Spellcasters; Magic's appearance.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Magic's Appearance

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



I picked up the stick, sanded, smooth, black-painted wood. Fancy,

the wood was cut with no flaws, and no points on the stick was sticking out. I felt the smooth surface, and the tip stopped sparking.

I flinched, and sighed. I tried to snap the stick, like any other stick, and it wouldn't break. I stared at it, and brought it inside.

The sun was in the sky, now. I ran to my room, and looked at my clock, I'm late for school. I put the stick, my books, and my notebook into my backpack. I open my desk drawer

shuffling through makeup supplies for blind makeovers with my friends. I take pencils, sharpener, and highlighter. I take an eraser from my pencil box, I zipped up my backpack, got my uniform on, and left with my lunch. I might be able to make it in time.


I reached the district, and met up with my friends in the halls.

“You're 30 seconds off from your usual.” Irene said.

“Whatever.” I yawned. The bell rang.

“Lets go.” I said

slipping a text book into my backpack that I forgot to bring home yesterday. They got to the classroom door, and pushed it, the cold door handle got a little warmer from me grabbing it. The door creaked open, to reveal the teacher, and the class.

“Take your seat, Kate.” The teacher said,

I sat in my desk. My eyes wandered to my backpack, and it reminded me of the stick. I took my backpack from under my chair, and unzipped it silently, I took out the stick. It looked kinda like a wand.

I zipped it around the air under my desk, and on the floor, appeared a snake. I yelped, and fell back in my chair.

Laughing came from around me, and the snake hissed. Everyone jumped.

“Calm down!” The teacher ordered.

He took the snake's mouth, and held it shut. He took it's body, and picked it up. He left the classroom for minutes.

“Magic...” I said to myself.

I stood from my desk, and put my backpack on. I ran from the classroom. Into the street, down an alley, through a forest patch, and to my house. I opened the barn door, and tripped on something.

“EEK” I yelled and I hit the ground hard.

“Oww...” There was a cardboard box on the floor under my feet. I opened it, it was filled with books, more of the sticks, and small little figures. I took a book from the box. “Spells Lvl 1-5” The cover said. I put the book back, and carried the heavy box to my room.

“What's with this today?” I asked myself.

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