The Suicide Diaries

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Suicide Diaries-Physical Actions

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




Wow,so this is how its going to be im in trouble and will get beatings for walking home.Smh I don't care any more I wanna get off of this earth but I wont no matter how much times i pray to.I am serious though why should you get cursed out for not riding with a gay annoying, boy who you don't even like as a friend.Its unfair to me i walked not by my self but with four people and got drove to my moms work by one .Be glad that i am ok i know what i am doing beatings wont work but you wont give up  i just want to be free but protected to i know what i did and planned what i would of done if i didn't go home with Aaron ,I was suppose to go with the twins but they forgot that there mother told them to walk so i walked with them along with two others.Be glad,excited happy that i am smart enough to know where to walk who to talk to who to drive home with and where to go i didn't go anywhere else but from the tennis court home then to the restaurant.


She told everyone so my name goes around again.Right now not even love is on my mind I just wanna go heaven or hell,it would be more better, not even my whole family could change my mind,she never reads my stories so she never knows the truth or my side to the story.It`s a negative life i live everyday, she told my father that I wanted to be wild. I cant even stay after school watch my boyfriend run and that hurted more then the beatings.Yes she beated me without a care .She trapped me in the corner of the stove and the oven was on so i was getting burned and beatted all at the same time.A red mark is still on my thigh and my breasts are sore from the belt hitting them twice i am surprised i could even write because my hand was getting beat while protecting my body from the first couple minutes of licks .She said that i am not going nowhere for he rest of the year so i will be from home school then if no school stay home is the TV bill is not paid she will not pay it  if she tell me don't use the internet and i use it that is more beatings again. I will not go shopping or to the restaurant  with her I would probably be lucky if she feeds me.Ouch!!!!!! when i walk my thighs hurt the pain i can take but it makes me sad.She said if she have to beat me everyday of my life she will do it because i will not be wild in her house hold.

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