All Aboard Dilemma I

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - On The Bridge

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



After contacting med bay and finding that Patricia was asleep, and resting well, and that the children were in capable hands, I then placed the red vid com disk into the player and sat back in my chair, and along with my yeoman who sat in a chair next to mine, we waited for the show to begin. Within seconds we were watching the Zaleens travel from one inhabited world to another taking the planets by peaceful surrender, or in all out bloody and devastating battles. Any resistance at all was met with death and obliteration as their punishment for disobedience. As worlds were blown apart, the lucky ones, or the survivors, got to watch from viewport windows in their cells aboard the Zaleen battle ships. Home worlds were all wiped completely out of exsistence because they refused to give in to their invaders. One alien vessel from a previously lost battle was sent to the next inhabited world, such as the Dorion Adriakar had been sent to Earth, prior to the Zaleen invasion forces showing up in their solar systems. Why not just show up and claim your next world win, lose, or draw, and forego the preliminaries? My only conclusion was that we were being monitored in some way, manner, and or fashion, for our strengths and weaknesses, but why, they never lost regardless of the outcome. So, why in the hell would they want to take the time to toy with us, and train us, to fight a loosing battle against them? Why the waste of time? David was right, about something not being right.

"Zaranazi, I've seen about as much of this red disk as I want to see in one day." I said as I stood in order to shut it down. "Enough of it, that is, to know that we'll either surrender peacefully to the Zaleens and become servants, or---

"Are you ready to go to the command bridge, Captain?" she asked.

"Why not." I answered as I shut down my vid com unit, and walked towards the oval entry door of my living unit and out into the busy corridor, while a short time later the oval elevator lift door zipped open and I stepped out and onto the upper deck of the Orion's massive bridge with Yeoman Zaranazi on my heels.

"Your late, Captain." Donald April said as Zaranazi and I joined him on the lower deck.

"Really now, me, late." I replied as I glanced briefly at my vid com watch. "Well, here we are, for better or for worse, Commander."

"Did you have to say or for worse." April replied as we began a tour of each station on the inner bridge. "I believe that I would enjoy our little adventure if not for the or for worse part."

The oval lift door parted and another of our earthly friends, who we hadn't had contact with in at least a thousand moons and a few minutes and half a life time, or so it seemed, stepped off of the lift and onto the upper deck of the bridge and froze, as if she had seen the devil, face to face while Zaranazi had decided to wander about the bridge.

"Laura, welcome aboard the Orion." Donald said in greeting as the two of us walked over to a set of steps that led from the lower to the upper portion of the bridge.

"I thought that it was hell, but if you want to call it the Orion, that will . . . how did we get---

"Sis, did you happen, by any chance what so ever, have a chance to look at the red vid com disk in your quarters?" I asked as she stood there, unmoving.

"If you mean the red d.v.d. , oh yeah, I sure did, and that's why I want to go home and dig a deep hole and bury myself in it till it's all over. Please tell me that this is just a very bad dream or a night---

"Don't say nightmare, or else Donald will tell you that it's all happening because of a pizza that we ate." I told her as Donald just shrugged his shoulders.

"If we aren't having a nightmare, we can kiss our . . . selves goodbye." April told her as the lift doors parted yet again to allow another old friend entry onto the bridge.

"Helmsman, they said, you're going to pilot this ship, they said!" said Steven Allen Davis, aloud, and to himself, as he stepped onto the bridge, bumping into Laura Andrews.

"Oh shit, aliens that look like old friends from my high school days. Damn, what a hangover I'm having. Lord, I swear, if you'll let me wake up in the morning in my own bed, I'll never take another drink again, cross my heart and fingers and all that other hope to die---

"Hello, Stephus." Donald said as he interrupted our friend.

"Oh no, it even sounds like April, and it even called me Stephus." Davis rattled on.

"Still don't know where you're going, do you Steve?" Laura asked as she moved a step or two away from him so that she could size him up.

"I'm in hell!" Steve cried out upon seeing who he had bumped into. "Hell has found me for sure!"

"What was in that last drink I had that killed me?'' Davis asked as he sat down on the steps between the upper and lower deck of the bridge. "And why me?"

"Laura, what posistion did they pen on you?" I asked as I gazed down at Steve, noticing that he held his face with both hands while his elbows rested on his knees.

"Communications Officer." Laura answered as she stepped down to the lower deck, toeing Steve with her right foot. "But I think that I'd make a better helmsman than Steve."

Are you guys really April, Jackson, and Laura, Laura . . . whatever your last name is now?" Davis asked as he gazed up at us.

"Yes, it's us Stephus." Donald answered. "And something tells me that you may not have had a chance to see the red disk that---

"Oh I saw the damn thing alright." Davis replied. "Talk about a sobering and make you want to get drunk again experience of waking up in your bed and having an alien from Lost In Space staring down into your face. It would have made Doctor Smith proud to have heard my screams of unholy terror."

"I don't doubt it." Laura replied as she gazed down at him.

"Okay, where the devil am I supposed to sit on this ship of the damned?" Davis said as he lifted his head.

"Over there, and Steve, don't touch anything yet!" Donald answered as he pointed with his right hand to the helm station.

"We're as good as dead if he's driving Donald's nightmare." Laura said as she looked for her station on the bridge.

"No pizza or liquor is that good, or that bad to have---

"Robert, Donald, sorry for the interruption, butI think that we've got a grand scale problem that none of us are going to be able to allieviate." Alexander William Scott said as the oval lift door parted. and he. along with two other non terran beings, stepped off of the lift and onto the command bridge. One of them walked over to the helm station while the other one went to the communications station. Alex came and joined us as we stood near the steps.

"This is going to be one fix or tight spot that will take everyone of us---

"Straight to hell!" Steven Davis thundered as he staggered to the helm station, falling into his chair.

"Is that Davis?" Alex asked.

"Yes, what's left of him." Laura Andrews replied as she took her seat on the bridge.

Davis just waved back at Alex and nodded before looking down at his console while the alien crew member pointed out something to him.

"If what we've seen on our red disk, and what the admiral has told us is indeed the truth or actual fact, then our own home world is in for a very rude awakening, especially if we are unable to fulfill our duties and come out of this alive." Alex said, explaining what we already knew to be the truth of the matter.

"Then you don't believe that I'm dreaming all of this, or all of us, up?" Doanald asked as he leaned over and onto the railing that circumferenced the bridge.

"I would like to know for sure, but may the Lord help us all if it's not a nightmare." Alex answered as the admiral came in onto the bridge and gazed over to find his niece, sitting at the sciences station, quietly observing us.

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