Life of Vladimir

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Vladimir Lapon is a 13 year old boy who is just starting 7th grade. In this book he tries to find himself. In doing so he starts to fall in love with his 13 year old neighbor Jimmy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love at First Sight

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



Chapter One Love at First Sight

By Steve

It is the first day of school. I’m finally in the 7th grade! Middle school can you believe it. I’m so nervous; I heard many stories about Middle school. Some of the older kids use to talk about how there were bullies who used to pick on younger kids like me. Oh, by the way my name is Vladimir. I know it’s a wired name, but I find it very unique. Anyways, it is my first time walking to school and I just really don’t want to be late. My semi-long brow hair always like to get in my face while I’m walking so I tousle my head to get the hair out of my face and that’s when I look across from me. Across the street from me I notice a new kid. I have never seen him before in my neighborhood. He must be with the new family who lives across from me. I want to introduce myself, but who would want to be friends with me. So I just keep on walking. As I approach the school the butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter. What if I become a target for bullies? I would never be able to defend myself. But the thought moves to the back of my mind. I reach my homeroom, room 314, Mr. LeBloc’s room. I take my seat in the front row and wait for my name to be called.

“Good morning class and welcome to the 7th grade. My name is Mr. LeBloc and I will be your homeroom teacher this year. Some of you may even have me for math class. Listen closely for your names as I take attendance.”

“Charlie Renrick?”


“Jackson Harris?”


“Vladimir Lipon?”


After my name is called I stop listening. It’s not that I don’t want to learn anyone’s names. It’s just I feel so stupid because my nerves got to me. How stupid. I’m about to put my head on my desk, until he walks in, the boy who was walking across the street from me.

“Ah, you must be Jimmy Lewis. So, nice of you to join us this morning, Jimmy.” said Mr. LeBloc.

“Uhhh, sorry Mr. LeBloc? I got lost and I had to ask for help. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“It’s okay Jimmy. We all get lost on our first few days of school. Please take your seat next to Vladimir.”

My gaze follows him as he moves toward his seat next to me. Jimmy has the kind of look that your eyes just get attracted to. Like a sunset. He has the golden tan skin with the dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I turn my head and look straight before he notices.

“Okay class, I have been instructed to assign you buddies so that you can help each other find your ways through the school.” explains Mr.LeBloc.

“Vladimir and Jimmy, since you guys have the exact same schedule you two will be buddies for the three weeks.”

I look over slightly to notice that Jimmy has rolled his eyes at the thought of us being paired together. Great what a great start to the year. I already have someone who dislikes me on the first day. Can this day get any worse?

The bell rings and everyone gets up and moves to the door with their partners. Jimmy and I are the last ones to get up. Jimmy approaches me.

“Listen, Vadimi.”

“It’s Vladimir.” I correct him.

“I don’t care what your name is. Just get this through your head. I’m not your friend. So, as long as we are partners don’t bother coming to me for help. Got it? I am not your babysitter.” Jimmy says harshly

“Yeah… I got it.”

He walks out the door and I follow slowly behind. Why is he so rude? What have I ever done to him? And to think I wanted to really talk to him on the way to school. Our first class was science which was on the third floor. Jimmy decided to take the south side stairwell. So, I followed behind him. He seemed to know where he was going. I got to the classroom door and maneuvered my way into class. I take my favorite spot up front. You would think because I sit up front that I’m a geek. Well I’m sorry to say I’m not. I am not actually all that smart. I’m just your average C/B student. I just like the front. Anyways, the teacher starts talking about something but I just can’t seem to concentrate. My mind is still on Jimmy. It’s weird; I have never felt this way. It’s a way I can’t seem to describe. Then I hear the teacher calling my name.

“Vlad? Vlad?”

“Yes, sorry I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Yeah, we noticed. What is the answer to this question on the board?”

On the board was written in big black bold letters, “What are the parts of the male reproductive system?” Oh god, how embarrassing.

Well, I start off with the easiest one. “The penis,” I say.

I hear the class start giggling.

“Okay that’s enough laughter. Maybe if you were paying attention you would have been able to answer this question properly.”

My face turns beat red and I put my head down in my arms and wait for the class to end. The bell rings, signaling it’s time to go. I get up and look at my schedule. I find second period and find that I have gym next. Here we go something I’m really good at.

I wait for Jimmy outside of the class. Once he steps out he looks at me then sighs with dismay. We reach the gym where out P.E Teacher is waiting for us.

“Morning class, my name is Mr.Tubs. I will be your P.E teacher for the two years you will be at this school. Feel free to talk to me about anything. That is what I am here for. Now, since most of you don’t know how Middle school P.E class goes you will need to make sure you bring these items with you on this list to our next class tomorrow.”

He hands me the list and I look over the items. Fresh shorts, fresh t-shirt, towel, soap, flip flops and a clean pair of undergarments.

“You will notice that there is shower gear on the list. You will be required to shower after every class. Also you may notice that there are no females in your class. This is because we feel that will be easier for you guys not to get distracted by the girls. So, females have a separate gym block than males. Now, follow me into the Locker room.

We all shuffle in behind him into the locker room. He shows us our lockers and where the showers are and extra towels if we forget to bring ours. My locker ends up by Jimmy’s. Go figure.

Since there is really nothing for us to do this class we pretty much just sit around and talk about how we think the year will be like. I talk to Charlie and Jackson from home room. They seem to be really nice guys. Time flies by and the bell rings. It’s lunch time. Jackson, Charlie and I walk to lunch together. I seem to have lost Jimmy in the crowd in the cafeteria. We go through the line and find us a table. I spot Jimmy sitting with a bunch of other people. Few of them I know from my old school. We sit down at an open table and a few others from out classes join us. I can tell that this is going to be a good year.

“So, does anyone know anything about this Jimmy kid I’m partnered with?”

“I have no clue; all I know is that he just moved here.” Says, Charlie.

“Yeah I know. I think he lives across from me. But I don’t know why he’s so rude.”

“Could you have said something to upset him?” Asks Jackson.

“No, I haven’t said a single word to him. He just went off on me, oh well.”

We change the subject. And finish eating out lunches. The rest of the last three periods fly by fast. At the end of the day I say bye to Jackson and Charlie. I begin my walk back home. I start thinking of Jimmy again. God! What is it about him that my mind seems to wander to him? I shake the thoughts out of my head and continue to walk home. I reach my front door and open it.

“Vladimir dear is that you? How was school?” I hear my mom call.

“It was good mom. I had a really good day; met two new friends.”

“That’s great to hear. Dinner will be done shortly. Head up stairs and clean up. I’ll call you in a few.

“Okay, Mom.”

I run up-stair to my room. I put my backpack on the floor next to my bed and flop down on my bed. I close my eyes. I again start thinking of Jimmy. I see him in his slim fitting jeans and his American Eagle button up shirt that he wore today. His blue eyes and dirty blond hair, the way his hair just falls above his ears. I sit up fast. What is wrong with me I think to myself? Why do I keep thinking of another guy this way? I’m a guy; I’m supposed to be thinking about girls. But all I can think about is Jimmy. I shake the thoughts of Jimmy out of my head again. I head to the bathroom to wash up for dinner, just as my mom call me to come down stairs.

“Hey mom is dinner ready?”

“No.” She replies, “There is someone at the door for you.”

I walk to the front door and open it. Standing on my front steps is Jimmy. Shock jumps onto my face. I try to hide it before he sees it but I know it’s too late. He flashes a smirk.

“Uh Jimmy. What brings you here?” I ask.

“I wanted to apologize for the way I treated you this morning. I know you did nothing wrong I just… I don’t know what came over me. I guess I snapped for no reason.”

I couldn’t tell if he was being sincere or not.

“It’s okay Jimmy. I know how you feel being the new kid an all. I was in your shoes once. You try to make a name for yourself by being tough.”

Once I said this something in his eyes changed. I think I saw actual hope in his eyes.

“Thanks Vladimir. I didn’t expect you to forgive me so easily.”

“Please call me Vlad. And what are friends for? That is if I can even call us friends?”

“Sure Vlad. We can be friends.”

He sticks out his hand in the form of a fist. I do the same and pound it.

“Well Vlad, I better get going.”

“Jimmy, why don’t you join use for dinner? If you want, that is.”

In that moment I can actually see his eyes more clearly they are a blue that you can get lost in, the cool blue color of the sky on a beautiful summer morning. And then I see that flash of hope in his eyes again. This time I’m sure it’s a flash of hope, because he finally smiles.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to intrude.”

“It’s no problem. My mom won’t mind.”

“Okay, Let me go let me Dad know. I’ll be right over in a few.”

“Alright, just come right on in. I’ll leave the door open. See you in a few.”

I watch as he turns away and runs home.

Moments later he returns. We are seated at the table already. I get up to make him a plate.

“Hey Jimmy. Please take a seat. I’ll make you a plate.”

Jimmy moves to the open seat at the four person table and sits down.

“What can I get you to drink Jimmy?”

“Just water please.”

I come back with his plate of spaghetti and meatballs and his glass of water.

“Mom, this is my friend Jimmy from school. He lives across the street from us. He’s also in all of my classes and is my class buddy.”

“Nice to meet you, Jimmy.”

“Jimmy, this is my mom.”

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Lepon.” Jimmy says with a smile.

We begin to eat and talk about our days. I tell my mom about science class, leaving out the part about me daydreaming about Jimmy, of course. How awkward that would be. Jimmy starts to laugh and so does my mom. She tells me that I better start paying attention in class.

“Mom after dinner, do you mind if Jimmy and I hang out. That’s if you would like to, Jimmy.”

“Sure sounds good to me,” say Jimmy.

“I don’t mind, son.”

After dinner Jimmy and I do the dishes and head up to my room.

“So what do you want to do? I have xbox if you want to play or we can watch some videos on Youtube.”

“I guess we can play some xbox. What games you have?”

I show him the shelves of games and he picks out Rock Band 2.

“I’m awesome at this game,” I say

“We’ll see about that.” We both start laughing.

We play the game a couple of times and after we each won a couple of times we decide to take a break and sit on the bed.

“I noticed you looking at me this morning both times.” He says

I begin to blush and try to hide it. “What do you mean?”

“I mean when we were walking to school this morning and later on in home room. I saw you staring at me.”

Now I know I’m really blushing and I feel my eyes start to water. What does he think of me?

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been staring at you. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.”

“Don’t be sorry,” he grins and starts to blush too. “I was watching you too. On the way to school I saw you leave your house and walk. I wasn’t sure if you noticed me or not. But I saw the way that you tousled your hair to move it out of the way and I started to smile.”

He begins to move uneasily where he sits. “When I walked into home room this morning my stomach dropped. I couldn’t explain it. But when I saw you it’s like my whole world started spinning. And I felt hope. But then I realized that you probably wouldn’t want to be my friend. So, I decided the best thing to do was keep my distance from you.

He takes a deep breath. “Then Mr.LeBloc pairs us up. And my mind started racing. So, the only way that I could think of keeping you away from me was being rude and nasty. Once I saw the look on your face my heart just sunk and I knew I made a mistake that I might never be able to fix. Then tonight when I came to apologize to you I wasn’t sure if you were going to forgive me or not. Then once you forgave me all hope of me being your friend came back. You have no idea how happy I was.

I gave it some real thought and answered. Maybe this is my chance to see if these day dreams mean anything. “I felt the same way when I saw you this morning. My heart jumped and I couldn’t explain way. This is going to sound weird, but I keep thinking of you. During science today, I was day dreaming of you and your eyes. When I got home I saw you when I closed my eyes. I don’t know why.”

In that moment my hair fell into my face. I went to go reach up to push it out of the way, but Jimmy’s hand was already there, moving my hair out of my face.

Jimmy began to blush bright red. “I…Uh…I’m sorry I couldn’t resist. I… I better go.”

But before Jimmy could get up I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Please don’t go. Its okay I didn’t mind. I thought it was kind of cute.”

I began to blush. What a stupid thing for me to say. Now he’s going to think I’m gay. Or am I? I don’t know what I am anymore.

With that he smiled.

“Vlad, could I ask you a question?”

“Sure Jimmy. Ask away”

I look at Jimmy and notices he is beginning to tear up.

“This is a hard question. –Sniffles- But how do you feel about homosexuals?” At this point I know Jimmy’s mind is racing.

“I really don’t mind them. I believe that they are people to and deserve the same right. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you can’t tell anyone. You promise!”

“Yes I promise buddy”

“I’m Gay.” And then at the point Jimmy begins to cry and our lives change forever.

I take Jimmy into my arms and I hold him tight. He leans into me and cries on my shoulder, his arms wrapping tightly around me. We stay like this for a good 15 minutes. After he’s done crying I wipe the rest of his tears away.

“Jimmy, can I tell you something?”

“Sure.” He says with a sniffle

“I think I may be gay as well.”

Jimmy begins to smile, his eyes brightening again. Then unexpectedly he leans in and kisses me on the cheek. I begin to blush.

“Oh, god! I’m so so so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” He begins to panic.

“It’s okay. I wanted to kiss you, but I guess you are braver than me.” And we both start laughing. I lean in and kiss him on his cheek and then on his lips. I think I caught him a little off guard with the lips. But I couldn’t tell because it happened all so fast and I’m sure that he was also joining in on the kissing. From this point in our lives was the start of a relationship that would last forever.

The end of Chapter 1

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