All Aboard Dilemma I

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Pizza Done It

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"I don't know how the two of you pulled this off, but is this place for real or . . . Donald, Robert, are the two of you alright?" asked Alexander Scott as he stood by the bush that April and I were trying to use for cover.

"Sure, I'm just fine." April said sarcastically as he arose. "I like throwing up all over myself whenever the notion strikes me to do so, Alex."

I fell over into the grass at Donald's feet and burst out laughing while the admiral stood there unimpressed by our lack of maturity.

"It's not funny Jackson, not in the least bit is it even remotely funny!" April stormed at me whileI laughed so hard, tears were streaming down my face.

"Whenever I wake up in the morning, this nightmare will be over, I hope, because it just keeps on getting worse by the minute." he added as Alex helped me up from the ground.

"I thought so, it is you guys, isn't it?" Scott asked as I reached in my back pocket for my handkerchief.

"You look rather a mess Commander April." Admiral Mazanurra said as he walked over to Donald and passed him a handkerchief from a hidden pocket on his person.

"Thanks Admiral Mayonnaise, I've misplaced mine." Donald replied before wiping his mouth.

"Hey guys, where in heavens name are we any . . . what's that, it, him!" exclaimed Donald's wife Marsha as she emerged nervously shaken, from behind a boulder with her two sons, Andrew and Benjamin.

"If I'm right Marsha, and of course I'm never wrong, we're---

"Oooh Donald, are you sick?" Marsha April asked as she noticed her husband at point blank range.

"I was, but it just sort of left me by mouth all of the sudden, and if it doesn't come up again, I'll be fine." Donald answered his wife. "Especially when I wake up in the morning to fine that I was only having a nightmare due to the pizza that I ate earlier before going to bed."

"Donald, no pizza is going to cause this to happen to all of us here." Alex replied as he gazed around at the scenery. "At least I don't think that it---

"Honey, you were going to tell me where we were before I . . . you missed a spot." she said as she took the handkerchief.

"Oh yeah babe, I was going to tell you, that is, If I'm right, we're on the Orion, but that's impossible, and that's how I know . . . that I'm just . . . dreaming." he explained as she wiped her husbands face with the handkerchief.

"Yes, the terran name that you have christened our ship, the Dorion Adriakar with, Commander April." the admiral replied as his eyes swept over each and every one of us. "I see that your memory is beginning to serve you well."

"And just what was it you called this ship, Admiral, the Dorito Avatar, or something like that?" April asked as he stared at the Uorexuan.

"The Dor . . . ion Ad . . . ria . . . kar, Commander." the admiral answered slowly. "This ship is from the world known to us as the planet Delindria."

"No, I don't believe a word of this crap!" Donald blasted off. "Jay and I . . . I mean Jackson and I thought this ship up and drew pictures of it while we were still . . . it's the pizza working on me, I know it is!"

"Is it Commander April?" Mazanurra asked as he swept his right hand from left to right.

"What's with the commander stuff?" Marsha April asked as she stepped up and into the alien's face with her very own.

"And I'm not a captain either!" I thundered as Alex and the children listened.

"You will all have a rank and a posistion on this vessel as the time goes by." he answered. "In your quarters, each and every one of you shall find a video communications unit, or vid com as we call it. Each vid com will be supplied with a number of disks, similar to the one that I now hold in my right hand. Pay close attention to the color of each disk, for on them you will find the answers that you seek. Above all and everything else, those whom you are leaving behind on your home world will be depending on just how successful you should become as you follow the commands of the One."

"Why not transport us back home and then have the military forces on Earth deal with---

"To release the Dorion Adriakar to the might of your military forces---

"Orion, Admiral Manure!' Donald stromed madly. "This ship is . . . is a nightmare!"

"Do not interrupt me again, Commander April, or you may find yourself waking up in the morning in the brig!" Mazanurra snapped at him very stearnly. "And my name is Mazanurra!"

"Alright, we've got the mascara part down pat, but what about the commander stuff?" Marsha April asked as she gazed down at Andrew and Ben while the admiral rolled his alien eyes at her.

"Missis April, there are those of you that shall obtain a miltary rank, though however none of you shall represent any earthen military force while stationed here aboard the Dor . . . Orion." the admiral explained to her while gazing over at her husband.

"Then if I may ask, Admiral, what military are we going to be a part of?" Alexander Scott asked as he hoisted himself atop a nearby boulder and sat down upon it.

"The United Galactic Consortium Space Command, Commander Scott." Mazanurra answered.

"It is my own personal opinion that your world would use the . . . Orion to destroy itself first before it would think of destroying an alien enemy from another world."

"I'm glad that that's your own personal opinion if not our own." I said as I took a seat on the grassy ground beneath my feet.

"Well, we aren't trained or qualified and ready to take on any alien threat to the planet Earth or to any life sustaining planet in our galaxy for that matter." Donald informed the Uorexuan as I tried to fathom all of what had transpired since my abduction while worrying about Patricia, and the children. Now, I had not only them to worry about, and to take care of, it looked as if I would be worrying about and taking care of the entire galaxy, but not without a little help from my friends.

"We know what we are doing by letting you and the other earthlings take command of this ship." the admiral said as he stood there like a statue in front of us.

"Well, I'm glad that you do, Admiral, because as sure as I'm sitting here, I'm not so optimistic about the idea." I told him in all honesty.

"Perhaps after resting in your quarters you will be more refreshed and alert enough to review the red colored disk until you are, Captain Jackson!" Mazanurra replied, heatedly.

"Yeah, Robert, I've got to go and get cleaned up and so do you." April told me as he helped me up upon my feet. "Lord, I hope and pray that my alarm clock goes off soon, cause once I'm awake I'm making a vow to never eat another pizza for as long as I live."

"Aaah this little horror show has gone on for just a bit long don't you think, Donald, Robert, Alex!" Marsha April stormed at us. "I don't know how the three of you managed to get us into this haunted house, and how did you get . . . us . . . here . . . with out our . . . knowing about---

"Marsha,we didn't have anything to do with any of this" I replied as the three of us shook our heads no.

"You mean to tell me that . . . we're . . . really . . . up here . . . on a . . . on a . . . space ship?" she asked as the three of us shook our heads yes as Donald's son Martin came roller blading down the pathway with some newfound alien friends on some pretty outrageous looking skates.

"Hi dad, everyone." said Donald's son by his first marriage as he sat on the ground to remove his blades, along with his friends. "This place is really rad for roller blades, but how did we wind up here, where ever here is?"

"Pizza son, it was the pizza." Donald answered his son as he gazed upon the motley crew. "Had to be, couldn't have been any thing else."

"Ill have security escort you all to your quarters." Admiral Mazanurra said before motioning for a nearby alien guard to come over.

"I want to go home Donald." Marsha said as she clung to her husband while Andrew and Ben visited with Martin.

"You're not the only one Marsha." Alex Scott said as he lowered himself from the boulder.

I now sat on an alien commode in our quarters and stared at the oval bathroom door. This dream has got to come to an end and soon or else I've died and went to hell.

I could visualize the news paper headlines about me now as I sat there, seeing in bold print, man killed by a pizza. Of all the things to have to die from.

"Goodness Donald, you went and threw up all over yourself." my wife said as the oval door opened and she passed me a wash cloth.

"You would too if you were having the same dream as I am right now, Marsha." I told my nightmare wife as I stood up and wondered how one flushed an alien toilet as it commenced to flushing of it's own accord scaring the daylights out of me.

"Donald, I doubt very seriously, that we are dreaming." she told me as I stepped into what had better be a shower stall and not a transporter. But hey, in a nightmare, I wouldn't be a bit suprised, so, I thought to myself, self, pinch yourself really hard to find out if it hurts, and guess what happened before I could do so?

"Donald honey, I pinched myself, and it hurts!" she yelled to me from the other room. "So, I'm not dreaming."

Not to be outdone by a nightmare wife, I pinched myself.

"Darn, darn, darn, it does hurt when you pinch yourself in a dream." I yelled, just before the hot water jets hit me square in the chest. "Hot, hot, hot damn waaaaaaterrrrrr!" I screamed as I fumbled to find the cold water control.

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