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The year is 3968 A.D. At some time in the past, books and any records and documentation were banned and destroyed, because the knowledge contained in them was thought to have wrought about the evils that had all but destroyed mankind. The continents had all rejoined into one mass, now known as Phoenixia. There were those in the great land that still held a belief in a higher power that governed the universe. And there were those in the great land that held a belief... There were two great cities in the great land of Phoenixia, Accordia and Adherea, and one smaller city Ean. The populace of Ean held the belief in the higher power, while the populace of Accordia and Adherea held a belief... One man in Phoenixia had on his person a small wooden chest, and the chest held...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Phoenixia

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



"Deacon, I've only been here for a short time, and I know that I don't fit in. And now I surprise you, because I know a quote from the spoken Word of God?" she asked.

"Yes, spoken, and only here in Mochu, not out there beyond the gates of this city, and certainly not by the likes of you." the deacon answered.

"So tell me young lady, how do you know of the spoken word of God in and such a short time, for I haven't taught you this."

"No sir, you haven't." she replied. "I've read it for my self and---

"Blasphemer!" the deacon screeched, at the top of his lungs. "How dare you say such a thing in this Holy Place!"

"Oh, but it's true." she answered softly. "Elijah knows."

I am Alurra Mathurron, having been born in the eighth month of the year 3930 in the city of Ean, on the continent of Phoenixia, upon our world, known as Terralon. I am now entrusting this small part of my lifes story with you, and only you. Up until this point in time, what you are now reading has been written in secrecy, and kept in a safe place of hiding, until the ban is finally lifted on words, written or printed anywhere in the land. My brother, Jael, was born in the third month of the year 3914, also in the city of Ean. He, being the eldest sibling, and I, being the youngest, were sent out upon a journey together, and that was against both of our better judgements. In the tenth month of the year 3950, when he was but thirty six summers of age, and I was twenty, the two of us just so happened to be in the right wrong place, at the wrong right time, to dine in at the Lost Souls Inn in the city of Adherea, in Phoenixia. For an old man who sat upon a long wooden bench along a wall at a table in a dimly lit corner of the inn, was sent to find the two of us, and find us, he did. Every other table at the inn except for that particular one, had been taken, so my dear brother just had to ask if the elderly and white bearded man, who was dressed in a brown hooded cloak, would mind our sitting there with him. He gestured with his right hand that we could take a seat across from him. Oh how I really wanted to go outside to sit and eat, but no, my brother wouldn't allow it.

"I've been expecting the two of you." he said to our utter surprise and the high heeled shoe on my right foot almost got stuck between the floor planks.

"Ahhh, do we know you?" I asked as I sat my plate and drink upon the table before sitting down on the long bench that sat across from his.

"I am known as Thessalon Shadow." he answered while placing both of his elbows upon the table and steepling his hands together.

"Hmmm, a Wind Knight, and here, of all the other places you could be." my brother replied before he took his seat upon the bench, sitting down beside me.

"What brings you to Adherea?" I had asked beforeI took a sip of water from my wooden cup.

"The two of you." he answered as he gazed directly at me with steely gray eyes that jerked sporadically, and I just giggled.

"Right, the two of us." my brother said as he cocked his head to me, giving me a he's a real lunatic, kind of stare.

"Yes, and right now the two of you have nothing of any greater importance to do in your lives, except to do the most important thing that anyone, on Terralon, has ever done in their life." he explained this absurdity to us.

"And just what might that important thing be?" my brother asked as Thessalon Shadow parted the top of his cloak to withdraw a small wooden rectangular box.

"I'm getting to old and sickly now to make the long trip to Mochu to deliver this box to Eli---

"No one, other than a Wind Knight, would travel to and from Mochu, in the forbidden lands of Phoenixia." I told him as he then shoved the box slowly towards my brother and not to me.

"What's in this here box, that is, if I may ask?"Jael asked as he hefted the red cedar box up and into his left hand.

"Everything sacred to man, since the beginning of life on Terralon, and once upon another time and place, it was known, as Earth. That's what's in the box that you now hold in your hand." The Shadow Wind Knight now explained to us by whispering more of his nonsense to us while Jael gestured with his right hand and tapped the lid with his index finger that this knight tell us what lay within it, in plain Phoenixian english.

"Why would you want to carry dirt, from the old world with you, in such a---

"You hold the only written word that has ever been found to exist, on Terralon." he whispered as the two of us gazed upon the box of red cedar, inlaid with golden hinges and a locked golden hasp.

I carry the Light, from the old world with me, into the new world." he whispered in my direction.

"Then I would suppose that you want my brother and I, to do the most important thing in our lives, by taking the Light to Mochu?" I whispered back to him before I forked a piece of roast beef into my mouth.

"Yes, that I most certainly do." he replied and I about choked on my food.

"What's so important about this only written word still in existence?" I whispered to the old Wind Knight.

"You ignorant cross eyed girl!" Thessalon Shadow whispered. "Before the banning and burning of any word written or printed, mankind, the world over, had the holy word of God in their homes, and work places."

"How dare you call my sister ignorant!" my brother thundered, defending my honor. "Cross eyed, a little bit, ignorant, not at all!"

"I'm so very sorry, my dear girl, but this is the Holy Word of God." he finished whispering to us. "And it should be read and taught, once again to the world, by the second olive branch, yet to be found."

My brother Jael, and I, very slowly turned our heads to see if we were being paid any attention to by any of the other patrons in the Lost Souls Inn, and by some miracle, we weren't.

"Mochu was once known as the mother church in ... days of ... old." my brother said as we both faced the old man, who for the life of my brother and I, we could not explained why he took it upon himself, now of all times, to die on us.

"He just keeled over and onto his empty plate and died, Alurra." my brother said as he hid the Bible in his cloak whileI shoved my plate away to the center of the table just as another hooded figure approached and sat next to Thessalon Shadow's dead body.

"Go now, and may our Father in Heaven go with you on your journey to...

"Sister!" I whispered loudly. "You're going to come with us, because we've never been to Mochu, ever!"

"Alright, you will need a guide and provisions for your ... our journey." the other Knight replied.

"I want the both of you go to the stables and procure us three horses for the trip."she told us as she unstrapped a money purse from her side and tossed it to me. "I'll take care of Thessalon."

"And just who might you be?" My brother asked as I caught the purse with both of my hands.

"I am Corinthia Shadow." she answered.

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