All Aboard Dilemma I

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David Jackson faces Jalep Adeez

Chapter 10 (v.1) - First Lesson

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"Ah, Slorpan Sliver, I see that you've finally decided to report to me for your first training session!" thundered the security chief, Commander Jalep Adeez, who was sitting behind his desk in the security unit.

"You may be my commanding officer, alien twerp, but you and I are gonna get one thing straight! David Jackson said as he leaned over the desk and gazed down at Jalep Adeez.

"I can whip the crap outta you any day of the week, month, or year, got that, carp face?" thundered David Jackson, as he shoved his finger into the alien's face.

"Earthman, you do show promise and have great potential. I'm going to mold you into a first rate security officer." said Jalep, now standing and gazing up at my brother.

"Look here piglet, is everything that my brother told me about this flying carpet with it's Mickey Mouse crew and why your all here, true?" David asked, shoving the commander back down in his seat.

"Your brother, I presume, is going to be the captain aboard this ship?" asked the alien security chief, standing up once again.

"Yeah, the Wizard of Oz. What a joke on us all. Some ignorant alien fool critter off of his rocket made my brother a star ship captain!" David thundered, once more shoving the Perinnan back down in his chair.

"Anyway, ferret weasel, is what he told me the truth?" he blurted out, slamming his fist on Adeez's desk.

"What did he tell you, Thrug Shalurtling?" asked the commander as he stood one more time.

"Looks like your headed for another fight!" David thundered. "Call me a pig will you!"

"I found out what a Slorpan Slimer and a Thrug Sherbet was, you baboon!" David said, as he moved nearer to Jalep Adeez's desk.

"That's Sliver and Shalurtling, earth ... man!" the security cheif said

"Whatever, I don't like being referred to as a pig in a slop pen, creep!" David continued as he grabbed the commander and pinned him to the wall behind his chair.

"There's something that I don't like about you alien, and I'm gonna find out why I don't. I don't believe all the bull crap that I've heard or seen so far, so you had better be doing some serious talking if you value your life, peanut brain!" said David as he tightened his grip.

"Is .ard .o .alk .hen .ome .ody is .hoking ..u .o .eath." said the Perrinan as his face was deepening in color.

"Sounds alien to me, speak English." David told the poor creature as it hung suspended in his death grip.

From out of nowhere a club like weapon came crashing down quickly over David Jackson's head, felling him to the floor as he still clutched the little Perrinan by its neck. The club should have knocked David unconscious but David's head was thicker than the club, which shattered.

"That done did it, now you've went and made me mad, so if your gonna mess with the best, your gonna have to suffer like the rest!" he told him just before the fight broke out.

On the Orion's twelve outer pylon view decks,any one could come there and be able to see out and into space from the large oval windows that spaned the pylons entire length on both sides on any of the four decks that they may be on at any certain time of the day or night shifts aboard the ship. Robert and Patricia Jackson's two children, five year old Eric, and four year old Amberle, along with their Uorexuan care taker had entered on to one of the view decks.

"When are you going to take us to the hospital to see mommy?'' Eric asked while his sister walked over to one of the windows and gazed out at the Earth down below.

"It's called Med Bay, Eric." answered their alien baby sitter.

"Where's daddy?" Amberle asked as she turned from the window to face the female Uorexuan.

"He may be on the command bridge right now, Amberle. Do you know what a command bridge is?"

"Does it cross a river?" Amberle asked as Eric stood by one of the windows gazing out at the moon.

"No, it does not cross a river."

In another place aboard the Orion, David Jackson's wife, twenty seven year old Janice was being informed of her new profession.

"I'm going to be doing what?" Janice Jackson asked, surprised to have been told what her duties would be aboard the ship as the Talmurran female swiveled her chair around so that they were face to face

"I've told you once already, you shall be an educator, teaching the children aboard the Dorion Adriakar about your world and it's histories." the Talmurran answered her for the second time. "I'm beginning to think that perhaps I've made a serious mistake in having chosen you."

"I don't believe that I'll be staying here for very much longer, whoever or whatever you are!" David Jackson's wife thundered.

You would leave your mate and children behind---

"Hey, he'll find a way to get us all home!" Janice Jackson boomed aloud.

"Janice, even if you should choose to return to your home world, and we will give each and every one of you here that option, the Zaleens may destroy it." her captor or saviour replied.

In the Captain's Ready Room, Robert Jackson was having his long awaited meeting with Admiral Mazanurra.

"Admiral, my wife is in your medical section aboard this ship and my two children, Eric and Amberle, are hopefully being taken care of, while I try and make sense out of our current situation. I would like to be able to visit with them as soon as it is possible to do so, sir." I said as I sat in my chair behind the captain's desk while Mazanurra stood in front of it.

"In due time Captain, I will check in with the medical staff myself as to her health and welfare." the admiral replied as he took the liberty to sit in the chair in front of my desk.

"I should hope that in due time, means soon, Admiral." I said. "I haven't seen my wife nor our children since you brought us aboard your ship."

"And for this, I am truly sorry, Captain Jackson, but there are some things that we must take into consider---

"Security alert! Security alert!" said the voice and image on the vid com screen that arose from the top of my desk. "Security to Security! We have a problem down here! Admiral Mazanurra, Captain Jackson, can you come down here to Security?" asked the voice.

"On our way." answered the admiral over his vid com watch.

"Your brother David, Captain?" asked the admiral as he stood up from his chair and made haste for the security section.

"It would be a good bet, sir." I answered as I came around from behind my desk and raced out into the busy corridor and bumped into my yeoman, Zaella Zaranazi."

"Yeoman, follow me, and the Admiral." I ordered.

It seemed like it took us an eternity to get from the officers deck to the security section of the ship, but once we had arrived there we got the surprise of our lives.

My brother David lay on a stretcher on the carpeted floor along side Commander Adeez and another alien security officer.

"Hey bro, Captain, they fin . . .ally managed to get the . . . best of me." David said as he lay there wincing in pain. "But not be . . . fore I taught these aliens a thing or toof."

Jalep Adeez gazed up at the admiral and rather painfully tried to articulate his side of the story.

"Admurl Masnur, if all my ovver recoots pud up haff as muff fight as viff Earffing, then we've nuffing to worry bout, sir." he said, grimacing in severe pain while spitting out a bloody fang.

"He's exceptionally good." said the alien security officer who lay there beside them.

"It took five of us to get him off of Commander Adeez and Lieutenant Lumada." said one of the more fortunate ones as Jalep Adeez turned to my brother and placed his left hand on David's right shoulder.

"First lesson and training session over, Loot Manner, ackson." he said as he spit up blood.

"I still don't like you for some . . . reason." David said as Commander Jalep Adeez passed out just before medics began hoisting them up from the floor. "I guess I must have passed my first test."

"Get a cleanup detail down here, Lieutenant Tholari." ordered the admiral as he turned to exit the security section.

"Yes sir, Admiral." said security officer Lekton Tholari, from the planet Sanarta.

"Your brother knows how to fight rather well, Captain Jackson." Mazanurra said as he stepped around the over turned desk of Jalep Adeez.

"He hasn't lost his touch, Admiral." I said as I gazed upon the over turned furniture, broken glass, and the few heads that got thumped by my brother.

"Zaranazi, let's leave this mess to those who are better qualified at cleaning it up, unless you want to lend a---

"Just looking, Captain, just looking." she replied as she turned about and exited the disaster zone.

"It's twenty hundred hours, Terran solar time, Captain." the admiral said as he turned to face me in the corridor.

"The next shift is coming on duty." my yeoman replied as we began to move on down the busy corridor as a cleanup crew passed us by.

"You're all relieved to take any liberties aboard this ship that you and your friends deem it neccessary for you to take, in order that you may aquaint your selves further with this vessel." the admiral told them.

"Thank you Admiral." I replied as he continued on down the corridor while shaking his head in disgust at the way things had been going so far.

"Yeoman Zaranazi, you don't talk much, do you?" I said as I passed her my transcribe pad. "I hardly know that your around at times."

"I am more of an observer and a listener, Captain." she replied as I neared a vid com tower.

"I don't doubt it Zaranazi, so where might I make an inquiry about my children, Eric, and Amberle?" I asked my yeoman as she stood beside the communications tower.

"Ask the ships computer, Issac, and he will provide you with the information that you seek, Captain, sir." she answered.

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