Dangerous Man

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a man who is hunting this little girl.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dangerous Man

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



Dream Of Death

I sat quietly on the middle of my bed staring non-stop at the black walls.I had a feeling from when I was small that someone or something was watching me, that they where out there to get me and take me to hell.A strong source of energy hovered over me like a force pulling me away.Being scared and quiet I looked up and their I saw a man of black and a bloody face as if it were a mask.I quickly looked away as my vision went a blur .I laid down and prayed to cast away this fear and this monster.Kate Jones is my name I was born near a cemetery on July 12th 1987.My father Henry Jones died in 9/11.A tragic day for me and my mother Katy Jones. To night I went to my bedroom thinking about the image I saw.Who could it be? I could not see the face but something was familiar about it. Night fell and I grew tired.I lie my head down on my fluffy white pillow and fell asleep right a way,I started to dream.A dream I haven`t dreamt before I saw the image again but it was clear.I could almost see who it was BUT THEN IT DISAPPEARED!!! I woke up and felt a sudden presence in my room.The walls started to cave in ,it felt like people were all around me,sucking away my soul.I gasp and gasp for air .I ran out the room hoping someone could help me,but it was to late.I could almost feel them tearing me apart I screamed in agonizing pain.Then realize that I was dreaming I tried to wake up but I couldn`t I was locked into my own dream of death.

I was always pronounced as a AB-normal child.From the day I was

born. I saw these images men, women and children haunting me and threaten to kill me and take away my soul.For many days people tried to help and fix me but nothing worked.To me I have a gift, a blessing but as I got older it turned into a curse..A week past and I was stuck rocking in the corner of my room as my eyes blinked rapidly and my hair started to rise. Approaching me a little girl covered in blood and magots.She had no pupils here eyes had rolled back.I tried not to look but the force of fear kept my head still.I started to scream and cry ,my mother rushed into the room to comfort me and asked me about what I saw, but when I tried to show her it was gone.I slept with my mother that night ,I felt safe when she was there with me .Now I have no friends, I don't go to school and I never left the neighborhood where my house was.My mother would die if she had seen me hurt or seeing images on the street ,because of what happened the last time.


I was playing on the street with my ball when they came to visit me,the spirits. I started to stumble and fall when a car was coming and my friend came and rescue me just in time, but she got injured.She had to spend a week in the hospital with a broken leg.

Every night I would sleep and get stuck into a death dream and wake up paranoid.It had gotten worse I would fall asleep and when I wake up scars and bruises was found on my body. I would go in comas and be trapped in dreams for days even months.My mother took me to a psychiatrics and he couldn`t help me.He said that my problem was so mess up that he got paranoid and quit his job.A year past and my birthday was near.I was so excited because it was only six months away.Today I overheard my mother talking to a friend about getting remarried to a man named Joseph Miller.I was not fond of that idea and was mad that she did not talk to me about it first.But I may never know if that would happen,but it did.

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