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When Landon and Adrian reached the outside of the restaurant, she grabbed his arm and clung to it, almost as soon as their feet hit the pavement. “Landon, I’m so sorry,” she whispered against his arm, trying to keep up with his long, fast paced strides. Landon didn’t say a word, but set his jaw all the more and stared straight ahead. Adrian closed her eyes and breathed in deeply. After she cleared the smell of sweat and garbage out of her nose, which had reached her through the humid Vegas street, she let her mind wander.


He did this for me. He did all of this for me, and I can’t even form the words to thank him. Adrian felt like crying. She couldn’t even describe the tumult of affections that coursed through her heart, but she was pretty sure that a great deal of these feelings was love. Love so strong; so bold, that it almost startled Adrian. She had always known that Landon had admired her; liked her, even, but now this action, this small confession, but yet so large at the same time, proved his obviously undying love for her, and Adrian didn’t know how to react to this.


She was overjoyed, of course; the declaration of such a thing made Adrian’s heart soar, and she felt like laughing with delight! The only man that she had ever loved loved her as well! Of course, Landon had said it time and time again. But Adrian’s mind was finally convinced, for love isn’t just a word; something to speak during an intimate moment. Love is an action, a commitment, a choice. And Landon had just proved all of that to her in about two seconds, just now.


Adrian clung tighter to him, and was suddenly thankful for the silence. She didn’t know what to say, and she was pretty sure that Landon was speechless, too. No doubt he was still letting the realization of being ‘gay’ seep in. The pair walked on in silence for a while, passing bar after bar, strip club after strip club, until Adrian was getting tired of walking. It had been thirty minutes already, and Landon had still not said a word. She was starting to wonder if Landon was upset, not only at their ridiculous team, but also at her, for putting him in that position. It was, after all, her fault that the entire basketball team now thought that he was on the ‘other side.’


Adrian gulped. She couldn’t bear the thought of Landon being upset with her. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him! Stop it, Adrian, she suddenly chided herself. He just did something amazing, jaw-dropping, for you. Landon loves you and you’re being stupid to convince your mind of such ridiculous things.  But still, the unanswered question lingered in Adrian’s conscience. Why is Landon so silent?


Finally, after a few more minutes of debate within her head, Adrian said, softly, “Landon? Are you really gay?”


Landon suddenly surprised her by letting out a loud, sharp, rueful laugh. “Yeah, that would make things a lot easier, wouldn’t it?”


“What is that supposed to mean?” Adrian didn’t understand.


Landon sighed, deeply. “I don’t know. It just seems like things will be much more complicated from now on.”


“I thought it would be the other way around,” cried Adrian, kindly.


“How so?” he said, snapping.


Adrian wondered at his tone, and also wondered about the obviousness of this situation. “Um, hello? Now we don’t have to constantly pretend that we like each other. Now we don’t have to fake being mad at each other so that the team won’t get suspicious. Not like that worked, anyway. Jon was pretty set on…”


Landon cut her off by slamming his fist into the nearby wall and groaning in hot anger. Adrian jumped, and let go of his arm, suddenly frightened of his anger. She had never seen him this mad before.


“Man, I just want to smash his face in, right now,” Landon admitted hotly. Adrian raised her eyebrows at his wrath; she agreed, though. “Who does he think he is? We’re going to lose the entire tournament now, just because of his moronic ways. I can’t believe he said that to you. ”


Adrian smiled. Even though her boyfriend was in complete disarray, it felt good to be thought of.


“I know. I’m sorry, Landon.”


“What do you have to be sorry about? You didn’t do anything.”


Adrian felt a two-ton pressure lift off of her shoulders. Thank goodness he wasn’t blaming her for all of this. “I’m sorry for putting you in the situation to say that.”


Landon sighed. “I guess you could say that…but it’s not your fault. Please don’t say that. I didn’t have to agree to his crazy accusation; even if you are the one I was defending.”


Adrian’s heart beat at his words. She slid her hand all the way down his arm until she reached his hand. She saw him respond a little bit by wrapping his fingers around her own and it made her feel even more better that he wasn’t repulsed by her touch. “Let’s just keep walking and forget about all of this, yeah?” she suggested, hoping that he would come out of his wrath-filled mood. Landon looked at her with sad eyes and tried to smile. He nodded, making his curls flop about his eyes. Adrian pushed them out of the way before squeezing his hand.


They walked along in comfortable silence before Landon gradually stopped walking. “What’s wrong?” Adrian asked, after a few moments. “Nothing,” Landon said with a devilish glint in his eye.


“Well then what’s not wrong?” Adrian asked, not liking his facial expression.


“I just need to find something…like a rock.”


“Why,” she said, already not liking the idea.


“You’ll see. Oh, oh! There’s one right there.” Landon pulled away from Adrian but, to her delight, kept their hands attached. Her arm tingled where his skin rubbed. “Okay, now I need to find one for you.”


“This had better not be a game like Jon’s,” Adrian muttered to herself, but Landon overheard her and rolled his eyes. “No, I promise this will be nothing like that.”

The young girl smiled and took hold of the rock that Landon had found for her. She tightened her fingers around it and waited patiently for Landon to explain. “Alright, now do you see that sign up there?” Landon pointed to a bright neon lettered sign that read ‘Sexy Show Girls.’ Typical Las Vegas. Adrian nodded in response. Landon beamed. “Okay cool, watch this!” And before Adrian could do anything about it, Landon pulled back his arm and flung his rock into the sky. Adrian gaped as the rock hit one of the letters, the ‘y’ on ‘Sexy.’


“Landon!” she hissed in between his gulps of laughter.


“I got it, I got it!” he said, doing a small happy dance with his feet. He was grinning at Adrian with a boyish look, and it was all she could do not to break out into a smile with him. “Why did you do that?”


“Because it’s fun, and I’m all tense. I needed to do something retarded to get my blood flowing again.” Adrian had to admit that she understood his desire, but she didn’t think that was the right way to let out pent up energy. She ripped her hand away from his and glared at him. “Landon, that’s vandalism! You could get sent to jail for that, and you being in the slammer is the last thing I need right now! Why do you have to be so crazy all the time?”


Landon seemingly ignored her spiel as he chirped, “Your turn!”


Adrian’s eyes widened. “Oh heck, no. I don’t think so.”


Landon pouted. “Why not?” he asked, giving his girl the puppy dog face that she couldn’t resist. Adrian rolled her eyes, knowing that when his eyes popped open like that and his plump lips pouted, it was harder than life itself not to jump his bones. Somehow, someway, she resisted his clever wiles and looked away from him. “Why do you think? I just told you? Maybe you should learn to listen. Have you ever heard of it? These are ears,” she said sarcastically, grabbing the tip of his ear with her fingers.


Landon rolled his eyes and smirked. “Come on, Adrian! Please?”


“Landon, no!” she protested. But she still hadn’t dropped the rock, and he noticed.


“I know you want to.”


“I-No, I don’t.”


“Do to,” Landon grinned and reached out to her waist. He wiggled his fingers over her ribs and let out a smile when he felt her buckle under his touch.  Adrian squealed as he tickled her and tried to push his strong arms away. She could feel his arm muscles moving about as they struggled, and she didn’t know what she would rather be doing. As she was laughing, her eyes wandered about the street and noticed that there weren’t any people walking very near them. She was glad of that.


“Landon, please, please stop!” she begged, and felt mirth creeping around her eyelids.


“Not until you agree to throw the rock!”


“Fine, fine! I’ll do it, I’ll do it!” Adrian lied, only wanting him to stop the torture.


“Finally,” he said, laughing, and let her gain her balance. She caught her breath before looking at him. Suddenly she turned and tried to bolt away. Landon’s reflexes were faster than Adrian had ever hoped, and in a matter of seconds, he had grabbed her and hauled her back to where they previously stood.


He set her down, but held her shoulders tight. “Now you can’t go anywhere,” he whispered into her ear from behind her. “And I didn’t want to pull this card, but now I’m going to have to. After that whole lie that I pulled for you tonight, you have no choice but to do one itty-bitty thing for me.”


Adrian shivered as his hot breath glided over her skin, and she gulped. “That’s not fair,” she managed to say, rolling her eyes in the process. “You can’t hold that card over my head for the rest of my life!”


Landon was surprised but pleased that she had let the thought of them being a couple forever, slip out. He wanted it no other way. “I won’t if you throw the rock!”


Adrian considered for a moment and then closed her eyes, growling at him. “I hate you so much. Fine.”


“And when I let you go, do you promise not to run away again?” Landon purposely let his lips graze against her neck when he said this, knowing that he could have complete control, if he so desired. His smirk widened as she nodded her head, unable to answer.  He let her go, but stayed tense, just in case. Adrian turned and glared at him, hating every cell of his utterly attractive being. “Which one should I throw it at?” she asked, still breathless from even the thought of their contact.


Landon mused for a moment and then pointed to the ‘s’ before ‘Show.’ “That ‘s’,” he decided. “Right there.”


Adrian let out a defeated sigh and hung her head for a moment. She looked up at the neon sign, waiting for her attack and then decided to throw the large rock. With all of her might, she flung the stone up into the air and awaited it’s landing with great anticipation. It crashed onto her target with great force and sent a glass-shattering sound into the humid night air.


Adrian felt excitement pour through her entire body and she looked at Landon’s smiling face with a grin, ready to rejoice when suddenly, she heard someone call out behind her, “Hey! Did I just see you two throwing rocks at that sign?”


Adrian and Landon whirled around and saw a police officer stiffly walking toward them. Her eyes widened and her knees were about to go rigid from fright, but Landon suddenly hissed in her ear, “Run, run!” And within a millimeter of a second, he was pulling her away from the crime scene.


“Get back here you two!” the police officer ran after them. Adrian’s heart pounded. She couldn’t get stuck in jail, tonight. She just couldn’t.

Submitted: May 06, 2010

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hahaha this was hilarious!! if they get caught though they are sooooo effing screwed.

Thu, May 6th, 2010 2:29am


Ohh crap! Well at least they're both on the basketball team and can run! Landon is so cute! And funny =D Great chapter, again!

Thu, May 6th, 2010 3:42am


Thank you so much! I'm going to be finishing this novel SO fast. I'm so tired of it. lol

Wed, May 5th, 2010 8:52pm


Hahaha awww I totally envy their relationship! I mean, minus all the complication with Landon being gay but NOT being gay....but doing stupid stuff like throwing rocks at a sign is the best! I love random people. And I loved this chapter. This story makes me so happy!! :)

Thu, May 6th, 2010 4:44am


Thank you Lauryn!!!! I loooove hearing your opinion. It makes me smile. :D

Wed, May 5th, 2010 9:50pm


Aaah, what bad seeds they are! ahah, it's so much fun though! I can't wait for more! :)
Please keep me updated!

Thu, May 6th, 2010 5:42am


I absolutely will!!!

Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:24am


Haha landon is so freakin funny! XD

Thu, May 6th, 2010 5:47am


Haha, I know! :D

Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:24am


Oh myyyyy... That's certainly... trouble.. Haha :) I hope they don't get caught, but they probably will.. who knows? Uhm, Landon. I like him and all, but he just seems a little controlling to me. Maybe it's just me, but I don't know.. :| Loving this! Update me?

Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:38am


Hmmm. Controlling in what way?? That's very interesting!!! :)
I'd really like to know what makes you think that way! haha.
I'm not mad...but maybe if you could like...write it on my profile or something??? That'd be cool.... :D
Yes, I WILL! :D

Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:25am


Run run run, just as fast as you can ^.-
Sweet chapter. I don't know, the last part- with the rock and all- seemed really mind blowing and all, whether or not you meant it to be C:
Update soon!

Thu, May 6th, 2010 9:14am


Mind blowing? lol. In what way? Thanks? :D
I'll try!!!

Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:26am


haha quite a funny ending
keep me updated :)

Thu, May 6th, 2010 11:31am



Thu, May 6th, 2010 7:27am


Ohhh dear! Those two are a naughty pair >.<
Thanks for the update, this was another great chapter! Adrian is such a brilliant lead character =)

Thu, May 6th, 2010 8:21pm


lol! Thank you so much! :D

Thu, May 6th, 2010 3:50pm


hahahaha, thats sooo cute. i could almost picture it like a movie. lol

Fri, May 7th, 2010 7:25am


Is this getting stupid? Tell me the truth...

Fri, May 7th, 2010 11:59am

Silent Words

Wow. NICE one, Landon. :P They better not get arrested otherwise they are soooooo not gunna make the finals. Like, ever. Uhgrgh!! Of course there had to be a police officer right there. But a great chapter! Update me!

Wed, May 12th, 2010 7:04pm


For sure! :)

Wed, May 12th, 2010 12:54pm

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