Being Aboard Dilemma 1.5

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

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* Seventeen *

"Doctor, I'll admit that I acted like a thirteen-year-old insubordinate and out of line horses rear end with Davadra, Davrina and Sathrana, when I at the first declined the admiralty of the fleet." Jackson informed her.

"I know nothing about that, but do continue on with your story." she said as she listened to his heartbeat.

"I'll admit to jumping to the wrong conclusions about Valakadria and a few other friends since I've arrived back aboard the Orion." Jackson told her.

"Okay." she said, handing him his translator back.

"I'll admit to being a part time parent and or no parent at all to my children," Jackson continued as he placed the hearing aid translator back into his left ear.

"You've been a very busy man." she told him.

"I've gone for thirteen years without any contact with my extraterrestrial family and friends." he stated.

"Davadra and Valdara?" she asked as she continued to pick, poke, and probe, the admiral in more ways than one.

"Yes, if you really must know!" Jackson said somewhat irritated.

"Robert, this is your story." she quickly let him know.

"I'm in love with Rea Warner, but now would be a hell of a time to let her know it. Of course then was a hell of a lot better time than now. And considering that I now have a fifteen year old daughter by and with an off world---

"I blame Davadra for that." Henderson voiced her opinion, having interrupted him.

"I couldn't let Davadra die!" Jackson said as he heated up again.

"No, you couldn't, could you." she replied.

"Then there's Victoria Dawn Buckingham." Jackson said.

"I can't wait to hear you explain that red headed bombshell." Henderson told him, point blank.

"I take it that you don't like her." Jackson said.

"I don't know how to take her." Henderson replied.

"To me, my festive, feverish, forgiving, fun filled friend, is a foolhardy, farsighted, fastidious, free spirited, fiery, flirtatious, feline flower, on miracle grow that's wilting fast without a future ahead of her." Jackson explained to the doctor.

"You could have made it simple and told me that she's a beautiful spring flower ... in full bloom ... being burned up by the summer sunshine of life." Henderson said, very slowly.

"It just doesn't describe her as well as telling you that she's a foolhardy, farsighted---

"Jackson, I get the picture quiet clearly!" she boomed as she checked his reflexes a little harder than she should have.

"Ouch, damn it, Doc!" he uttered in a bit of pain.

"You tell me that she's fading fast without a future?" Henderson asked.

"So am I," Jackson said in a bit of pain. "If I keep you for a personal physician very much longer!"

"About Tori Buckingham?" she asked to change the subject from one hurt to another.

"Well, it's like this Doctor," Jackson began. "She finds the right man in her life and---

"He turns out to be mister wrong, am I right?" she asked, interrupting him again.

"I thought that you said that this was Robert's story. " Donald said as he listened in from the other room.

"Barbara Jane, will you hurry up and get this interrogation over with. I really have to contact the fleet!" Jackson said in a huff.

"Yes, you were telling me about Buckingham?" she asked inquisitively as she walked over to close the oval door, shutting April out.

"Why don't you just interrogate her yourself, Doc!" Jackson blasted.

"And the point that your trying to make? " Henderson asked.

"The point is that you'd make a better bar tender than a doctor," he stated. "Can I go now?"

"No, I'm not finished with you. You’re not resting well. Are you getting enough sleep?" she asked.

"Not really," he answered sighing, and in a defeated tone of voice as he rubbed his left temple. "How can I, when the dreams and nightmares come back night after night to haunt me?"

"Robert Jackson, I'm going to have you admitted under my care until you've had the proper amount of rest that you require or else," she informed him.

"Or else what, Doctor?" Jackson asked seriously worried.

"Or else you are going to be burned up by the summer sunshine of life, Admiral." she answered.

"Barbara, Davadra needs me and the crew---

"We all need you to be well rested for what's to come. So that you can be your old self again." she replied, interrupting him yet one more time.

"Old is right, where's my bed Doc?" Galactic Fleet Admiral Robert Andrew Jackson asked, as he about dosed off to sleep on the exam table while talking to Doctor Henderson.

"Yes, Davadra, the admiral is resting soundly, thanks to Commander April," Henderson informed the president of the consortium.

"As his personal counselor, I wish to be kept informed about the admiral, Doctor Hender---

"We'll manage without him for as long as we know that he's going to be alright and rested up, come show time." Captain Sathrana Celane added as she abruptly interrupted Davrina.

"David Jackson is keeping a close watch over his newly recruited niece, and Eric is in Engineering." Davrina Adriakar told the doctor. "And their counselors are nearby, may the heavens help Commander Jackson's."

"As long as he's in my care, Robert Jackson will be fine," Henderson told them all as the screen went blank on her vid-com unit.

"I most sincerely hope so, for your sake and the sake of the crew of the Orion," said Valakadria Tawn as she stepped out of her room into Henderson's.

"Valakadria, you scared the life out of me!" Henderson said as a tingle of fear shot up her spine.

"Not as much as we're all going to have it scared out of us Doctor." Valakadria Tawn stated before turning to go back to her bed, leaving Henderson to ponder over her statement.

"I've never been so picked at, pulled at, poked at, pushed at, and prodded, by anyone other than you on our wedding night, as I was in Med Bay---

"Donald Sherman April, I spent the night on our bedroom floor, while you, wound up hogging the whole bed to yourself, on our wedding night." Marsha April said as she smacked him hard on the right arm while they both sat on the couch in their quarters.

"Ouch Marsha, that hurts!" April uttered as she upped and went to their bed in the next room.

"Marsha, I was just telling you about how bad Doctor Henderson treated me in med-bay earlier!" he yelled from the living room cubicle.

"You've got the whole couch to yourself so that I don't hurt you, honey!" Marsha April yelled back at her husband.

"Hey, I was only kidding with you Marsha, sweetie!" he yelled back.

"I wish that you would grow up Donald!" she yelled right back.

"Growing up is hell." he said more or less to himself.

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