Devil's Runner

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She did it again! Michelle cheated again! Too bad it'll be her last time. I was chosen by the Devil's Runner, for a doll. Michelle said no... So she was murdered. Wait! I hear footsteps...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Devil's Runner

Submitted: December 14, 2012

Reads: 129

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Submitted: December 14, 2012




I stand from my chair, as the sunset illuminates the classroom dorm. I place my pencil on my desk, and close my textbook. My homework had been completed. My bed's sheets were not made. I slide my textbooks into the desk, yawning. My friend shuffled in her bed, her notebook at her side, in a heap. I pick it up, and read the title. “Notes”, it said, I opened it. I sighed once I saw the contents. All the test answeres are on the pages. I flipped through them, my friend happened to be quite the cheater. I unrolled her sleeve, and saw the answeres. I stood up, and took a wet cloth I use for my cuts sometimes, it happened to be clean. I scrubbed her wrist clean, and took the marker from her desk. I put it into my backpack, and picked up the heap of sheets, and bedding in the laundry basket. I took the fitting sheet, and laid it across my mattress. I fit on the corners, and laid on the regular sheet. I took the blanket, and wrapped it around me, and slipped into bed. I stared at the clock, as time ticked by, I soon dozed off, and fell fast asleep. My dreams were as usual, a void of darkness. My eyes opened to see a red stain on my friends bed, I was half asleep, and my vision was shit. I rubbed my eyes, and got up. The brown, and blue stripped covering slid off my shoulders. My vision cleared, to see the body of my friend, her throat has been stabbed through, about 3 or 4 times by my guess. Fear ran through my veins, a small face appeared infront of me, completely bloodstained. “She was a fool, she won't be my scapegoat.” She said, looking back at the corpse. “Will you?” She asked, holding a knife towards me. I felt fear, sadness, and rage going through me, I couldn't move. “W-whats your... N-name?” I managed to choke out, staring and the knife near my neck. “I'm Crimson, daughter of the Devil.” She said, the knife getting closer. “Answer the offer, its die, or live.” She said, smirking, and ready to give the final move to me. “L-live.” I said, little did I know, I would regret that heavily. My silver charm bracelet, got a cross on it, its able to be taken off. The girl was gone. The bloody mess was still all over the bedroom. My eyes wandered to the bracelet. My hands were stained with blood, I touched my face, soaked in blood. “She meant now...” I said to myself. I stared at the clock, I'm late for classes. I heard footsteps, calling my name outside. I panicked, and I frantic to search the room. I found a stool, and picked it up, still not knowing what to do it. My eyes wandered to the huge window outside, and I slammed the stool onto the window, and ran. I started to fall, as the ground came closer, I failed to realize that I was on the 3rd floor of the building.

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