Back Aboard Dilemma II

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"Admiral Jackson, Commodora Tawn, i hope that the two of you rested well." the president of the Consortium, and former admiral and captain of the Orion, Davadra Adriakar said, as she walked over and prepared to take a seat next to the present admiral and former captain of the Orion, Robert Jackson, as both he and Valakadria Tawn sat at the officers table.

"As a matter of fact, i feel almost as good as new, thank you for asking, Davadra." the admiral replied as he stood up and held her chair for her before she sat down.

"Yes, i felt as if i had slept in the arms of an old friend that i have missed for the past thirteen years." Commodora Valakadria Tawn said carelessly as she took her seat, watching as Robert Jackson's face turned a crimson red.

"The Orion has that effect on me as well." said Doctor Barbara Henderson as she took her seat, having noticed Robert's face also, along with a few of the others that sat or stood nearby.

"Was it with my father, Valakadria?" Amber Jackson asked before she burst into laughter along with Eric, Summer, and a few of the other younger crewmembers.

"Amber, that's not a very nice thing to ask of our guest!" Counselor Davrina Adriakar said heatedly as everyone within earshot of the table had heard.

"Counselor, Amber asked a question in, as you call it, fun, but, i will answer her question in, as i call it, the truth," said Commodora Tawn as the admiral gave her a death stare.

"Thirteen years have passed since we were parted, and with those passing years, we have all grown older, if not the wiser." Valakadria said as ears tuned in to her every word.

"I was thirty earthen standard years of age old when Commander David Jackson fought with, and apprehended, me seventeen years ago. By this time i had been away from my home world of Zaleena for six hundred and twenty eight earthen standard years. I was in suspended animation for six hundred and twenty two of those years." she explained as they all sat and listened, especially Tori Dawn Buckingham.

"Today, seventeen years later, i am forty-six earthen standard years of age old, though however, i have now been on the run, and away from my own home world, for six hundred and forty five years." she continued as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"Amber, your father and i were sworn enemies before we ever met, and for a short time thereafter." she said as Amber tuned in on every word.

"For six months your father lay in med-bay on this very ship, recovering from a near fatal wound that i had inflicted upon him, indirectly. For those same six months i lay in a cell in the brig, on this very ship, suffering and hovering at the brink of a death that i would have welcomed with very weak and fragile arms." she further explained.

If not for the one, that i came here seventeen years ago to destroy, then i would not be here to tell you, and you would not be here to listen, so, i tell you the truth, yes Amber, it was your father that i've missed for the past thirteen years." Valakadria told Amber Jackson as the tears flowed like twin water falls from her eyes, while she shoved her chair back and arose and ran from the table and the galley, only to run right smack into Commander David Jackson who had been standing there, listening to every single word that issued from the Zaleen Commodora's mouth.

David Jackson took her gently by the arm, which in itself, was very unusual, and led her from the galley while all heads turned towards the admiral.

"I'm the one to blame for this." Doctor Henderson stated as all heads turned towards her.

"No, you’re not, i am." Admiral Jackson replied, and all heads turned back towards him.

"Valakadria came to my room enquiring about Tori Buckingham---

"And Tori wanted to know about Valakadria." Candy Jackson Simmons said, having interrupted her brother and eyes now shifted towards her.

"So, my half sister slept with you to find out about Victoria Buckingham?" Davadra asked as she turned to face the admiral, who sighed and held his face in his hands, rubbing his next on coming headache with his fingers.

"For yours and everyone else's information," Jackson said calmly as everyone listened. "I don't feel like eating breakfast right now."

"And, all we did, was sleep." he told them as he shoved his chair back from the table in order to go find Valakadria.

"There's a briefing room on the backside of the command section," he stated as he looked out over the table.

"Everyone with enquiring minds will meet me there, in an hour, after i've contacted the fleet to rendezvous with us in the Glammadren star system." the admiral said as he left the galley.

"Doctor Henderson, explain?" asked Davadra as she bore her sights on her.

"Valakadria and Robert slept well." Henderson told them as she to, shoved her chair back in order to leave the galley.

"I've got a meeting to attend in an hour, so, i must get prepared." she added as she made her way across the galley floor while Amber gazed across the table at Davadra.

**** A Short While Later ****

"Just tell me and i'll go away and leave you to cry the whole damned Round River full of tears!" David Jackson stormed as harshly as usual, though however, he did promise to go away and leave her be if she would answer his question truthfully.

"Alright, anything to get you to leave me alone!" Valakadria stormed back as Keletivia stood ready to attack Jackson, if only she could, for Alexander Scott held a ray pistol at her back.

"Ah ... ah ... ah ... ah, not anything woman, just the right thing." Commander Jackson told her as they stood near a tramway tower in Round Forest.

"Yes, David Jackson," Valakadria thundered in his face. "And i don't care what you, or anyone else on this one way trip into oblivion thinks about it!"

"That's all i wanted to know." Commander Jackson said as calmly as if he were talking to a child, while they stood nose to nose. "I'm going to go away and leave you alone now." David told her as he motioned for Alex to lower his weapon.

"I could kill the both of you if he wasn't---

"Stand down, Keletivia!" Valakadria commanded as she tried to control her own rage, interrupting her security officer.

"I don't doubt that, out of either one of you, in the least bit." Commander Jackson said as his brother Robert headed in their direction after having contacted the fleet just to find out that Davadra had already beaten him to the punch.

"I'll be seeing the both of you at the briefing, come along Alex." David Jackson ordered as he and Alex stepped through the oval door of the tower and on to the lift.

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