Being Aboard Dilemma 1.5

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Chapter 22 (v.1)

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* Twenty - Two *

"Valakadria, explain how a Zaleen and a Delindrian can have the same father, when it took you six hundred and twenty two years just to reach Delindria from Zaleena, in suspended animation?" Tori asked as a few minds in the room started thinking.

"Our father, Iylerra Tawn, was a Dorkonian, from the planet Dorkon." Valakadria explained to everyone who may and may not have known this.

"My father met my mother, Kalaketvia DhuleVahgen, in the Zaleen year thirty nine hundred and twelve, and I was born in the Zaleen year thirty nine hundred and fourteen, which at that time would have been the earthen year thirteen hundred and thirty four." she continued as eyebrows shot up all around the room.

"That was one hundred and fifty-eight years before Columbus discovered America!" Commander April exclaimed aloud. "Hell, she's six hundred and sixty nine years old!" he added just as loudly, causing everyone to gaze at him.

"Commander!" Davadra stormed.

"Sorry." April said as he did his math more personally to himself.

"Continue on, Valakadria." Davadra commanded.

"My mother's father became furious, and ... I'm forty-six Terran years of age old, Commander April." Valakadria said glancing over at the first officer.

"My mother's father became furious, and vowed to search for and to kill my father for leaving us to die." she continued as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"To die, Valakadria?" Admiral Jackson asked. "Explain."

"Our sun was dying, Admiral, so we set out in our sleeper ships when I was twenty-four earthen years of age, to find a new home, and my father." Valakadria answered.

"We knew that the Dorkonian's shared the same orbit, as did our planet Zaleena, on the far side of our dying sun." Valakadria went on to enlighten everyone in the room. "They refused to help us find my father, so, my mother's father warred with the Tawn family, and we nearly destroyed each other looking for him."

"He had escaped on a Dorkonian sleeper ship." she further went on to tell her story. "We managed to journey the six hundred and twenty two years that took us to the seven world systems, destroying these worlds, because they would not let us settle there!" Valakadria thundered from her seat.

"My mother's father settled us on the planet known as Delindria, and they, the Delindrian's, welcomed us with open arms, while our father Iylerra Tawn, masquerading secretly as Jaeluken Adriakar, fathered Dorion, Davadra and Davrina, for he had arrived on Delindria many years before us." Valakadria said as Admiral Jackson and the others listened to her.

"You Zaleen's started this damned war just because you had no place to live!" Commander Jackson blasted from his chair.

"We destroyed Andulon, Corellkalon, Nurella-Mega, Perinna, Sanarta, Talmurra, Uda-Thane, Uorexua, and finally, Delindria itself, as well as countless others, in part because of my father, the Dorkonian, Iylerra Tawn, who left my mother and myself to die on a doomed world over six hundred and forty some earthen years ago, and he did nothing to help us." Valakadria told them.

"These worlds were being wiped completely out of existence over an elusive father?" Tori Buckingham asked as she walked over to the conference table.

"The Zaleens arrived when six of those worlds were at war with the seventh world of Sanarta." Davadra stated.

"Our father never told us that he was an off worlder with a price on his head and the blood of his former family on his hands." Counselor Davrina added.

"Shortly after the Zaleen's arrived, our brother, Dorion Adriakar was killed in the Sanartan Imperial War, while I was yet the captain of this ship, named in his memory." Davadra informed them.

"Iylerra Tawn, from the planet Dorkon, arrived on the planet Delindria, twenty-nine years ahead of Kattherras DhuleVahgen, the father of Kalaketvia Tawn." Ambassador Kamadees explained as everyone tried to piece together, the Zaleen, Dorkonian, and Delindrian histories.

"What do you know of Zaleenian history?" Tori asked, now turning to the ambassador.

"Outside of a chosen few, and Admiral Jackson, everyone knows me as Dara Kamadees," the ambassador answered as Robert Jackson took Davadra's hand in his once more.

"I am Dara Kamade Tekka, from Zaleena, sent aboard the Orion seventeen years ago to kill the earth man, Robert Jackson, spoken of, in Delindrian prophecy," she informed everyone.

Commander David Jackson and Commander Alexander Scott both stood at the same time and withdrew their side arms.

"Commander's, holster your weapons and be seated." Admiral Jackson ordered. "The ambassador no longer poses us any threat or harm."

"I prefer that things stay that way, that is, if you don't have any objections, Admiral? " Commander Jackson asked as he walked around the table to stand behind Dara Kamadees.

"Commander Jackson fails to understand ...that I am no longer a threat." the ambassador told them as they sat listening.

"Perhaps what we are really failing to realize Zaleen, is that you, the enemy, has lied to us ...all this time!" David Jackson stormed as he made ready to lay hands on her.

"Commander Jackson, stand down, and leave her be." his brother, the admiral ordered.

"As you wish, dear brother." David Jackson said as he backed away. "As you wish."

"After finding that Valakadria's father had eluded them or had escaped, the Zaleen's put themselves into suspended animation for a six hundred and twenty two year long trip to these worlds that would not give them a home," Tori Buckingham said as things returned somewhat to normal. "And at some future point in time, while Iylerra Tawn was found to be masquerading as Jaeluken Adriakar, the Zaleen's obtained the Delindrian's phase warp drive technology and incorporated it into their battle cruiser destroyers."

"The Zaleen's then traveled to the other worlds, taking them by utter force and enslaving the civilizations that inhabited them, and then, whenever resisted, as they were, they killed those inhabitants and destroyed their planets,"Davadra Adriakar added as everyone was taught a history lesson in the briefing room aboard the Orion starship.

"It's somewhere around about this time that the Zanarian's sent out their mental distress call to the planet Earth, in the early nineteen hundred and seventies, to prepare a select group of chosen believers in extraterrestrial life for the then unexpected future visitation, in nineteen hundred and eighty six, by the Delindrian star ship Dorion Adriakar, and the Zaleen battle ship Iylerra Tawn, and that, was seventeen years ago, give or take a month or two." Commander April further added.

"When I was thirty earthen years of age old, my mother and I, entered the orbit of Earth's moon, in the earthen year nineteen hundred and eighty six, on the Iylerra Tawn." Valakadria Tawn told everyone. "We then sent the Dorion Adriakar, to orbit Earth, to obtain or collect most of, if not all of, the crew that is aboard her now, thirteen years later, in the earthen year two thousand and three."

"Delindrian prophecy foretold of a savior on this third and only inhabited world, in the system where a ringed planet orbits it's sun," Counselor Davrina Adriakar said as she educated those in the room that knew nothing about this particular prophecy. "And that savior was and still is, Robert Andrew Jackson."

"Just how many lies are we going to have to sort out before we get to the truth!" Commander April thundered, as he came up and out of his chair while his best friend, Robert Jackson sat with his elbows on the conference table, hands folded and with thumbs to his mouth in deep thought.

"You mean that after all these years you still believe that my brother Robert is the savior of the Delindrian's, when he's more of a puppet on a very thin string!" Commander David Jackson thundered as well.

Robert Jackson calmly and silently stood up from his chair and motioned with his sore hand that everyone pay him attention.

"From that very first night, that we set our feet and eyes on this ship, seventeen years ago, we were only taught as much as was necessary, for us to complete our part, of the still ongoing, and continuously unfolding mission, that lies ahead of us." Admiral Jackson stated as everyone tuned their attention to him. "Admiral Kondulon Mazanurra and unnamed others, were afraid to tell us everything, and today, we know and understand, that everything, meant the Zaleen's."

The admiral continued speaking non stop as he held up his hand to silence David and a few others who had questions and comments.

"Admiral Mazanurra, the Delindrian's, and Zanarian's, still believe in their prophecy of finding a saviour on the planet Earth, that will deliver them from the Zaleens that enslaved them." Admiral Jackson went on to explain to himself as well as everyone else that had gathered in the briefing room. "It would be the Zaleen's that brought them to the planet Earth, in it's infancy, to turn those of us that were here then, and those of us that are here now, into instant, over night, star ship troopers."

"For one thing, it didn't happen over night, and for another, it couldn't happen in the short amount of time that we were allotted." he ended in saying.

"We were in many ways blindly forced into traveling to the planet Earth by our prophecy, the Zanarian's, and the Zaleen's." Davrina said as she folded her hands on the conference table.

"Davrina, you knew, perhaps blindly then yourselves, just how much you could reveal to us, when you arrived." Admiral Jackson said from that point onward. "We knew how blind we were, back then, and the Delindrian's and Zanarian's were the only ones that could and would, eventually, give us the proper amount of milk necessary for our survival out here in the depths of space." Admiral Jackson told them.

"As for my being your saviour, I still believe that you were a little late in arriving on Earth by a few thousand---

"Jay, we're going out there to rendezvous with a ship that's going to blow us to smithereens, and I don't have to be blind, and you a savior, or not, to know that." Donald April said as everyone sat in stunned silence. "Our survival depends on what we've got to fight them with."

"Dad?" Amber Jackson said as she left her post by the door and walked over to where her father sat.

"Yes Amber?" he asked as he looked up at his twenty one year old daughter.

"What have we got to fight them with?" she asked.

"I'm afraid ... that we don't have much," April replied as he gazed over at Amber.

"But, we'll have to face them sooner or later, whenever that time comes," Robert Jackson said as he stood once more. "I'm afraid that it'll be sooner."

"It's down right suicidal if you should ask me!" David Jackson blasted.

"What everyone has heard at our meeting here today, about the relationship between the Tawn family and the Adriakar family is not as secretive as it once was." Davadra said before anyone left the briefing room.

"Admiral, I would have preferred, that you would not have shown, Cadet Buckingham, our family---

"I thought that most of everyone aboard the Orion, and everyone in the Consortium, knew?" Robert Jackson asked as he interrupted Davadra.

"I can only say this for myself, if not my sisters, I want everyone here, in this room today, to keep as much as it be possible, this information to yourselves, and say nothing of what you now know, to anyone else, outside of this room or off this ship." Davadra Adriakar said as she turned away from the table, and Robert Jackson, and exited the briefing room.

"Counselor Adriakar, Commodora Tawn, I'm truly sorry," Tori Buckingham said as she hung her head in shame. "Don't blame the admiral, blame me and my big ego, or mouth."

"Buckingham." Commodora Tawn called from across the room. "If not you, someone else would have put all the pieces together, sooner or later."

"Captain Celane, Commodora Tawn, ready your ships for battle." the admiral ordered, having heard enough banter. "Doctor Falaikon, ready the medical staff for casualties."

"Commander Adronadius, ready damage control and engineering to hold us together for as long as your able." he continued to order. "Lieutenant Commander Javreen, it's going to take some fancy maneuvers, that I know your capable of, to get us out of the mess that we're going to be getting ourselves into this time."

"Commander Jackson, I don't suppose it would do any good for me to tell you to check each link in the chain and tighten security." his brother said as he looked over at him.

"If it breaks then I'll be breaking some heads and tightening my hands around some necks, Admiral." David Jackson said as he saluted his brother Robert before turning to leave the briefing room with his niece in tow.

"Commander Scott, are we locked and loaded?" the admiral asked, just before he yawned.

"As far as I am concerned, Admiral, we're armed to the teeth." Alexander Scott replied in answer to the admiral's question.

"We'll soon find out just how sharp our teeth really are." Commander Jackson said as he stood at the door along side Amber.

"Commodora Tawn?" Tori Buckingham yelled out from across the room.

"Yes earth woman?" Valakadria answered as Keletivia walked up to David Jackson.

"I just want to wish you good luck," Tori told her as she walked over and extended her right hand to the commodora.

"Luck and success do not travel the same path." Valakadria stated to her as she extended her hand to Tori.

"Then I wish us success, Valakadria." Tori said as she grasped Valakadria's hand.

"Thank you, Victoria." Valakadria replied before the two of them separated.

"You and I will have to fight at sometime in the future, one on one." Keletivia told David Jackson as she eyed him up and down.

"Is that a promise?" David asked calmly for a change as he looked into the prettiest set of green eyes that he had ever seen.

"A test of strength." she answered as he eyed her up and down.

"In the shape that I'm in right now woman, you'd probably win." he told her.

"No doubt." she replied as the oval door slid open and they made their exit, although however, Commander Jackson returned shortly.

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