Nathan Parker: The Recruitment

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16 year old Nathan Parker is in search of the reason why his father John Parker died unknownly on January 23 2012. As Nathan begins to dig down deeper into this mystery it reveals a shocking truth and now he is being hunted down by a group of people who would not stop until Nathan is caught however Nathan will not stop until he finds out the truth even if it is a death wish...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Nathan Parker: The Recruitment

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013




The fair haired boy pulled out his blackberry 9780 and checked the time.It was 8:36 pm,he was on time. He was supposed to be meeting a brown haired boy who would supply him with the'stuff.' He tapped his finger nails on the back of his blackberry case,anxiously waiting. Finally he spotted the brown haired boy he was sent to deal business with. The boy approached him with as much caution as the other,watching the fair haired boy carefully in case he tried something. \"You got the 'stuff'\" the brown haired boy was the first to speak. \"Yeah...800 grams of it\". The fair haired boy pulled out a satchet from his pocket containing 800 grams of cocaine. \"What the fuck do you want me to do with 800 grams\"the brown haired boy exclaimed, stepping closer to the fair head boy. The fair haired boy was not moved by this. \"That's all I've got\". \"Well the boss wants 1.2 kgs.\" \"Take it or leave it\"the fair haired boy said. \"I'm not paying shit, the boss wanted 1.2 kgs and that's what I've come for so if you don't have it I will still take the satchet but I won't pay\". \"I'm afraid I can't let you do that\". And with that the fair haired boy swung his arm and his knuckle met the brown haired boy's nose sending him toppling to the ground. He knew he had made a mistake the second he did that but he had to do it.He didn't need some asshole ruining his chances of being the best drug dealer in this corner. The fair haired boy broke into a sprint away from the alleyway and headed to the park. He glanced back to see if the brown haired boy was in persuit and saw him sprinting towards him. The fair haired boy sprinted through the dark park,following the dimly lit pathway.He knew that if he could make it across towards main station behind the second park entrance that he would surely lose the brown haired boy. The brown haired boy was a couple of metres away from him and he knew that if he slowed down it would be a death wish, he was almost certain that the boy in persuit of him was armed and he wasn't prepared to take any risks. He got to the main station and ran straight towards the bus station ahead, there were a couple of buses at the station picking up passengers and he ran into the station manuevering past an elderly couple who were standing just outside the bus about to get on. The boy in persuit was nearing as his whole body started to tire but his will and determination kept him going. He sprinted out of the station knocking over some bins in order to buy him sometime and it did;enough for him to swerve a corner and enter an almost deserted parking space. Whoever that was sent to collect the 'stuff' from him must have really wanted it if the person was willing to chase him for it. He found a parked car near the Tesco supermarket building and ducked behind it hoping that the persuer hadn't seen were he went. The brown haired boy stopped at the Tesco building and scanned his surroundings. He had lost him. \"Fuck\".he shouted punching the wall of the supermarket. The fair haired boy blew a sigh of relief and waited until the brown haired boy went the other direction obviously pissed of that he couldn't catch him. The fair haired boy stood up from his crouched position and headed towards the bus station. Life was not easy here as a teenager especially if you were caught up in gang underworld.

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