ll be familiar with how good it feels to be bound up all tight and secure for long periods of time. But despite my best efforts, Cathy still hasn’t succumbed to the joys of this form of recreation just yet. She seems to be in complete denial about something that you and I know to be a matter of fact.”

She addressed Cathy now, whilst prodding her prone form in the thigh with the toe of her leather boot.

“Being awkward, stubborn and pigheaded, aren’t you darling? Well I’ve got a treat for you tonight.”

She turned back to Bethany.

“So what I’m proposing to do is have the pair of you tied up together, so that you can help educate Cathy in the finer points of bondage appreciation. I’ll add a few strategically placed ropes to help get you both in the mood, then leave you to your shared experience until morning. Hopefully, by then Cathy will be more compliant.”

Dolores walked the few steps across to where Bethany lay, knelt down beside her, and whispered so softly that neither Cathy, nor the three servants – now standing to one side awaiting further orders – could hear her.

“Of course Bethany, if you fail in your allotted task and she’s still defiant tomorrow, then I’ll have no alternative than to punish you as well.”


The three women hauled both Cathy and Bethany into the centre of the room and placed them on their knees, face to face, only a foot or two away from each other. Bethany watched with ever growing concern as an extra rope was produced and the mid-point quickly found. This doubled cord was then placed around Cathy’s waist, looped through the bight and pulled extremely tightly to cut into the spandex of her outfit. The ends were then threaded between her legs from front to back and yanked with some force upwards into her crotch, producing an involuntary squeal in the process.  Winding this latest rope around the one which bound her wrists, then looping it back through the circuit around her waist, the rope made its return journey back between her thighs and was once more pulled as taut as it would go. Finally, the ends were tied off to the rope on her stomach, well out of the reach of her outstretched fingers.

And then it was Bethany’s turn to suffer a similar fate. The rope bit deeply into her, causing a strangled gasp to issue from behind her gag; a sound brought on more by surprise than pain. However, this rope wasn’t immediately knotted off, but instead she found herself being inched ever closer to her co-captive, until their bodies were now touching, torso to torso.

Suddenly, Bethany felt the loose end of the rope being jerked forwards, and within seconds her abdomen and that of her bound partner were brought into extremely close proximity, before her crotch rope was intertwined with Cathy’s and dexterously tied off to the cord around her own waist; the silver suited servant who performed this task having to work in the almost nonexistent gap between the two now conjoined women’s bodies. Once this work was complete, Bethany tried to move, but found that to do so only caused the rope to dig deeper into her pussy. And what was more, every slight move made by her now inseparable partner-in-bondage, brought about a see-sawing chafing motion which caused a warm damp patch to slowly seep into the spandex of her cat-suit. And she was sure that these same sensations must also be reciprocal.

“Right girls, let’s make sure these two are nice and cosy, shall we?”

The two inch wide grey duct tape seemed to be in endless supply, as Dolores’ three subordinates commenced a process designed to mummify both Bethany and Cathy in one hermetically sealed tunnel of strongly bonding adhesive wrappings. Once their fate was sealed, the unbroken expanse of tape covered every square inch of their spandex clad forms from neck to toe, with only their two heads sticking out, face to face, at one end.  Bethany gazed at the feature hugging black hood that Cathy wore; so close to her face that she could smell the leather and feel Cathy’s exhaled breath - which came in short, frightened bursts - on the upper part of her face. Cathy let out a low moan, but this was severely muffled by her gag, and came out as a wordless cry of despair. Although Cathy was unable to see, Bethany deduced that she must be aware of what had just happened and who it was that she was now inseparably tethered to and encased with.

And it was no more than a few seconds later that Bethany received further insight into the black world that Cathy was being forced to inhabit, as a similar, if not identical hood was placed over the top of her own head and pulled across her protesting face. The smell of leather was much stronger now, and the blackness all encompassing, as Dolores’ lackeys aligned their latest captive’s nostrils with the two tiny slits, then began to tighten the hood to the point where Bethany felt that her whole face and head were being crushed. Now it was her turn to show dissent at the treatment she was receiving, although her words, like Cathy’s before her, were lost in the ball of material that filled her mouth.  As if from far away, she heard Dolores’ voice, barely audible through a padded area of foam built into the hood in the region that covered her ears. The Mistress’ words weren’t aimed at either of her two prisoners, however, but were instead directed at her troops.

“Right girls, now perhaps we can get a bit of uninterrupted sleep for a few hours. Let’s leave them to it, shall we?  Then in the morning I’ll decide exactly what’s to become of them.”

The faint sound of high heeled boots departing the scene reached Bethany’s ears, and moments later the door to the cell slammed shut and a key turned in the lock.


Bethany wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. As her mind tried to compute all the data that it had accumulated over the past few minutes, the dividing line between the real world and a fantasy parallel universe blurred until she no longer had any real conception of what was going on here.

Part of her brain kept telling her that this was, as Dolores had originally informed her class tonight, all part of a staged drama that Cathy was merely an actress in, and in which she herself had now suddenly found a starring role. If this was the case, and everything that had happened since she’d discovered Cathy in her prison cell was part of some kinky pantomime, then she could lay back and enjoy herself; safe in the knowledge that, when the final act drew to a conclusion and the curtain came down, both she and Cathy would be released. In other words, the whole set-up was just a bit of fun between a bunch of bondage loving women.  After all, surely this was what the BATH society was all about wasn’t it? If so, then she was more than happy to be a part of this weird drama into which she had so conveniently stumbled.

But what if this wasn’t the case? The nagging suspicion persisted that this was all too real, and that both she and Cathy were now being held as prisoners in this isolated house, without a hope in hell of breaking free or raising the alarm. After all, how would Dolores know for certain that her house guest would be curious enough to sneak out in the dead of night to seek out the woman she’d earlier seen in the trunk, if this was all being staged for her benefit? The more she thought about this, the less sense it made, and the more likely it appeared that she had walked into something that she was now powerless to get herself out of again. Cathy had certainly seemed terrified enough, once she’d been allowed to speak. And if she had been speaking the truth – which Dolores seemed to have confirmed – then that made Dolores a kidnapper, who would presumably take whatever steps necessary, no matter how drastic, to keep her activities a secret from the outside world.

But how could she know for sure exactly what was fact, and what was fiction? Bethany desperately craved some answers from her cocooned partner in this whole weird scenario, but her gag precluded her asking the questions in any intelligible format, and in turn Cathy’s filled mouth and tape sealed lips would be an insurmountable barrier to understanding any given responses.

So what was she to do? For the sake of her own sanity, she decided that she must hold onto the belief that this was all a game, and that tomorrow would find her walking free from Shackleton Grange, with or without Cathy. And to this end, she decided that she would try to enjoy her time here, under the assumption that this was the whole point of the exercise. She knew from the very first moment that their crotch ropes had been interwoven, that the slightest movement caused these rough cords to rub into her genital area. And she had also deduced that any regular or rhythmic motion soon caused the first stirrings of sexual arousal in her. And the fact that Cathy was still seemingly intent on struggling for all she was worth – whether in play or not – meant that these feelings were building in intensity by the second. So, why not join the party and have a bit of fun while the feeling persisted?

Thrusting her pelvis in time with Cathy’s frantic jerking abdomen soon caused a bolt of energy to rip through her and she moaned as long and loud as her gag would allow, as the sensation of the taut rope rubbed almost violently into her tender flesh. With both women now rocking and lurching in harmony, Bethany took only a minute or two to reach the most mind-blowingly wondrous climax that she had ever achieved in her life.  And it seemed now that Cathy was feeling the vibe of the moment just as intensely as herself, and wasn’t far behind in her countdown to ecstasy.  For a short while after both girls had reached fulfilment, the pressing of abdomen on gently undulating abdomen continued, as if neither wanted to be the one to bring this joyous experiment to an end. But with her energies now spent, Bethany found her momentum gradually declining, until she relaxed completely and let her body go limp; content now to simply bask in the afterglow of this improvised yet strangely coordinated act of sexual gratification. Lying side by side with her now motionless companion, she reassured herself with the thought that, if this wasn’t all just a game, then surely Cathy wouldn’t have attained those same heights of pleasure as she had.  And with that comforting conclusion in mind, Bethany felt her eyelids becoming heavy, and within minutes she had fallen into a deep, contented sleep.

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