Spellcasters; Magic's appearance.

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Kate is a 8th grader,
shown the dangers of phantoms threatening to hunt down her race,
to kill them. What will she do when she falls into the spell of the “Spellcasters”,
and does not come back?
Will she be forced into an eternal dirt nap?
Or will she beat them?
Phantoms strike to kill,
will Kate strike to kill them?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Last Moments

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012



Kate woke up to the sound of roaring voices that echo throughout the house.Kate got up out of bed,and walked into the roomshe lived in for the past 6 years.The mansion is quiet.The only sound echoing into the house is the voices.

The snow fell outside of her window.She grabbed her jacket and her sweater,and slipped through the back door.A small child stares at the glass from the inside.She opened the door the cold air to come in slightly,

and whispered;

Its bed time, Kate. Be a good girl, and go to bed.”

Kate stared at her for quite a while.

You act like you're older then I am.”

If I keep quiet, can I come with you?”

Kate nodded and the girl scampered off.Few seconds past before she came back,through the doorway.The cold night air stung Kate's face.She slowly walked to the large barn.

4 horses stand in their stalls.The coats on them were dirty.

Kate walked over to Rusty,and placed a much thicker blanket on him.She walked out of the stalland laid down onto a bale of hay.

She could see her breath lingering in the air when she exhales.Her sister came up to her and whispered

I'm tired too. Can you scoot over?”

Kate stared at her then shook her head.The small child ran out of the barn and into the midnight snow.

Kate stared at her breath lingering for hours,and then little light shines into the barn.Kate got up, staring at the now, rising sun.

She stared at the barn walls in a daze.She stared forward.Few seconds later a rock flies past her face,about 3 inches away from her.In a sort of spiral motionthat gives her the intention that the rock is dancing.

In panic she stared at where it came from.Nothing there.

She stared at the rock.

What is this? Is this place haunted?” Kate asked herself.

Just as she spoke those words the horses went haywireKate ran into a stalland tried to see what was spooking Rusty and the others.There was an origami snake on the bottom of the stall.Kate calmed Rusty down,and tried to pick it up.It burnt to ashes in her hands.Kate stared at her hands for a long time.

Whats going on? She thought.

She stood up straight.

Maybe it wasn't durable?”

She stared up at the roof for a while.There was a slight shimmer right above her.She ran out of the barn.She ran up the creaky stairs, but slipped.She broke through one of the floorboards.She climbed up,and ran into her room.

What was... that?” She murmured to herself.

She kept wandering on and on about what to do.She decided to investigate the shimmer.There isn't anything else to do.Kate slipped past the voice of her mother,and out the back door.

She opened the barn doorand saw the sparkle.slowly walking up to the hay loft,She found a stick, with the tip sparking.

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