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Her feet flew beneath her faster than she had ever seen them move in her entire life, and Landon was still about a yard in front of her. Even in the brink of the moment, she was annoyed that she would never have the ultimate power of male legs. Landon’s hand pulled and guided her through the brightly lit streets. Adrian’s heart was wild with fright, but the kick of adrenaline that she was feeling only made the fright turn into excitement!


“Stop, stop, right now!” the police officer screamed at them. Adrian looked over her shoulder and saw his round face red with exhaustion. They were slowly gaining distance between him when Landon suddenly stopped. Adrian almost ran into his back and she shouted, “Why are you stopping? Let’s go!”


“Wait,” Landon panted. “We can’t cross the street yet! And there aren’t any other side streets until we cross!” he said with panic edging his words. Adrian assessed the situation and saw that he was right. She could hear the footsteps of the furious police officer pounding on the cement like deafening blows to iron, so without warning, Adrian waited until the street was somewhat clear, and then dashed into the middle of it, Landon’s hand still attached to hers. She couldn’t hear his surprised cries over the roar of the cars that were only inches from her body, but she was pretty sure that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with running in the middle of the street.


One red car sounded a long horn at the two of them, and Adrian shouted an apology as she rushed to get off of the black pavement. Just a few more steps, she thought, terrified. Adrian looked both ways again and saw that the only car to dodge was a large semi-truck that was heading straight for them. Her throat suddenly became as dry as the Sahara desert as she stared at the bright yellow lights before her. Move, Adrian, move! She thought in desperation, but for some reason she could not. Fear had paralyzed her nerves, and she could almost feel the heat of the truck on her skin…


Landon jerked Adrian’s hand harder, and he finally saw her locked knees bow, forcing her body to step away from the oncoming truck. “Adrian, are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?” he shouted at her, once she was on the sidewalk. “I-I…I don’t know,” she stammered, the sound of screeching brakes filling her ears. Landon saw that her mind was too overcome with shock to really process anything, but he could see the police officer crossing the street behind them, and he needed to move fast. He held onto her hand tighter and wished that he hadn’t been such a delinquent. Throwing rocks at street signs, Landon? He reprimanded himself. Real mature. Now look where you’ve gotten us.


Landon was starting to run out of breath. He didn’t know how much longer he could run, when he saw a building in the distance that he was sure the police officer wouldn’t venture into. Adrian had finally woken up from her strange sleep of surprise, and he motioned to the building, barely able to form words from his gasping lungs.


“What?” Adrian shrieked. “No! Absolutely not!”


“But the… police man would… never think of looking there,” he gasped.


“Yeah, you're probably right!" Adrian commented.


Landon nodded vigorously and then dragged her toward the ominous building. The Wedding Chapel. When they reached the front doors, Landon flung them open and took in a breath. There was a small desk in the small lobby with a rather small looking woman sitting behind it. “Are you the eight o’clock?” she asked in a completely fake ‘happy’ voice. Landon glanced at the clock and then smirked. “Yes, yes we are.”


“Very good. Since you filled out everything that you needed to yesterday, you can both get ready in the dressing rooms,” the woman, whose name-tag read ‘Doris’ said. “Follow me, please.”


Adrian groaned slightly, but Landon squeezed her hand reassuringly. “It’s all going to be fine, babe,” he said for her ears only, as they followed Doris out of the room.


“How can it all be fine? We’re in a wedding chapel for Christ’s sake!”


Landon smiled, despite Adrian’s glare. “We’re just going to stay in here until we can be sure that the police man doesn’t follow us in, and then we’ll leave. Simple as that. He won’t find us!”


Adrian sighed and nodded her head. Maybe she should try to put more trust in him. After all, he did just save her from being squashed from a semi-trailer truck. Doris was about to leave them to change, when Landon grabbed her arm, gently. “Excuse me, Doris?”


She looked at his hand and then looked at him with a flirty smile. “Yes?”


Adrian rolled her eyes. The nerve of this woman; hitting on her fiancé when they were about to get married. Disgusting. Landon turned on his charm, and Adrian couldn’t help but be amused. She wondered if she had ever looked so stupidly doe-eyed when Landon used his charm on her. She certainly hoped not. “There is a police man that might be coming in, later, and asking for us? I would really appreciate it if you didn’t tell him we were here.”


Doris suddenly became suspicious. “Why not…”


“Well, you see, he’s my dad. And he doesn’t believe that everyone should have the right to love whoever they want, so he will most likely try to stop this wedding from happening, do you understand?”


Doris cast a small glance toward Adrian and seemed to remember that she was there. “Oh, yes I see,” she answered, disappointment flooding her expression. “Well, I’ll try to keep him out of your wedding as much as possible…”


“Thank you so much,” Landon smiled sweetly at her. Adrian huffed. “If I wasn’t gay, then I would kiss you, right about now,” Landon winked at the woman. She blushed furiously, and then giggled. “I-I’ll leave you two alone.”


After she was out of the room, Landon cracked a slight laugh and turned to Adrian. His face sobered. Her arms were crossed, eyebrows were raised, and she didn’t look very happy. “What?” he defended himself, “I was only doing that to keep  you safe!”


Adrian narrowed her eyes at him. “Not cool,” she spat, pointing her index finger at him accusingly. “I can’t believe we’re about to get married and you’re hitting on another woman.” She smirked slightly and Landon began to smile. “I love you so much,” he crossed the room and gave her a quick kiss on the forehead.


“Hey,” Adrian whispered, wanting his lips elsewhere… “Thanks for saving my life, back there.”


He knew that she was talking about pulling her out of the street and grinned. “Anything for you, baby.”


Adrian smiled and tugged at the collar of his shirt, pulling his body closer to hers. She stood on her tippy-toes, slightly, and connected their mouths gently. Landon’s arms immediately swung around her waist and pulled her even closer to him. After a few moments of gentle passion, Adrian pulled away.


“We should probably change, huh?” Landon said after smoothing her cheek with his strong hand.


“What do you mean? Why would we need to change?” Adrian asked, confused. She could still feel shocks going through her lips after his lips rubbed their skin, but she tried to focus.


“Just in case the police guy decides to come in here. Then he won’t recognize our clothes.”


Adrian laughed. “This is getting worse and worse by the second. You’re probably right, though.”


Together, they observed the array of costumes and clothes that hung on the wall. After a few bouts of mild debate, they both decided on being pirates and in a matter of minutes, Adrian and Landon were standing side by side, looking into the large mirror that framed their strangely dressed figures.


“We look ridiculous!” Adrian giggled beneath her large plumed hat and long, blonde haired wig. “For real…” Landon murmured. He tugged on his black beard and made a pirate sound. Adrian elbowed him in the gut. A knock sounded on the door, and Doris flowed in, eyeing Landon without a care in the world. “The pastor is ready for you,” she said, as sweet as honey.


Landon thanked her and grabbed Adrian’s hand. “So how is this going to work?” she asked as they walked into the tiny sanctuary. There were about six pews, lined up with three on each side. There was an elderly couple sitting in the first one; they would most likely be acting as the witnesses.


 Adrian and Landon started to walk down the isle, slowly; very slowly, as Landon answered, “We’ll just wait until the part where the dude is about to pronounce us, and then I’ll stop it and tell him that we aren’t serious enough about each other.”


Adrian hid a laugh. “Sounds good to me.”


They reached the minister and Adrian tried not to feel nervous. She didn’t know why, but just the thought of marrying Landon, even for pretend, made her shiver furiously. Adrian gulped. As the pastor began to recite his words, she suddenly felt very fidgety and on edge. It was almost as if she knew that something bad was about to happen.


The back doors creaked open slowly, but the minister continued, nevertheless. Adrian gulped and whispered to Landon, “Who was that?”


“I don’t know…”


“Then look!”


“You look,” he hissed to her.


Adrian rolled her eyes and turned her head back a few degrees. As soon as she saw the blue-uniformed police man, her mouth went dry. “L-L-Lan…Landon…” Adrian whispered. She knew he was aware of their new guest without even needing to be informed. “Stupid Doris…” he moaned.


“Landon! What are we going to do?” Adrian asked, more scared than she had ever been in her life. He was there. He was there and he would most likely storm up to the two of them and tear their wigs off. Then Adrian would have to spend the night in a cold, smelly jail cell. Her mind raced while her heart beat erratically.


“He’ll leave…” Landon said, sure of himself. How could he be so completely unworried? Adrian thought, furious.


“And what if he doesn’t!?” she murmured.


“We’ll…” but Landon was cut off as the minister cleared his throat. He looked aggravated that the two weren’t listening to his lengthy speech. The two quieted, and then Landon continued, “If he isn’t gone in exactly thirty seconds, then we’ll make a run for it.”


Adrian squeezed her eyes shut and listened to the drone of the minister’s voice. She could feel the police man’s eyes on her, and she tried not to fidget. Her hands started to sweat, but she didn’t let go of Landon’s hand. In fact, his circulation might have been cut off by now. The seconds went by slowly, and still the police-man didn’t seem convinced that this was a real wedding.


“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the minister suddenly asked Adrian. She balked. “Uhh.” Adrian’s eyes flew to Landon, who looked terrified, but he was nodding at her, telling her to just go with the flow. Adrian didn’t know what else to do! “I-I do…” she whispered…


“And do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the man asked Landon. Adrian was about to protest as to her gender, but then she realized that she was wearing a woman’s costume. “I, uhm, I do…” Landon agreed. He couldn’t believe that it had gone this far! Why wasn’t that man leaving?


As the minister went into something about witnesses and such, Adrian was about to go insane from terror. Then, she finally heard a sigh, and, after turning her head, she saw the doors swinging shut, marking the exit of the officer. Adrian let out a loud breath and looked at Landon’s tense face. “He’s gone!”


Landon looked down at her. Relief flooded through him. He was so happy that his little scheme had worked, and there was still time to back out of it! Landon opened his mouth to speak, when the minister suddenly announced, loudly, “I now pronounce you husband and wife!”


Landon’s jaw dropped. Adrian’s eyes bulged.

Submitted: May 17, 2010

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HAhahahaha Nice!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO. That was completely priceless!

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:47pm


lol. Thanks! :P

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:23pm


Oh man!! That could be a slight issue =/
Haha! I loved it. Cliffhanger! Update soon =D

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:52pm


haha. I'll try....

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:24pm


hahaha oooh veryy interesting
luv it
keep me updated :)

Mon, May 17th, 2010 3:03pm


For sure!!! :)

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:24pm


Ha ha! Now their together til death does them part!update me?

Mon, May 17th, 2010 8:05pm


lol! Seems like it, eh? ;)
I will!

Mon, May 17th, 2010 2:25pm


Hahahahahaha OMG THEY'RE MARRIED!!! Um....can anyone say oops??? Hahahaha. Love it! My favorite line was "Stupid Doris..." Haha. Amazing. I love this story.

Mon, May 17th, 2010 9:43pm


lol! Thanks SO much! That made me feel so much better... haha. :)

Mon, May 17th, 2010 3:19pm


OH SHIT!!!!! Omg that is hilarioussssss!!! This is just too great!

Mon, May 17th, 2010 10:12pm


Haha! :D Thanks!

Mon, May 17th, 2010 3:19pm


SO FREAKING PERFECT! update me :D (not just on this story, but any of them when you update) ;)

Mon, May 17th, 2010 10:51pm


Okay, I will! :)

Mon, May 17th, 2010 3:55pm


Tut tut tut; that's what them rule breakers get ;D
Give my best to the newleyweds xD
Update soon xx

Tue, May 18th, 2010 12:58am


lolol. Thanks! :P
I'll try....we'll see what happens!

Tue, May 18th, 2010 1:53am


OMG! THEY'RE OFFICIALLY MARRIED! Oh I love it :) You're just seriously amazing, haha! Oh my... are they gonna get divorced or something now? Loooool. keep me posted !

Tue, May 18th, 2010 2:18am


lol. We'll seeeeeeee! ;)
I absolutely will! Thanks for your comment!

Tue, May 18th, 2010 1:54am


Ohhhh my goodness. They got married?!!! I didn't see that one coming!
I love this chapter- thank you so much for keeping me updated =)

Tue, May 18th, 2010 9:29am


Aha! would appear that they did! :)
You're welcome!

Tue, May 18th, 2010 4:50am


this is great.. UPDATE ME SOON.

Tue, May 25th, 2010 8:33pm


We'll see!!!! :)

Tue, May 25th, 2010 1:54pm


Please keep me updated.

Wed, May 26th, 2010 8:23pm



Wed, May 26th, 2010 2:07pm

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