Back Aboard Dilemma II

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Chapter 23 (v.1)

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



Valakadria Tawn stood alone with Robert Jackson in the command section briefing room. Both of them were gazing out the oval view port window at the round forest sciences section of the ship, but their minds were not on the breath taking view. Valakadria's eyes had welled up with tears that fell and trickled down her cheeks as she turned to face the admiral of the galactic fleet in the consortium of inhabited worlds. Robert Jackson gazed into the eyes of the commanding officer of the Zaleen battle cruiser destroyer, Kalaketvia Tawn.

"As much as i would wish it to be otherwise, i have to make the trip to Glammadren with my crew and Ambassador Tekka, in order to save every innocent galaxian in our galaxy." Valakadria explained to him. "And you have no other choice but to escort us there." she said as she leaned back against the window.

"And as much as i sincerely hate the idea of having to do so, your right." Robert Jackson replied. "It is the only way to prevent the new empire and the consortium from going to war. I wish that there were another way of saving---

"There isn't Admiral, Robert," she informed him. "Keletivia, Dara, and the rest of my crew are at our end and there's absolutely nothing that you nor the crew of this ship can do to prevent the inevitable from happening."

"Off the record, how was it that i was able to win you over and not Empress Vohay---

"Kalindra Vohaydren is a full blooded Zaleen with no mind or heart for her enemies. Her only goal in life is to divide, conquer, and dominate worlds and their inhabitants, without regards as to who or whatever gets in her way, and tries to stop her ... and why am i having this conversation with you ... there's nothing that you can do for us, except to take us to her, for our disposal." Valakadria said as the admiral sat on the edge of the conference table.

"Your disp ... your disp ... damned it all to hell!" he thundered.

"You can't always get the girl ... or at least that's somewhat of how your brother David explained it to me." she told him as she shoved herself away from the oval window glass.

"Just how did he explain it to you exactly, Val?" Robert Jackson asked as he stood.

"We were discussing you of course," she replied.

"Naturally." he said as he walked over and took Valakadria in his arms.

"David, i mean, Commander Jackson came out and told me that i couldn't always get the guy ... meaning you of course." Valakadria went on to explain as she let Robert Jackson hold her.

"Well, it's not that i don't want to be caught, Val," he said as he lightly brushed her tears away while they stood there alone together. "I've got some very serious responsibilities that are of the utmost importance, and anything else at this time will have to wait."

"I know," she replied. "How many times have i heard you tell me ... and there you go again---

"Hey!" Jackson roared. "I didn't---

"Just deliver us to the empress, Admiral," Valakadria said as she pushed herself away from him. "After that, your responsibilities won't be as serious or so important any---

"No!" Jackson blasted. "They'll be magnified, because if that Zaleen witch so much as ... i'll kill her myself if i have to ride the Orion down her phasonic emitter shaft in order to---

"You really do love me, don't you Robert Andrew?" Valakadria said as she drew closer to him and stared him straight in the eyes.

"Yes, i do, and i always have." he finally told her, without saying, just as friends only. "That's why it's making it difficult for me to just throw you to the she spider and then be done with those very serious responsibilities of the utmost importance that i have."

"Me," Valakadria whispered in his ear. "But, it has to be done. As i said, i have to make the trip to---

"I know what you said," Jackson cut in to say. "It still doesn't mean that i have to like the idea."

"No, it doesn't." Valakadria Tawn replied. "And, it doesn't mean that i have to like saying it."

"Well, let's see what the Zanarian counsel has to tell us at Consortium headquarters," he told her.

**** Meanwhile ****

"You damned betcha i'm tagging along!" stormed security chief Commander David Jackson as he slung a ray rifle over his shoulder. "I bagged Valakadria Tawn seventeen years ago, and if i'm lucky again this time, i'll bag Kalin ... whatever the hell her name is!"

"This is not a massive rescue operation like the last time, David." Candy Simmons said as she sat on her brother’s couch next to Tori Buckingham.

"Yeah, that may be!" her brother belted out. "But, it's the same old me, and---

"Old is right, David." James Jackson said as he sat on the right arm of the couch next to their sister Candice.

"Look at it this way," David said in a calmer but still deeper tone of voice. "I've beat myself in the head a few times already for having come to this dim witted conclusion. I've never came to ... what's that word ... love, that's it, love Valakadria Tawn, the way that you all seem to, but, she's had the hots for our brother Robert for ... hell ... he may have for her, but regardless, she's in a fix, and i for one am going to fix the problem, with or without your help." he told everyone that he had invited to his and Tiffany's quarters aboard the Orion, as she passed out drinks to their family members and friends.

"You can count me in." Tori Buckingham said, getting Candy's undivided attention.

"You’re both crazy!" Candy Jackson Simmons blared, as she tore herself up and off the couch. "It's suicidal! It's just to damned risky!"

"It's suicidal and risky by our being millions ... I mean billions of miles, from Earth," Tori replied still keeping her seat on the plush alien couch. "But, you can still count me in."

"Do we do it just like last time Davy?" Steven Davis asked as his feet swung up and off of David Jackson's desk that set beneath the wall mounted vid-screen. He then spun himself around to face the others, while taking a drink from Tiffany's tray in the process.

"Why, with your expertise at flying, and with my familiarity with old Betsy here, its going to be a no brainer," David Jackson answered.

"No brains is right!" Candy Simmons bellowed. "I can't believe this ... out of any of you. Help me out here, Jim!"

"Listen sis," her brother David quickly said before his younger brother Jim could jump back in and have his say. "Space is the new frontier, where a man of my caliber can live up to his namesake. I mean, where would Davy Crockett be if he had of stayed home?"

"Alive!" Candy boomed.

"Very funny sis," David Crockett Jackson said as he shook his head in disgust.

"Well," James Bowie Jackson replied as he gazed over at his brother. "You did ask."

**** Zanaria ****

"Your coming here serves no purpose, other than to delay that which must be done, in order to prevent a full scale war from breaking out in our galaxy, Admiral Jackson, Madame President Adriakar." said the unitor of the planet Zanaria as he stood behind a podium in the central rotunda of the United Inter Galactic Consortium of Inhabited Worlds headquarters.

"Unitor Zonalua," Jackson said as he stood before the Zanarian leader. "A Zaleen battle cruiser destroyer orbits the planet Glammadren, on this side of, and i repeat myself, on this side of the neutral zone, in violation of the treaty between their empire and the Consortium of Inhabited Worlds, and we do nothing about it."

"Admiral Jackson," Zonalua said in reply as he gazed down at the galactic fleet admiral. "A Zaleen battle cruiser destroyer orbits the planet Zanaria, on this side of the neutral zone, in violation of the treaty between their empire and the Consortium of Inhabited Worlds. Now, we would ask that you escort it along with it's crew and commander to Glammadren and relinquish any feelings that you once had, have now, or will ever have, in the future, for ValakadriaTawn. If you do not, then the queen empress of Zaleena, Kalindra Vohaydren, has assured the Consortium that a war is forth coming. Valakadria Tawn and Dara Tekka are to be considered, along with the entire ship’s compliment, aboard the Kalaketvia Tawn, enemies of both the Zaleen Empire and the Consortium, to be returned to Glammadren and released over to the empress. This ... Admiral Jackson ... is the decision ... of the consortium counselate. There will be no more discussion on the matter, as this meeting is adjourned."

"You are to conduct whatever business you may have, while here on the planets surface, and then you will be escorted from our solar system at the conclusion of your business," the blond haired Zanarian female said as she stood, and took over, behind the podium. "All enemies of the Consortium and the planet Zanaria are denied access---

"Fine!" thundered Admiral Jackson, just milliseconds before President Adriakar began tugging at his shirt. "As of now, the planet Zanaria will have no more protection by the galactic fleet, whatsoever, for the fleet will be escorting the Kalaketvia Tawn and the Orion to the Glammadren system! Let's go, for we have no more business here."

"Admiral Jackson," the unitor of Zanaria said as he walked up to him. "Worry not, for help ... is ... on its way, and after you have completed your current mission, your services to the consortium, and to the fleet, will no longer be needed, nor neccessary."

"I'm taking Valakadria, Keletivia, and Dara, to their deaths ... and ... you ... tell me not to worry, because help is on it's---

"It's not for them Admiral, it's for the benefit of the consortium." the unitor explained as he placed a hand on Jackson's shoulder. "You see, the Zaleens must all perish if this galaxy is to see peace of any kind in the near future. Then, shortly after the problem with the Zaleens has been taken care of, we'll concentrate on the Dorkonians next."

"And just how are all the Zaleens going to be taken care of, Unitor Zonalua?" Jackson said as he removed the Zanarian's hand from his shoulder.

"Help will arrive shortly, from afar, Admiral. I'll say no more, except to warn you, to stay out of their way when they get here." Zueaston Zonalua warned the admiral before walking off to speak with someone else.

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