The Suicide Diaries

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depression kills

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Suicide Diaries

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




I don't know if i should do it....I think i should...Crying now ...dont know what to do..Hurting for multiple things.. Loving someone i`m afraid i`m going to loose..When i`m sad he keeps me smiling, but this one person is trying to take away my happiness...All frustrated over one mistake that changed my life forever...I would change it if i could ...Wanting to die so badly...It`s better then living on this world where people do not trusted for something a person assumes.


Heart destroyed, not wanting to talk to anyone....Cant trust anyone with my buisness anymore not even my best friend....High school is a hell on earth like i always said it was.Crying more and more everyday I just cant take this anymore, feeling corrupted because I cant answer her back to her, I have to be her shadow always behnd her as she says or do what ever to me. I really cant take it.....Music to the max feelings getting worse Im hurting and rotting to the core with depression.One broken heart i survived and i dnt think the other one will save me.Ill probably die of anxiety, I am already infected with the silentkill of depression.


A woman doesent want me to hang or be around the male gender, I should might as wellbe a lesbian or like the same sex or have no friends just me locked up in agreen house.I need someone who cares.I love you but itsd all turning around.


I will run away one day.Someone will one day appriciate me, trust me let me be me.They say you will never know what you hav until its gone.So if i die or kill myself rite now.They would start to remember i was on the earth.

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