All Aboard Dilemma I

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Proving A Point

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"Donald, Alex, I pray that our galaxian crew members know exactly what they're doing, by making me their captain. It should have been your posistion, Donald." I said as I glanced over at the admiral, who happened to be looking directly over at us.

"Thanks, but no, Captain." Donald April replied. "At any other time, other than now, I might agree whole heartedly with you Robert, but I feel more at ease manning the sciences computer station."

"I understand." I said as I turned to Alex Scott. "And what about you Alex?"

"Me, a captain?" Alex asked as he slapped me on the back. "I'm the weapons and defense engineer, and it'll take the likes of me to contend with the likes of your brother David, should he go on the rampage again."

"I can see your point too." I replied, as the being who stood at the communications station had a view of the Earth, up on the four vid screens above the outer bridge stations.

"Why's the admiral just standing there like a wooden indian---

"Admiral on the bridge!" April yelled out as he snapped to attention along with Alex, the others and myself, that is, everyone but Steven Davis.

"So what, do you have to yell?" Steve yelled back at us as he turned in his seat. "I've got a splitting headache the size of . . . who the hell is that!"

"At ease everyone." the admiral ordered before walking down the three steps to the lower deck of the bridge and striding over to where we stood. "As you were."

"Admiral, has any of our world leaders seen the red vid com disk that we've been introduced to in our quarters?" I asked as I stood before him.

"Before they do Captain, I need to know what's going on in your mind?" he asked.

"My own personal opinion is that we don't have a third option to tell the Zaleens to go away and leave us the hell alone." I answered. "Understand me Admiral, when I say that I fail to understand, why our enemy just dosen't show up unannounced and take possession of our world without giving us any warning. That is what I am having a major problem under---

"Well, I'm in no damn hurry for them to come any sooner!" Commander April stormed at me. "If that's what you're---

"Admiral, let me get this ironed out for all of us here." I said overlooking Donald's outburst. "You have beaten the Zaleens here by one earthen year, to warn us, if not to prepare us, for a war that we'll not win, in an uncertain future, alive as servants on Earth, or somewheres else, wishing that we were dead, as slaves, because our home world got blown to smithereens. Not a very pretty picture, either way you want to paint it."

"Admiral, I can't see the Orion going up against a fleet of Zaleen battle ships coming at us from all different directions, for one of them alone, by itself, would be efficient enough, to destroy us." Commander Scott replied.

"So, is there something else that you're withholding from us, Admiral Malaria, sir." Commander April added.

"You may as well draw me a detailed map of this damn thing, because two minutes from now I'll have forgotten everything!" Lieutenant Steven Davis thundered at his alien instructor.

"I hope that your insurance is paid up to date on this ship if he's going to be our fly boy." Lieutenant Laura Andrews said from her station.

"Sweetie, after I get the hang of this, I'll be able to fly around the rings of Saturn." Davis replied from the helm.

'I'm not your sweetie, and if you so much as---

"We're going to get along really swell as a team Admiral." April said as he watched Steve turn back to his console while waving us off. "My, what a pizza."

"Let me assure you, Commander April, that what you consumed the night of your being brought here, has in no way altered your mind, nor it's ability to function properly, as it should." the admiral replied. "All of this . . .

Mazanurra stopped short and stomped his right foot down hard on the deck floor before he gave Donald a hard shove throwing him into Alex who along with Donald knocked me over and we all tumbled like dominos to the deck flooring.

. . . is very very real, earthlings!"

Steven Davis came quickly to his feet and shoved his instructor out of the way before springing up and over the helm station to leap onto the admiral, who swatted him away as if he were a fly. Alex tried the same tactic from Mazanurra's backside and was tossed off with a flip.

"Alex, Steve, enough already!" I ordered as Donald and I helped one another to our feet. "The admiral was trying to prove a point, or soI think."

Catching the admiral and all of us off guard, Donald tackled Mazanurra like a frieght train plowing an animal off of its tracks, and bowled him off of his feet and he landed flat on his back with a hard thump as Donald rolled over the top of him like a bowling ball that had struck it's pin dead on.

"Donald, that little skirmish that we got into earlier today with David when he slamed us up onto the corridor wall outside of our quarters, should have woke us up and told us something!" I thundered.

"It did, I just needed the exercise." Donald said as he now knelt out of breath beside Steven Daviswho still lay flat on his back.

"You okay Steve?" Donald asked as he helped Steven Davis to sit upright.

"Don't know for sure, I think so." Davis answered. "Boy does that Martian ever pack a punch like Laura."

"You're pushing it Steve!" Laura growled as she arose from her seat while the admiral got back upon his feet.

"I don't believe that he's hurt to bad, gentlemen." Admiral Mazanurra said as he extended his hand to Steve and he pulled him to his feet as if it were effortless. "And the name is Mazanurra, Commander April."

"Well, Robert, Donald, Alex, Laura, how the heck are you?" Davis said nervously. "It's been an awful long time."

"Awful is right, Lieutenant Davis." I said. "Considering the fact that we're a bunch of misfits abducted aboard an alien space ship on our one way trip into oblivion."

"Howdy, Donny Boy, how's it going man?" Davis asked before he passed out cold on the deck.

"This is going to be one hell of a vacation." April said. "I can see that right now."

"Well, Admiral, what's next?" I asked as I stood facing him."

"Your ready room, Captain." the admiral answered. "Instructors are waiting patiently for the rest of you at your stations, and Andrews, call for a medic, and Lieutenant Javreen, to come to the bridge."

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