Live To Die Again

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Late twenty fourth century, somewhere in the 2370's. A pulsar is on a collision course with the planet Chal, the last known home of retired Captain, James Tiberius Kirk, his wife Teilani and a son Joseph.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Live To Die Again

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"Who's there?" James Kirk asked from a back room at the rear of the house as he gazed out the window at his wife's grave.

"Where are you at Mr. Kirk, time is of the essence, and it's something that we are very quickly running out of!" the star ship captain yelled out from the front living room.

"I said, who the hell's here, in my house, without my invitation!" Kirk yelled out.

"I am Adragon Dar, captain of the star ship---

"Get out of our house, Captain, and return to your star ship. I'm not interested in what Starfleet wants out of me this time."

"Kirk, I have orders to move you off of the planet!" Captain Dar yelled back.

"I said, get the hell out of my home and let me die, here with my wife, and the planet!" Kirk yelled out as he kept his watch over Teilani's grave.

"Dammit Kirk, Starfleet sent me to get your---

"Starfleet can go straight to hell, Captain. I'm old and I'm ready to die here on Chal. I would have stayed dead back on Veridian Three if it hadn't of been for those damn Borg and the Romulons!" Kirk yelled once again.

"You don't know this Kirk, but if not for Spock, I wouldn't be in Starfleet."

"Dar, Dar, you said your name was Dar?" Kirk asked as he walked into his living room and stared the Romulon Starfleet officer up and down.

"Yes, you may remember a relative of mine, Caithlin Dar?" Adragon asked.

"Yes, I remember, she was a representative on Nimbus Three where I ran into Spock's---

"Waiting for you, up there, on my ship." Captain Dar told him.

"Yes, he would be, wouldn't he." Kirk replied.

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