All Aboard Dilemma I

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - You're The One

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"According to the prophesies of a Delindrian prophet and scholar, long since dead, this is the world from which all of our worlds would find their saviour from the Zaleens that want to subdue and rule our galaxy." the alien with the antennas for ears explained to us in a serious tone of voice.

"You're a little late in arriving here if you want the saviour in the flesh." I replied. "He was hung upon a wooden cross almost two thousand years ago."

"I'm not referring to or talking about the Son of the Supreme Presence." he told me.

"You know about the Son of God?" Donald asked as he leaned forward in his chair.

The Son of the Supreme Presence in the universe is known by all the inhabitants in our galaxy, April, Jackson." he informed us as we sat there momentarily stunned.

"Well, I'm not him if that's---

"No, you're not the Creator, you're the one that is to save the worlds here, in our galaxy, from the Zaleens." he further informed me.

"Sure I am." I replied. "Now, if you'll just send us home maybe we can find you a physician that you can talk---

"Jackson, April, whether or not you are apt to believe us, we are at war, and shortly your world will be included in our galactic war of survival!" the admiral said, having raised his voice.

"According to our prophets, and since you are familiar with the Son of God, or the Supreme Presence, our world is to be destroyed and renewed by the Creator himself, not these Zaleens that you're---

"Jackson, think with your mind and not with your mouth!" the irate alien admiral thundered as he stood up from his chair.

"Oh but I am!" I thundered back. "I'm thinking about how far gone your mind is and how so unbelievable this all sounds coming from your mouth!"

The expression on the aliens face looked sadly as if it had changed to one of utter worry and dismay.

"Perhaps I should begin anew." he told us. "I am Admiral Kondulon Mazanurra from the planet Uorexua, a member world of the United Galactic Consortium of Inhabited Worlds and the last defensive unit against the Zaleens." the admiral explained as we halfway listened.

"Huh, the United Federations kind of thing." I said as I gazed at the picture of an alien world above the couch that sat by the oval entry door.

"The United Federation of Planets, Jackson." Donald replied.

"There is much that must be done to prepare yourselves aboard this ship and your world below it, and we must not waste the time."Admiral Mazanurra told us.

"And should we decline or refuse to play along and or go along with this---

"You would forfeit your world and all who dwell upon it, Mister April, Jackson?" the admiral asked angrily as he glared at the both of us.

"Just how do we know that all this isn't---

"You will be provided with all the information neccessary for you to either complete successfully or fail miserably in your mission, gentlemen." he explained as he stood once more.

"I suppose that you've made first . . . second contact with our world leaders and they're all hunky-dory with the fact that you've taken a handful of our worlds inhabitants to go and fight in this star wars of yours?" Donald April asked as he too stood upon his feet.

"More than a handful, Commander April." Mazanurra answered.

"Yeah right, Commander!" Donald said as the Uorexuan stepped out from behind his desk and motioned for us to follow him into a corridor.

"Our family and friends back home on the planets surface, do they know where we are at the moment or are---

"No, not at this present time, but soon, everyone on your planet will know of the importance of your mission, Captain Jackson." the Admiral replied as we walked the corridor, that at this moment was void of anyone else but the three of us as we neared an elevator and boarded it.

"Jackson, want to know what's causing my nightmare?" Donald asked as the elevator or lift began moving.

"We aren't dreaming Donald, things seem to real for us to be dreaming." I told him.

"So, what's the name of your . . . I mean, our ship, Admiral Madsnarer?" Donald asked as the elevator came to a stop and the oval door opened before we exited into a busy corridor of a great many different species of aliens and earthlings, or I supposed them to be earthlings.

"Why I thought that the both of you would have guessed that by now." the admiral answered. "And it's Mazanurra, Commander April."

"Maybe you should refresh our memories, Admiral, because I for one haven't the slightest idea in the least---

"April, Jackson, many years ago, ten of your earthen years to be factual, or exact, a telepathic message was sent over a great distance to all the worlds in our galaxy from Uorexua's sister world Zanaria." Mazanurra began to enlighten us as we stood in the corridor together. "If your minds were receptive . . . I would ask that the both of you take the liberty to look about this ship, that it may be enough to stimulate your memories."

A short while later we stood before a large oval airlock portal that parted open slowly before us and we walked through two more great oval doors to enter into a rain forest with a blue green colored grass beneath our feet. We saw countless varieties of shrubs, flowers, trees, stone inlaid glow globular lit pathways and one of three overhead monorail tramways. Further above the trees was a large cylindrical tube adorned with high intensity lights running the entire span of the forest.

Donald and I turned towards each other and the both of us said at the very same time.

"I think I'm gonna be sick." we said after viewing the tops of trees, way above the tube at almost a mile away, or so it seemed.

"Do the two of you have any idea as to were the both of you are at this time?" Mazanurra asked , as his eyes gazed upon the both of us.

"Yes, in the twilight zone!" April answered as he upchucked behind a bush.

"Not to forget the outer limits too!" I said, having joined him behind the bush.

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