Being Aboard Dilemma 1.5

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"Inauctu so bevratum." the alien female said as she stood there leaning over me, while shaking me awake.

"Huh, what did you say?" I asked, as I rolled over and searched for the translator that had fallen from my left ear.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - What Did You Say?

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* Chapter Three *

"I'll have security escort you all to your quarters." Admiral Mazanurra said before motioning for a nearby alien guard to come over.

"I want to go home Donald." Marsha said as she clung to her husband while Andrew and Ben visited with Martin.

"You're not the only one Marsha." Alex Scott said as he lowered himself from the boulder.

I now sat on an alien commode in our quarters and stared at the oval bathroom door. This dream has to come to an end and soon or else I've died and went to hell.

I could visualize the newspaper headlines about me now as I sat there, seeing in bold print, man killed by a pizza. Of all the things to have to die from.

"Goodness Donald, you went and threw up all over yourself." my wife said as the oval door opened and she passed me a wash cloth.

"You would too if you were having the same dream as I am now, Marsha." I told my nightmare wife as I stood up and wondered how one flushed an alien toilet as it commenced to flushing of its own accord scaring the daylights out of me.

"Donald, I doubt very seriously, that we are dreaming." she told me as I stepped into what had better be a shower stall and not a transporter. But hey, in a nightmare, I wouldn't be a bit surprised, so, I thought to myself, self, pinch yourself really hard to find out if it hurts, and guess what happened before I could do so?

"Donald honey, I pinched myself, and it hurts!" she yelled to me from the other room. "So, I'm not dreaming."

Not to be outdone by a nightmare wife, I pinched myself.

"Darn, darn, darn, it does hurt when you pinch yourself in a dream." I yelled, just before the hot water jets hit me square in the chest. "Hot, hot, hot damn water!" I screamed as I fumbled to find the cold water control.

I stood before an oval door in a corridor on deck . . . oh what difference did it make any way at this time of the night, because I was bushed and I wanted to make sure that Patricia and the children were safe and secure before I called it a night for however long that lasted on this alien ship. The door to my quarters zipped open and I stepped inside to find myself in almost total darkness.

"Alright, it would be nice if I had a bit of light to see by!" I said aloud as my eyes adjusted to the dark.

"Level, Captain?" said an unseen person hidden there in the dark.

"Who's there?" I asked as I tried to make out each shape in the room.

"There's no one in your quarters, Captain." the person answered as I nearly tripped over a chair.

"Then who the devil said that, if there's no one in my quarters?" I asked as I stood by the chair while noticing the twinkling lights that were emanating from the wall.

"I did, Captain Jack---

"Can the Captain Jackson crap and come on out and show yourself, now!" I ordered, as I expected someone or something to come out of their hiding place and jump me. "Where are you hiding?"

"I'm not hiding, Captain, nor am I able to come out and show myself." the voice informed me. "I am not an android or robot, or a Galaxian of any known or unknown species---

"Okay, then what are you?" I asked as my eyes darted from wall to wall.

"I am Issac, the Dorion Adriakar's internal ships systems analytical computer---

"Lights to a moderate level then, Issac." I ordered while waiting for my command to be enacted before I began my search of the bedroom areas of my living unit for my wife and children, and, to no avail.

"Issac, where's my wife Patricia, and our children, Eric and Amber?" I asked into the air of the living room and shortly thereafter a flat screened television on the wall above a large desk activated automatically.

"Robert, I've got Patricia and the children here in the medical unit." said the voice of, and an image of, Doctor Barbara Jane Henderson from Milwaukee Wisconsin being transmitted from the wall unit.

"Are they alright Doctor Henderson?'' I asked, filled with an unquenched concern and deep worry for my family as I leaned over the desk and gazed into the vid com unit.

"I had to sedate her, Robert, but the children are fine and being taken care of." Henderson explained. "She and the children were found on one of the view decks and---

"I'm coming to the medical unit right---

"Robert, I wouldn't advise that now, but I will suggest that you get some sleep." she told me. "They're resting in my care and you have nothing to worry about---

"Nothing to worry about Doctor, nothing to worry about!" I thundered at her while also noticing that she was twirling her car keys nervously in her right hand. "Better toss those car keys in a desk drawer, Doc, you won't be needing them out here."

"They're serving their purpose for the time being, Robert she replied.

"Sorry for the outburst, Doctor." I told her. "Take care of them Barbara, and yourself as well, and don't hesitate to reach me as soon as they're able to see me."

"I promise." she said as the screen blackened and the transmission ended and I found myself in what was to become my home away from home staring sleepily into a blank vid screen monitor. Surely this was just a dream I was having, like Donald kept telling us, wasn't it? I mean yes, Patricia and I took Eric and Amber to Marsha and Donald April's home for a pizza party, and Alex was there as well. I rose from my chair and headed for my bedroom and gazed at myself in a mirror above a set of drawers.

"Captain, huh, what a joke, me, a space ship captain." I said to my image in the mirror before getting myself ready for bed.

"Inauctu so bevratum." the alien female said as she stood there leaning over me, while shaking me awake.

"Huh, what did you say?" I asked, as I rolled over and searched for the translator that had fallen from my left ear.

"Inauctu so overslept, Captain." she said as I checked the device to make sure that it was seated properly in my ear while she took a seat at the foot of my bed.

"I got the overslept part alright, but the inact two so part, I didn't quite catch." I said having pulled the covers up and around my neck.

"I said that you have overslept, sir." she replied.

"Oh, are you my alarm clock now?" I asked as I noticed her likeness to the admiral.

"I am your yeoman, Captain." she answered. "My name is Zaella Zaranazi, from the planet Uorexua."

"How long have I been asleep, Yeoman Zara-whatever?" I asked as I noticed my wrist watch was missing.

"I haven't any idea sir, when did you retire?'' she asked me as she sat there emotionless.

"Well, most of my friends might tell you that it was when I graduated from kindergarten, but you probably have no idea what I'm talking about." I answered her. " I don't remember working too hard after that."

"What time was it when you went to bed, Captain?" she asks before cracking a grand canyon smile.

"Night time, Yeoman, only not enough of it!" I growled, and watched as her smile disappeared. "Sorry, Yeoman, I guess that I'm not dreaming after all, am I?"

"I'm afraid not, sir." she answered as she gazed at me.

"I could use a time piece, that is if you have such a commodity---

"Like this one, Captain?" she asked as she extended her right arm and gave me my first ever look at a universal vid com wrist watch.

"Nice watch, Yeoman." I answered as she took her arm back and placed it in her lap.

"It's a combination universal chronograph and video communication device." she explained to me before she stood up from the bed. "You have much to learn before the battle that is coming."

"Sayeela, sit back down if you would, and enlighten me about this oncoming battle that we're about to become involved in." I asked as I sat up in bed with the blanket still clutched about my neck.

"Well, Captain, to begin, Galaxians entered our solar systems and gave us two choices, the first choice being an unconditional surrender of each world and its inhabitants to suffer from complete dominance and slavery, or the second choice being the annihilation of each world and its inhabitants to suffer from complete destruction and captivity." the Uorexuan explained as she sat back down on the foot of the bed.

"These Galaxians as you called them, they keep your worlds and you serve them till you die, or else they destroy your worlds and you become their prisoners until---

"Yes, Captain." she replied, having interrupted me before I could say, until they had no further need of you.

"My parents, brothers, and sisters, except for one sister, and all of my relatives, except for my Uncle Kondulon, were murdered." she told me, now on the verge of tears, letting me know that she was indeed capable of emotions after all, but hell, who wouldn't be an emotional mess after the horrendous ordeals that they had been through.

"I and my sister and uncle were on Zanaria at the time." my yeoman continued with her explanation. "The Zaleens destroyed Uorexua, Andulon, Delindria, Perinna, Sanarta, Talmurra, and Uda Thane. Zanaria was able to raise a planetary shield, but not before my capture. We saw other worlds fall prey to the destruction wrought upon them by the Zaleens that have sent us ahead of themselves, to your world, to warn and to prepare you to do battle with them, when they arrive."

"So, we're all in this proverbial boat together." I said as I gazed about my bedroom unit.

"Proverbial boat, Captain?" she asked as her eyes also gazed about the room. "Should you be unable to save your world as well as our people as was prophesied, then it will be added to the list of those inhabited worlds that are no longer inhabit---

"I still don't believe that your prophesy is referring to me, Sara . . . nessie!" I stormed as she made an attempt to take my right hand into her left hand and decided that it was best to withdraw it.

"My uncle believes it, Captain!" she thundered back at me as she bolted up and off of my bed.

"Yeoman, out, and that's an order!" I said as I sat there steaming. "Get me one of those watches and locate Donald April, and Alexander Scott, and tell them to meet with me and your uncle in my ready room."

"Yes, Captain." she answered as she tore out of my bedroom. "On my way, sir!" she growled.

"Damn." I said as I was left alone to shower and shave and put on the uniform that had mysteriously been laid out for me on the bed.

"Issac, am I alone in my quarters?" I asked as I peaked around the oval doorway between my bed chamber and the living area.

"Yes, Captain, you are alone." the ship's computer answered as I shrugged and returned to the bed and continued to get dressed. "Incoming communication on vid com, sir."

"Jackson, hey Jay, Robert, are you up yet?" said the voice of my best friend as the screen came to life above my desk in the front living room. "This is Donald, how about getting something to eat on this tub before we meet with you and Admiral Mahogany in your ready room?"

"I'm here Donald." I said as I hurried to the desk so that he could see me as I sat there slipping my shoes on my feet.

"I'm a little empty you know." he said as he stepped back and took to patting his stomach.

"I was feeling hungry myself until I saw your belly." I told him as I stood there gazing at his red sunburned stomach on the screen. "Did you overdo it in a tanning bed or fall into a toaster some---

"You don't even want to go there, Jackson." he answered, just as quick as he pulled his uniform top down to cover up the fact that he had gotten scalded in his shower.

"Alright then, let's meet at the vid com tower in the corridor and have Issac print us a---

"Oh, he scared the shit out of me too!" April thundered before he ended the transmission.

"See you in the corridor." I said to the blank screen.

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