Spellcasters; Magic's appearance.

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Feeling.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



yawned, as I stepped out of bed the next morning. I couldn't keep myself awake! I decided to investigate the box.

I slid open my closet door, and opened the cardboard box A note, never seen by my eyes. Was in the box. I never read it, or seen it the times I looked in there. I took the sticky note from the box. “You are phantom's enemy, Kate.”

“Prank huh?” I said to myself.

I folded the sticky note and put it in my pocket. I took the 1st book, and opened it.

“Summons, curses, tricks, and spells. Strange table of contents.”

I yawned, again, and got up. I walked to the bathroom, and put the spout to cold, and pulled the handle. Water sprayed from the spout. I filled a cup of water, and pushed the handle, it shut off. I poured the water on my face, and dried it. I felt refreshed, I dried my pajamas off, and got changed. “Start of the weekend.” I said to myself.

I took my dirty cloths, and threw them in the washing machine. I put the detergent in, and started it. I yawned, and swung open the door. I stepped out, into the hallways.

I walked into the kitchen, and opened a box of cereal. I got a glass bowl from the cabinet, and poured the cereal into it. I walked towards the fridge, the handle on the door felt cold as ice, and I swung open the door, and got the milk. I opened the cold lid, and poured it into the bowl. I put a spoon into it, and started eating it.

The feeling of dread washed over me, as I put the bowl in the sink, unable to eat more then that.

I got the impression someone was watching me. I walked into the living room, and looked around. Empty, as always. I stepped into the hallway, and stepped up the steps, my feet felt heavy, as I stepped up the steep steps.

A thick smell of clonge went through the air,

“Brother, would you stop stalking me?” I said irritated.

I got to the stairs landing, No one around. I looked to the bottom. No one, I stared around the top, just then a hand grabbed me by the top of the head. It shook me violently, and then threw me into the wall. I let out a yelp, and tried to keep my balance on the stairs, to no avail, I fell.

I tumbled down the stairs in a fast pace, and hit the wall, hard.

“Sorry for calling you out, Brother.” I winced.

Blood fell from my forehead, as I looked at the tile floors.

“You better not do it again.”

The scent went away, and I got up. I stepped up the stairs, and into my room. I walked into the bathroom extension to my room, and brushed my teeth.

I tossed the empty tube of toothpaste in the paper bin. I washed my toothbrush clean, and put it in a cup. I got mouthwash,

sifted it around my mouth, and spit it out. The peppermint of the toothpaste stuck in my mouth.


I failed to realize that my cloths were getting too tight for me. I walked to the closet, and stared at myself. I slid it open, and took out a T-shirt, and sweats.

I took off my old t-shirt, my sports bra had blood on it from when I fell down the stairs. I changed into a regular bra, and put the T-shirt on. I took off my tight skirt, and put on sweats. I brushed my hair, and tied it back in a high ponytail.

The doorbell rang, I stepped into my room, and ran down the stairs.


The doorbell rang again.

“I said I'm coming!” I yelled at the door.

I opened the door,to reveal Irene.

“Irene! What're you doing here?”

“Get your family, and get out of this house now!” She ordered, with panic.

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