Spellcasters; Magic's appearance.

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Mama, Where Are You?

Submitted: December 22, 2012

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Submitted: December 22, 2012



“W-what? This isn't like you, Irene.” I said to her, almost amazed.

“I heard some men in the alleyway. They said 'The Otasion family'!”

My eyes widened, and I ran up the stairs, to my sister's bedroom, I slammed on the door as hard as I can, and the door opened a crack.

“Get out, now!” I said,

and the small girl began to cry. “Go!” She swung open the door, and ran.

The thick smell of clone filled the air, as I ran through the hallways. I went to knock on the door when I felt my foot step in something. In horror, I slowly looked down. It was water. I broke the door open to reveal the window open, and my bigger brother face down on the floor.

His back had been stabbed. I ran over to him, I shook him. He didn't move. I started to cry,

“Big brother, why?” Tears fell onto the corpse, as I had to go to my room.

I took the ring he always wore. “I'm so... So sorry, Brother.” I closed my eyes tight, not wanting to look at the horror longer.

I ran into the hallways, and into my room, I searched through my closet, and picked up tons of cloths from both rooms. I tucked my backpack with the money I saved from allowances. A window broke in the basement. I ran to the door, I grabbed a 1st aid kit from my book shelf, and swung open the door. I ran through the hallways, and down the stairs. I rounded the corner, and met the front door, I swung it open to see my friends, and my parents outside, with a worried look on their faces.

We got into the car, and started moving. I stared at the house, as the car passed by. My fist clenched.

I had the box in the car at my feet. It was hidden under the chair of the passenger's seat. I took a book from the box. I opened the book, but it was wizard material. I slid past pages, and got to living magic. “The Origami Phoenix” I guess thats how they all go, origami figures. I took a piece of paper from my binder, and made a crane. I made lots, so I can use them as weapons.

We were on the freeway now, a knife stabbed into the windshield, and I heard my family's screams as the car went off the side of the road, and into a snowy ditch.

I awoke in the car. My parents were gone, and my sister had a fatal wound to the gut. I got up fast, and picked up my little sister. I slammed my foot into the door, and it broke open. I took the box, and climbed the ditch. I landed upon the snow, as I set my jacket under the small child.

I put antibiotics on it, and panicky, I dressed the wound. I dried my hands, and put her coat on her as a blanket. I stared at my binder, and opened the living magic page.

I took matches from my pocket. I read the instructions carefully.

“Step one; Make an origami crane. Step two; Light it with fire, do not burn it with magic, for it will not work, unless you have the talisman.” I went a page back, and saw “Tricks” Hmm. I stood up, and picked up the small child, and my coat. I started walking towards the town, and I knew it would take forever for her to wake up.

Nightfall was upon us, and I stepped into a restaurant. I placed Tina into a chair. I read my book, as someone approached me. I stared in fear as his devil eyes stared down at me

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