All Aboard Dilemma I

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Kill Him Alex!

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



After traveling upon the stone inlaid foot paths and passing by different spieces of fellow galaxians from the thirteen or more solar systems that shared the ship with us, we finally wound up at our destination..

"This place is built right over the the river stream." Janice Jackson said as we took our seats at a table by a long oval bay window that over looked a small water fall below us.

"Yeah, nice view!" my brother David replied as he squeezed me up against the window as he sat down.

"David Crockett Jackson, I've taken just about all of the crap that I'm going to take off of you today, so---

"Are we going to start this bickering again, in front of our children and everybody else here!" Donald April belted out as he sat across the table from us, as I forced my brother to move over with my body.

"Alrighty then, Cro . . . magnon, I mean, Commander April, I'll leave him alone for now." David said as he punched me in the right arm. "That is if someone, body, or thing, tells me where in the sam hell we are!"

"I swear David, if you don't stop this---

"Hey, boy am I ever glad to see you guys." said a very familiar voice from behind me as I turned to make sure that it was who I thought it was, but before I could say a word, Donald yelled out.

"Kill him, Alex!"

"Do what!" my brother James Bowie Jackson stormed out as he took a seat at our table. "Where in the dickens are we anyway?"

"Just what in, our out of the garden, was in that pizza that you delivered yesterday evening, James?" Donald asked as he glared hatefully down the length of our table at my brother.

"You should know, Donald." James answered. "You ordered it the way you wanted it. And what's that have to do with where we are, anyhow?"

"You would ask---

"A lot!" Donald thundered as he stood up from his seat. "That's why you're here, in my nightmare now!"

"Huh, have you flipped your lid and lost a marble?" James asked as he gazed back at Donald. "Anyways, I didn't fix your pizza, I just delivered it to you, and on time too."

"Robert, it was your idea to have that pizza party at my house, wasn't it?" Donald said as he turned his gaze towards me while everyone at the table watched and listened, and snickered.

"Alex, kill Robert instead!"

"Here, let me help!" my brother David said as he commenced to choke me while the Uorexuan Admiral stood at the foot of the table, unanounced, and slid a hearing aid translator down the length of the table til it stopped directly in front of me. David then let go of me and I hurriedly placed the device into my left ear, because I didn't want to miss out on the words that the very observant Admiral had to say to us.

"I've been observing, as well as listening to, each, and everyone of you, and not only at this table." Kondulon Mazzanura said as he held both of his hands folded in front of himself. "If this is the way, that the human race of galaxians, from the planet Earth, treats one another, then I dare say, that the Zaleens will have nothing to worry about, when it comes to entertainment from their slaves, on your world, under their domination."

"Hey, look everybody, an albino Martian." my brother David said as he stood up from the table. "Why aren't you green?"

"Ah yes, Lieutenant Commander, David Crockett Jackson, of the security division aboard the Dori . . . Orion." Mazanurra said as he glanced over at David who fell back in his seat.

"What did the antenna head say, Robert?" he asked me, now looking at a loss for anything sarcastic to reply back to the admiral.

"Here, let me check your translator." I said as I made an attempt to see if it needed adjustment, not that I would know how, and David slapped my left hand away from his ear.

"No, there's nothing wrong with the damn thing!" David growled. "I just want to know if I heard the Martian right!"

"First of all Lieutenant Jackson, I am not a Martian, I am a Uorexuan." the admiral explained. "And secondly, I want everyone from Earth that's here in this galley right now, to take heed, and pay close attention to what I am about to tell you. Once you are through with your meals you will go to your quarters, and remain there,as all other areas of the ship will be off limits to you, until you have reviewed the red vid com disk, that at this time, is on the desk below each vid com monitor in your living units. Failure to comply will result in your spending the rest of your time on this ship in the brig, do I make myself clear on the matter David Jackson?"

"Tell me this, Admiral from Uranus, where in the hell are we, and when do we get to go home!" David roared as he picked up a roll and made his move towards the admiral while a group of beings, like the one that he had wrestled earlier, had gathered together on the other side of the galley. "Funs over, and the show has ended, Blondie!"

The crew member, that my brother had fought with, raised it's hand and pointed in our direction. They then decided, as a group, to walk across the room, in our direction and we all tensed up for our first bar room brawl aboard a starship.

"You, the big ugly one!" belched our fellow ship mate as David stuffed the roll into his mouth and reached out for the admiral's neck only to have his right hand smacked away from the admiral by the being from another world.

"U agin!" my brother said while chewing his mouth full of bread. "Wha u wan is ime?"

"Slorpan Sliver, our fight isn't over, Thrug Shalurtling!" the not so poor, nor defenseless little creature snapped back.

"Uh, wad he say?" David asked as he reached for the fur ball as he had called it. "I got the fight ain't over part though."

"Commander Adeez!" Mazanurra blaired loudly. "Lieutenant Jackson, cease your hostilities towards one another right now, or else you can both spend the rest of your time, on this vessel, in the brig, starting immediatly. Do the two of you understand me, Perinnan, Terran?"

"For now Admiral, yesss!" said Commander Adeez as he stared hatefully up at my brother David. "We will allow the Slorpan Sliver to live, for as long as he never crosses my path again, for if he does, he will be one less Thrug Shalurtling that the Zaleens, and I myself, have to worry about!"

"I am afraid Jalep, that this will not be possible, while the two of you both remain, aboard this ship, together." the admiral replied.

"No problem, Admiral." David said as he stared at Jalep Adeez with the same loving kindness as was shown to himself. "I'm ready for my dessert, and this Purnan looks mighty appetising. I could finish it off in one or two bites at the most . . . grrrrrr!"

"Jalep Adeez backed off a few paces and I thought that he was preparing to make a flying leap to my brothers throat, but he stood his ground and continued to glare hatefully at David Jackson.

"That's right, I eat Purnan Peanut Brains for dessert!" David spat back at the Perinnan.

"Slorpan Sliver, Thrug Shalurtling!" thundered the Perinnan as it spun on it's heels and shoved itself through the mass of fellow Perinnans and galaxians gathered at the Round River Galley. "We shall surely meet again, and alone perhaps."

"Who was that pip squeek, Admiral?" my brother asked as he walked over to retake his seat at our table.

"That pip squeek that you are referring to, is Commander Jalep Adeez, the chief commander of the security division aboard the Orion." Mazanurra explained. "And, is also your commanding officer."

David could handle his liquor to the last man standing, but upon hearing this, he hit the floor and had passed out stone cold. Mazanurra very calmly walked over to our table and grabbed up a glass of cold liquid and poured it in my brother's face, bringing him back around to reality.

"You alright brother?" our brother James asked as he reached down to help David up from the floor. "You don't look so good."

"I'll take care of Commander Adeez, and hopefully the rest of you can enjoy your meals without any more outburst of violence." the admiral said to us. "Afterwards, return directly to your quarters until further notification from me."

Admiral Mazanurra exited the galley without another word said, and David and James returned to take their seats with us at the table. I pressed a button on the table and a touch screen menu arose in front of me with a complete food index for every spieces aboard the ship. Naturally I chose the earthen cuisine which had been added shortly after the arrival of culinary chefs from all seven continents on the planet Earth, and not only that, it was written in english. David's appetite had diminished somewhat as he sat there with out uttering a single word for the rest of our time in the galley. No one dared bicker back and forth or start or join in a fight started by anyone else in the galley. It was now deathly quiet here after the little face-off between David and the chief of security. There wasn't even any music from any world at all being played in the galley on the over head speakers, if that's what they were. I turned around in my seat to face the table behind me and sought out and found my yeoman after finishing my meal.

"Captain Robert Andrew Jackson, and Commander Donald Sherman April, please be advised at this time, that you are to report to the bridge at seventeen hundred hours, earthen standard time, Admiral Kondulon Mazanurra, out." said the voice on those over head speakers.

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