The Suicide Diaries

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Suicide Diaries- His Ex I dont like

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



2/12/13 Oh My Fudging Gosh!!!!! I just hate that girl man.Aye why don't she just leave him alone he don't want her over sized slack pussy whoring ass and it like she don't get it .Well i think he don't like her.Smt well i got him now so fuck you bitch.I don't want her to be around him though.


Are you fucking serious???!!!!!!! he was laughing up with her i didn't like that at all/I came from music class smiling but when I saw IT!!!talking to HIM!!!!that smile blew of my face.I was so angry after that and i hope he saw how i reacted.I know its jealousy but I.D.G.A.F!!!!!!!Its killing me right now I cant even do math so good while im in class.I seriously don't like that ........Psshh..his Wally`s secret admirer.

She just came to my class door and i had the erge to throw something at her and hope it go down her throat and she choke to death while bleeding in her throat........Yes when im mad or jealous i trip and hope that person dies terribly.When i noticed she cut her hair i was like DAMN!!!!!!Bitch just fuck up her looks more.She is wan hug me and shid.She really think i don't know what she tryna do like they say she tryna get to my boyfriend through me.Yes that what she tryna do.But she cant do it she cant break us up or get him from me,he`s all mine now bitch deal with it.One thing i really don't like is that she like to lie about shit i already know the truth about.Wow how stupid It could be.I serious man i just don't like that girl.

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