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Chapter 1 (v.1) - adventure started

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



This is the first day of my adventure. Its sunny and nice so no problem with weather at this moment. I getting through familiar villiges so far but I know there is something unknown and I want to have that knowlidge.

Knowlidge that enriche me and give me some experience. Even if I expirienceing danger or suffer its still expirience that makes me personaly richer. In one night few years ago I have a dream. Dream about traveling and exploring, and today my dream come true. Now im on the road and full of excitement.

First stop is near the forest. It didnt look special or creepy its just a forest. But the quiet and peace around is unbelivable. You can hear birds and other animals but thats all, nothing more here. I want sit here for ages and just suck all that energie and balance form this place. But if I do it maybe something strangely happens and everyhing is change. But I must say even tho that forest is quiet and balanced something back in my head say me that theres gonna be something different maybe magical. And I know its maybe wrong ide to go inside the forest but I cant help to myself and realy need to explore it. When I go deeper and deeper into the forest the sunlight fade away and darkness is upon me. Light is away but I still can see things realy good not like with light but not like in the deepest darkness that have ever been. I can see treas and bushes and all that foresty things. I hear owl toot and after that some leafs shivering near me. But I didnt see anything that looks like an owl. So now this forest start to creeping me out. But I still feel like ok, little bit scared but ok.

So I continue in the exploration and forest get darker and darker. After few minutes I get to the point where I didnt see anything at all. I use my hands for navigation because its so dark. I can feel a bark on tree. I heard a leafs shivering upon me. Im doing slow but sturdy steps, and then suddenly I feel somting soft and big. I try to tuhc it as much as posslible. Purring come from right ear side. I turn my had to the purrings and saw something unexpected. Realay big cat figure but not big as tiger or jaguar but big as a bear.

Im standing petrified on the place unable to move or cry. Cat looking right on me with big yellow eyes and keep purring on me. It looks like she or he try to hipnotize me and im trying to be resistiv but without any success. I heard voice in my had saying “follow me and you gonna be spared!” Without any protest I follow big black cat creatur because im scared for my life. After houre an half cat finaly stop walking and again look at me. “Now you are in a treeling house go and be nice if not you know what awaits you!” Cat says treeling house but I didnt see any house or something simillar. Im going cloes to cat and gently ask “Where is the entrancee to that Treeling house?” it looks on me like im something delicius and slowly tilt had to the right side. Im look on that side and see small hole in the huge tree.

Sqeezing into that hole was hard but I made it and than I saw one huge tree and life inside. There is thousands of roads that leading right up to the tree crown. And also there is suprisingly lot of people or they looks like people. Thers lanterns with fires in and lightening the road. These people living here side by side cut out from normal world. And evidentialy they love to be here. I take one of the road and go up. I pass small shop that sell some strange goods. Some houses and must say they look realy nice and cozie. The way up is long but when I pass throug this life expoding houses and shops and whatever is there its like wonderland. I reach a trown and saw king an queen. They look peculiary, they have something like bark on themselves and eather have crows. King have bigger with some branches and leafs. Qeen have little bit smaller but with more leafs with different colors like green purple or red. Her looks better like for leader of this house. And what a surprise she is....leader. After short chatting they say I can stay for a few days if I want and then I go.

They are kind and nice. I live in smaller house in the middle of tree. One day I met a cat that scared me in a forest. Her name is kasha and she is realy funny cat. She try to scare me because she like to watch people scared.She sad that I must have some charisma if I amuse qeen and king. Kasha is realy nice companion and people here is realy generous and kind. They accept me realy fast.

After few days in Treeling hous I must take my things and go away. I buy some of the strange goods from one of the shopkeeper and go to say bye to qeen and king. When I come up they look bit different crowns didnt have leafs and faces looks a bit angry. When I say I go they say that is ok and say just farewell and then they say one other thing “Be careful my friend the outerworld is corrupted if you want to come back here you are always welcome and pleas wait for kasha in the entrance.”

While im waiting for cat writing these last line of my firs big adventure I must say this tree is realy strange form outside and also inside but have realy nice core and beautiful peoples. Kasha arrives and she say “touch my had and close your eyes” then strange feelings goes around it feels like chills and then here in my had “bye friend mayybe see you later!”

When I open my eyes sun stabing them with the light. Thankfully after few moments it goes away and I can see better.

After few days of walking I find small paw on my left leg and realy small peace of bark on my hand and I cant get the bark out so something is wrong in that tree and I am happy to be out but I miss a lot of people. And thats the first bigger adventur.

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